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[Android version] Solution for LINE backup not working or progressing [iCareFone for LINE] official website: http://bit.ly/3OjLIYM
When changing models, you may experience problems such as not being able to back up your LINE chat history, or not being able to make progress even though you were halfway through. In this article, we will explain the causes and solutions when you cannot back up LINE on your Android smartphone or progress, so please refer to it.
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Reasons why LINE chat history cannot be backed up on Android Recommend free LINE backup software instead of Google Drive

Reasons why you can’t back up LINE chat history on Android
Without further ado, here are some possible reasons why you can’t back up your LINE chat history on Android.
Cause 1: LINE backup fails due to lack of space
In the case of Android, the backup of LINE chat history is saved in Google Drive.
Step1, Log in to Google One (https://one.google.com/) and check the amount of Google Drive in use from the “Storage” item.
Step2, If there is not enough free space, upgrade from “Increase storage capacity” or delete unnecessary data to secure free space. [Image 2

Cause 2: Something is wrong with connecting to Google Drive
If you cannot successfully back up LINE Talk on Android, there may be some kind of problem with the connection between Google Drive, where the backup is saved, and LINE. Problems with linking Google Drive and LINE may be resolved by following the steps below.
Step 1: Tap the settings icon (gear mark) on the top right of the LINE home screen – “Talk” – “Backup & Restore Chat History” – “Google Account”.
Step2: The LINE account selection screen will be displayed, so confirm that the backup destination Google Drive account is selected and tap “OK”. Even if the correct account is already selected, select it again and tap OK.
Step3: Try backing up again and repeat the above steps several times if the error persists.
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Cause 3: LINE is not authorized to access your contacts
If your Android settings do not allow LINE to access the contacts required for backing up your chat history, you will not be able to back up your chat history. In this case, a message such as “You do not have permission to use this function” or “Please allow access to this function from the device settings” may be displayed on the backup screen. Follow the steps below to give LINE permission to access your contacts.
Step1: Open the “Settings” app on your Android and tap “Apps” – “LINE”. Step2: Tap “Permissions” – “Contacts”, and if “Do not allow” is checked, check “Allow”.
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Cause 4: Backup operation stuck at 70% due to LINE backup error If you see an error message such as “Could not back up. Please try again” and cannot perform LINE backup, or if LINE backup progresses only to 70%, in addition to the above causes, there may be a temporary error on the LINE server. An error may have occurred. If you try again after a while, you may be able to make LINE backups.
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Use free LINE backup software instead of Google Drive [recommended] [iCareFone for LINE] Free download: http://bit.ly/3OjLIYM
If LINE backup to Google Drive does not work, you can use iCareFone for LINE, a professional LINE backup software, to create a free backup of LINE chat history on your PC without using Google Drive. is. In addition to backing up LINE talk history in a short time with a simple operation that anyone can do, it also supports backing up LINE photos. Also, by using the paid version of iCareFone for LINE, you can easily restore the created backup to your Android or iPhone. Step1: Launch iCareFone for LINE on your PC (Windows/Mac), select the “Backup” feature, and connect your Android to your PC with a USB cable.
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Step2: A QR code will be displayed on your PC, so open the LINE app, read the QR code, and allow access to LINE.
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Step3: Enter the Google account and password associated with the LINE backup and click “Login” to start downloading the LINE backup data. [Image 8

Step4: When the screen changes to “Backup was successful!”, it is completed. [Image 9

In this article, we explained the reasons and solutions for backing up LINE chat history on Android. If the backup does not work even after trying the solutions, it is recommended to use LINE’s backup software “iCareFone for LINE” to create a backup on your PC for free. iCareFone for LINE can create a backup of LINE data on iPhone in addition to Android, restore the backup to a smartphone, and transfer LINE talk history between Android and iPhone. Since it is software, it is convenient to install it on your PC.
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