The 2022 Pacific Rim Coffee Summit and International Forum will soon be held in Taiwan, and live broadcasts will be available online!

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The 2022 Pacific Rim Coffee Summit and International Forum will soon be held in Taiwan, and live broadcasts will be available online!
The 2022 Pacific Rim Coffee Summit and International Forum will soon be held in Taiwan, and live broadcasts will be available online! Taiwan Coffee Industry Strategic Alliance, Taiwan Coffee Development Association, Taiwan Coffee Laboratory November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) The 2022 Pacific Rim Coffee Summit will be held on the 17th (Thursday) for two days at Humble House Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan under the guidance of the Executive Yuan Agriculture Commission. The forum will also be held as an online event. For listeners around the world who cannot visit the site, a professional photography team will shoot and broadcast live. I will share my knowledge about coffee with people all over the world.
In 2019 and 2020, the Pacific Rim region accounted for 49% of the world’s total coffee production. In addition to the diverse topography and climate, coffee farmers have put their hearts into cultivating coffee and improving refining techniques to create diverse and beautiful coffee.
At this summit, we will discuss how farmers can utilize technology, equipment, and the latest technology to efficiently manage their farms, refine coffee beans, and produce coffee, based on the impact of climate change on coffee cultivation in the Pacific Rim region. Discuss whether to improve efficiency and quality. In addition, the speaker side will analyze more specialty coffee and environmentally friendly cultivation methods, and seek win-win in the sustainable development of land and industry. In addition, we will discuss the fusion of farm management and sustainable development, and bring many possibilities to the coffee-producing regions of the Pacific Rim based on the experience of world-famous coffee farms.
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Emily Scott, American Institute in Taiwan
Eight coffee experts gathered from all over the world! A Comprehensive Analysis of the Development of the Pacific Rim Coffee Growing Region Held in cooperation with the American Institute in Taiwan, the Central America Trade Office, and the Okinawa Coffee Producers Association, the summit will focus on the impact of climate change on coffee production in recent years, and promote industrial exchange and sustainable development. It is held with a purpose.
The two-day forum was attended by eight coffee experts familiar with the coffee industry and academia who are active in Japan and overseas, and discussed everything from improving production technology to upgrading and promoting the industry. Discuss the various challenges and opportunities facing the local coffee industry. Currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Specialty Coffee Association and President of ANACAFE
Juan Luis Barrios will also attend the summit and share his
perspective on the development of the specialty coffee industry. Also, Mr. Han Huazong, author of The 4th Specialty Coffee Studies (4th Wave Quality Coffee), analyzes in detail the impact of climate change on coffee-producing countries around the world.
In addition, Mr. Arturo Aguirre Saenz, co-owner of El Injerto, a top regular farm in Guatemala COE, Ms. Madeleine Longoria Garcia, director of Synergistic Hawaii Agriculture Council, Mr. Ryota Ito, founder of Horiguchi Coffee Japan, famous American coffee roasters. Miguel Meza, co-owner of the brewing company Paradise Coffee Coffee, T.j. Ryan, responsible for the PhilCAFE project, and Luiz Roberto, a coffee refining expert at Capricornio Coffees in Brazil, presented
cutting-edge research and analysis of examples. Valuable information that will be beneficial to producers and people involved in coffee will be disseminated. (Chinese and English interpreters specializing in coffee are also arranged on site)
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8 coffee experts from around the world
A carefully selected coffee memorial package that allows you to enjoy coffee from the Pacific Rim coffee producing areas will be presented at the summit!
At the Pacific Rim Coffee Memorial Package selection event held last month by CQI, Executive Yuan Agriculture Commission, Taiwan Coffee Development Association, and Taiwan Coffee Research Institute, coffee producers mainly in the Pacific Rim region sent their products for the first time. , has selected a total of 20 unique special memorial packages from 13 countries and regions through the professional and strict Q COFFEE certification system from nearly 100 samples. A limited number of 300 memorial packages that can only be obtained here will be given to event participants!
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Memorial Package Audition judges and staff
*event information
Date: November 16th and 17th, 2022
Hours: 10:00 am – 17:00 pm
Venue: Humble House Taipei 5F Banquet Hall (No. 18 Songgao Road, Xinyi District, 110, Taipei City, Taiwan)
Official site:

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*Ticket information
On-site ticket purchase page:
English version online ticket [In English]:
Chinese version online ticket [In Mandarin Chinese]:
* A memorial package will be given to those who purchase tickets. It will end as soon as the quantity is limited.
Disseminate the power of Taiwanese specialty coffee to the world Taiwan’s specialty coffee industry has seen vigorous development in recent years. At the end of September this year, the 2022 World Brewers Cup (WBrC) was held in Melbourne, Australia. I became a female barista who won a contest. This is a world-class achievement following Taiwan’s 2014 win of four championships in the roasting, cupping, barista and brewing categories.
Regarding the domestic market, the density of coffee shops as well as consumption continues to increase. According to the statistics of the International Coffee Organization ICO, in 2021, Taiwan will import more than 40,000 tons of coffee beans, with the consumption of coffee continuing to grow. reached the dollar. Last year, the PCA Private Collection Auction, jointly held by the Taiwan Coffee Association and the Excellent Coffee Association, under the guidance of the
Agricultural Department, Agriculture Committee, also appeared on the global auction stage for the first time. The dollar amount surpassed the auction record, with Taiwanese manufacturers bidding together. Taiwan is the region with the highest concentration of coffee culture in the world, outstanding craftsmen, active industrial and consumer growth, and convenient access to production areas. The global coffee market has become more and more interested in Taiwan in recent years, and as the corona crisis draws to a close, it will once again be open to international exchanges. It is

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memorial package audition

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