Tetsuya Komuro reveals the setlist for his first orchestral concert! The “history” of a hit maker that welco mes luxury guests and unravels

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Tetsuya Komuro reveals the setlist for his first orchestral concert! The “history” of a hit maker that welcomes luxury guests and unravels
Tetsuya Komuro’s first orchestra performance “billboard classics Tetsuya Komuro Premium Symphonic Concert 2022 -HISTORIA-” has been released in advance.
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This performance is the first time for the rare hit maker Tetsuya Komuro to perform with an orchestra. With the skillful orchestration of Ikuro Fujiwara, who also conducts, TM NETWORK’s representative songs such as “Get Wild” and “Beyond The Time”, as well as “Koshisashi to Kanase to Kosei to”, “Aoi”, and “I’m proud”. Famous songs that have been provided to many artists will be shown.
Komuro said, “I have been steadily continuing my music activities, and this time I was finally able to perform with an orchestra. I hope that you will discover how my music was influenced by classical music. I’m happy,” he says.
With Beverly as a guest vocalist and Daisuke Asakura joining in on the Nishinomiya performance, the reunion of “PANDORA” was realized, making this performance a highly anticipated performance. The stage that unravels Tetsuya Komuro’s “history” through the sound of the orchestra is sure to be a must-see for all music fans.
billboard classics Tetsuya Komuro Premium Symphonic Concert 2022 -HISTORIA- [Tokyo] 2022/11/27 (Sun) 16:00 Open 17:00 Start Bunkamura Orchard Hall [Nishinomiya] 2022/12/9 (Fri) 17:30 Open 18:30 Start Hyogo Performing Arts Center KOBELCO Large Hall
Starring: Tetsuya Komuro
Guest Vocal: Beverly
Guest player: Daisuke Asakura (Nishinomiya performance only) Conductor/Arrangement: Ikuro Fujiwara
Latin Percussion: Kahori Ono
Orchestra: Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo (Tokyo) Kyoto Philharmonic Billboard Classics Orchestra (Nishinomiya)
Ticket: 12,000 yen (tax included, all seats reserved)
* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter
Tickets on general sale
Performance official website
*When purchasing tickets, please be sure to check the precautions posted on the official website before purchasing tickets.
-Request to visitors: https://billboard-cc.com/classics/notice/ – Organizer/Planning/Production: Billboard Japan (Hanshin Contents Link) Sponsored by: US Billboard
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Disk Garage https://www.diskgarage.com/form/info
050-5533-0888 (Weekdays 12:00-15:00)
Kyodo Information 0570-200-888 (11:00-18:00/closed on Sundays and public holidays)
billboard classics
[Image 3d5179-1943-ab498193063fd042bd62-2.jpg&s3=5179-1943-ba20069cb275bd009b40c1af659464bf-247x89.jpg
Classics and talented vocalists from the rock and pop world
An orchestral concert in collaboration with an orchestra conducted by a music maestro. This series, which started in February 2012, has held more than 300 performances so far at music halls nationwide. Performer profile
Tetsuya Komuro
[Image 4d5179-1943-4114018b6e3f8673fb39-3.jpg&s3=5179-1943-9f6640316873f56a93d28550c5a7c007-211x210.jpg
Born November 27, 1958 in Tokyo. musician.
Music producer, lyricist, composer, arranger, keyboardist, synthesizer programmer, mixing engineer. In 1983, he formed TM NETWORK with Takashi Utsunomiya and Naoto Kine, and made his debut in 1984 with “Friday’s Lion”. As the leader of the unit, his musical talent bloomed early on. Since then, he has worked with a wide range of artists as a producer, and has produced more than 1,600 songs to date. A rare hit maker with more than 20 million-selling songs.
It is the only one whose total Japanese single sales are in the top 5 in all fields of lyrics / composition / arrangement.
Beverly: Guest Vocals
[Image 5d5179-1943-cae49c26ca82a1b12cfc-4.jpg&s3=5179-1943-3282b6067f3027645ca50f31761aedf0-278x183.jpg
A world-class talented singer who has won numerous awards at music festivals in the United States, the Philippines, etc., and has a high-tone voice that Japan can experience for the first time. The producer who worked on MISIA, AI, Miliyah Kato, etc., was discovered by a demo tape he heard by chance, and decided to debut in Japan.
The music video for “I need your love” has already surpassed 6.3 million views and won first place on iTunes and other distribution sites. Received Disc Award BEST5 NEW ARTIST. Her activities are not limited to Japan, she was selected as a support act for Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman Tour” in Japan, and was invited to the “ASEAN 50th Anniversary Banquet” held in her home country Manila, Philippines. showcase performance. It is attracting attention from all over the world.
Daisuke Asakura (guest player): Nishinomiya performance only [Image 6d5179-1943-2b8afb5a5e5b7ae8ea29-5.jpg&s3=5179-1943-ce4326670471a8883dbd292f145f8cba-200x300.jpg
Japanese music producer, composer and arranger. Keyboardist of unit access with Hiroyuki Takamizu.
As a support member of TM NETWORK, from 1987’s “Kiss Japan TM NETWORK Tour ’87-’88”, the two of us worked as manipulators to input sounds and arrange live performances. Responsible for building the
synchronization system. Since 1990, he has been a support keyboardist for “TM NETWORK RHYTHM RED TMN TOUR”, and in January 2018, he released the single “Be The One” as a unit PANDORA with Tetsuya Komuro, and the mini-album “Blueprint” in February of the same year. Released.

Ikuro Fujiwara (Conductor/Arrangement)
[Image 7d5179-1943-93f557f34ce72693ba0c-6.jpg&s3=5179-1943-b114f0d139e8ecf520928605ec381d02-229x173.jpg
While appearing on stage as a conductor and pianist, his activities are diverse, including providing music to artists as a composer and arranger, and producing soundtracks for domestic and foreign movies and dramas. Among his wide range of activities, he is particularly good at orchestration, and has received high acclaim for his many symphonic concerts by pop artists as music director. In 2022, he became the executive producer of Pacific Philharmonia Pops Tokyo, the pop division of Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo.
Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo
Established in 1990 as “Tokyo New City Orchestra”. In addition to independent performances such as regular concerts, he is active in a wide range of activities such as opera, ballet, music appreciation, recording, and television and radio appearances.
Since 2017, he has held regular pop music concerts and has continued to perform with artists from various fields such as anime and game music. Since 2018, regular concerts have been held in Nerima, the birthplace of the band, and activities rooted in the local community are also being carried out. In April 2022, Norichika Iimori will become the music director, and Ikuro Fujiwara will become the executive producer of pop music.
Music director Norichika Iimori, conductor Ryuichiro Sonoda, pop executive producer Ikuro Fujiwara. A regular member of the Japan Orchestra Federation.
Kyoto Philharmonic Billboard Classics Orchestra
A special formation centered on the Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble, which has been attracting attention for its cutting-edge musical activities such as Sarah Brightman and Koji Tamaki in recent years.
The Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble was formed in 1972. A professional ensemble with individual soloists. Regular performances, special performances, chamber music concerts, classical introductory concerts for children, etc. The Kyoto Philharmonic Orchestra, which has a policy of “high quality and fun on stage,” has performed not only classical music but also music of various genres with a sense of arrangement, attracting a large audience.
While performing with performers and conductors in Japan and overseas, he collaborates with traditional Japanese performing arts such as Kyogen, Bunraku puppets, Tsugaru Shamisen, and Shakuhachi, as well as with actors, talents, rakugo performers, and comedians from different fields. It has been well received as a “challenging chamber
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Publisher: Hankyu Hanshin Holdings
1-16-1 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka

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