Terakoya Co., Ltd. “Miffy Oyatsudo” will open in Dazaifu, Fukuoka on Friday, December 9th!

Terakoya Co., Ltd.
“Miffy Oyatsudo” will open in Dazaifu, Fukuoka on Friday, December 9th! ~ A concept shop with the theme of “Miffy x Snack Time” ~

Terakoya Co., Ltd. (Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, CEO Kohei Kaizo), which values ​​traditional Japanese culture through the sale of souvenirs, has a license with Dick Bruna Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Shogo Tetsuda). Based on the contract, a concept shop with the theme of “Miffy x Snack Time”
“Miffy Oyatsudo by Miffy Kitchen” will open its third store in Dazaifu, Fukuoka. [Image 1d35374-32-59df6a64d1a1fc60261a-10.jpg&s3=35374-32-52a5aa224a6832909b958314fbb68864-3500x2255.jpg
In Dazaifu, there is Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, where the “god of learning and warding off evil” is enshrined. It is very popular not only from all over Japan but also from all over the world, and about 10 million worshipers visit every year. In that town, “Miffy Oyatsudo by Miffy Kitchen” will open on December 9, 2022 (Friday).
The theme of Miffy Oyatsudo is “Miffy x Snack Time”, just like the Gion and Hida Takayama stores.
What time do you eat “snacks”?
When you are hungry, when you want to change your mind, etc. I think the timing of eating snacks is different.
So, what can be said in common is that after snacks
“It was delicious” or “I want to eat a little more”
The feeling of “happiness” remains after eating.
And if your favorite Miffy and Snuffy were by your side,
The joy and memories will be multiplied.
At “Miffy Oyatsudo Dazaifu”,
We will introduce more types of sweet and delicious snacks that symbolize “happy time”.
In addition to snacks to reward yourself, souvenir sweets that are perfect for gifts,
Some Nagomi items specializing in Japanese miscellaneous goods will also be on sale.
*Please note that the Dazaifu store does not sell freshly baked bread. (We have corner sales of canned danishes, long-life snack bread, etc.) We sincerely propose snack time to spend with Miffy.

[Image 2d35374-32-4f4262e36a2438fefe86-6.jpg&s3=35374-32-66599ccc0bcf1ac2a5bb2e8781a4b3ee-650x231.jpg

[Image 3d35374-32-5ca2d521ab5d1f74d7aa-7.jpg&s3=35374-32-c900f55d2721e2a7c2af7fe0fd6121b3-3000x1359.jpg
At the Miffy Oyatsudo Dazaifu store, we will develop goods centered on plum patterns.
The interior is decorated with a garland inspired by the popular product “Kohakuto”, hung from the ceiling.
In addition to Miffy and Snuffy, Bruna Animal’s pig also appears in the design. As a new snack, “Dorayaki” has appeared from the Dazaifu store. (Sold at 3 stores: Kyoto Gion, Hida Takayama, and Dazaifu)
Please continue to enjoy the world view drawn by Oyatsudo, as if you are in a sweet dream.


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