The 15th collaboration between stylist Makoto Fukuda and Felissimo “IEDIT”, new knit setups, neck & arm warmers, etc.

Felissimo Inc.
The 15th collaboration between stylist Makoto Fukuda and Felissimo “IEDIT”, new knit setups, neck & arm warmers, etc.
A fashionable item based on black that can be worn in many different ways.
A new winter item has appeared in the collaboration series between Felissimo’s fashion brand “IEDIT” and stylist Makoto Fukuda, and has been on sale online since October 20th. There are two new items: the “bound knit skirt setup” that can be worn in many different ways, and the “neck and arm warmer set” that will warmly brighten up your winter outfit. New works can be checked on the web special page as well as the digital catalog.
Check out new works on Fukuda Makoto x IEDIT special site–
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◆ See new works in the digital catalog — [Image 2

◆ About new items
A beautiful and comfortable bound knit setup that goes well with both mode and dressy
A 2-piece set that includes a top with tight cuffs and a flared skirt that gives you an exquisite sense of volume. This item can be worn as a set for a dressy look, or you can wear it individually. The fabric has tension, so you can create a glossy look.
[Image 3

[NEW] IEDIT Makoto Fukuda Collaboration Bound Knit Skirt Setup -Black- 1 set ¥7,800 (+10% ¥8,580)
Product details/application– Warmth, sweetness and sophistication of winter UP
A neck warmer and arm warmer set that brings warmth and glamor to your outfit. The neck warmer has a slit so it can be layered over the coat. Arm warmers that keep you warm all the way to the back of your hands are designed so they don’t interfere with your smartphone operation. A 2-piece set that can be coordinated with the same material for a sophisticated look.
[Image 4

[NEW] IEDIT Makoto Fukuda collaboration neck & arm warmer set 1 set ¥3,980 (+10% ¥4,378)
-Dark Gray—
◆Makoto Fukuda -Stylist-
Active as a stylist for advertisements, catalogs, and personalities, mainly in women’s magazines. He has an established reputation for his sophisticated casual style, which is based on his experience of studying in France. Mother of one child. She is the author of the book “Clothes you want to wear from 38 years old”, and the IEDIT planner came across this book, which led to the start of the collaboration project.
・ Instagram (@makoto087) — [Image 5

◆IEDIT (2005-)
“A mature daily wardrobe that is both modern and me.” High-quality fashion that combines a sense of neatness and femininity, allowing you to enjoy trends in your own way. We deliver fashion that makes busy women shine more. [IEDIT = [i/me] + [edit/edit]] Freely edit yourself to achieve your ideal female image and fashion, and liven up your feelings and lifestyle. It is a brand that wants to help adult women who have various roles and are busy every day to be a little happy without trying hard, while valuing their individuality and commitment. ・Website–
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◆IEDIT2022-2023 Winter —
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~ Happiness that makes you happy together “FELISSIMO” ~
It is a direct marketing company that sells to consumers through its own media such as catalogs and the web, with a focus on in-house planned products such as fashion and miscellaneous goods. Each and every one of us will be a bearer of happiness co-creation, making people happy, and making nature, society, and people happy. We conduct business activities in areas where the three elements of “business feasibility,” “originality,” and “sociality” embody “happiness that makes us happy together” with those experience values ​​as our core values.
– Company Profile –
Company name: Felissimo Inc.
Head office location: 7-1 Shinkocho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0041
Representative: Kazuhiko Yazaki, President and CEO
Securities Code: Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard 3396
Founded: May 1965
Business description: Direct marketing business that sells in-house developed products to consumers nationwide through catalogs and websites
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◆ Felissimo’s social activities — ◆Fund activities aiming for a happy society with everyone–
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