“The 19th Donburi Grand Prix” Daimaru Kyoto

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
“The 19th Donburi Grand Prix” Daimaru Kyoto

Date = November 9th (Wednesday), 2022 → 22nd (Tuesday)
Place = Basement food floor “Gochiso Paradise”
Business hours = 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
*Sales time and exhibition contents may change due to weather or other unavoidable circumstances.
*Please forgive us when the product is sold out.
If you tell us that you do not need chopsticks and spoons when purchasing the applicable products, we will give you a 100 yen discount per bowl. (This also applies when using HELP!)
-An example of an exhibition- *All posted prices are tax-included prices Special donburi made with the spirit of Daimaru Kyoto’s sustainable action “Shimano Kokoro”
[Image 1

-Paul Bocuse- “Pork Fillet! Roast Pork Cut off DON ~Champignon Sauce Tailoring~” (19.5cm diameter) 898 yen
Use cut off roast pork of fillet meat.
The thinly sliced ​​meat is covered with a thick mushroom sauce and goes perfectly with white rice.
[Image 2

-Nakayoshi- “Seafood chirashizushi with bluefin tuna” (diameter 17cm) 1,180 yen (limited to 50 each day)
Uses leftover materials for shaping sushi ingredients and sashimi. A chance to enjoy a wide variety of toppings at a great price. [Image 3

-Ginza Hageten-“Kakiage Don” (19 cm in diameter) 972 yen (Limited to 10 each day)
Use vegetable scraps. Enjoy the nutrition of whole vegetables. [Image 4

-Machiya Kitchen- “Homemade tartar sauce chicken nanban bowl” (diameter 12.9cm) 849 yen
Celery is used without leaving even the leaves. Topped with homemade tartar sauce containing shibazuke.
[Image 5

-Kakiyasu Dining- “Kakiyasu Chopped Roast Beef Saute Bowl ~With Hot Egg~” (Diameter 17cm) 1,080 yen (Limited to 50 each day)
Because the meat is thinly sliced, the sauce easily gets tangled in the meat and the flavor is enhanced! For a more mellow taste with hot eggs.
This time’s recommendation is “Pair” DON Various deliciousness in one cup! [Image 6

– Omi Imazu Seiyu – “Umaki-don (15.5 cm diameter) 1,296 yen
A rice bowl topped with kabayaki tomaki on rice with eel sauce. [Image 7

-Shanghai Deli- “Half & Half Bowl (Shrimp Chili & Mapo Tofu)” (17cm Diameter) 594 Yen (Limited to 50 each day)
You can enjoy the popular items, shrimp chili and mapo tofu at once. [Image 8

-Mishimatei- “Sukiyaki/Yakiniku pair bowl” (13.3 cm square, 5.6 cm high, 2 levels) 2,400 yen
A luxurious two-tiered restaurant where you can enjoy Mishimatei’s sukiyaki and yakiniku at the same time.
[Image 10

-Kyoto Yakiniku Nandaimon-“Luxury miso cutlet beef bowl” (diameter 18cm) 1,180 yen
The secret miso cutlet is large and big, paired with the tender yakiniku. [Image 14


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