The 3rd CheerCareerAwards 2022 will be held to honor the most attractive and exemplary recruitment achievements among venture companies! 16 companies in all 6 categories received awards, including the grand prize

The 3rd CheerCareerAwards 2022 will be held to honor the most attractive and exemplary recruitment achievements among venture companies! 16 companies in all 6 categories received awards, including the grand prize
A total of 16 companies in 6 categories were awarded, including the grand prize. On the day of the event, a venture networking event was held at the same time as the Awards.

Cheer Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hikaru Hiratsuka), which operates the job-hunting site “CheerCareer” for ventures and growing companies, has received a wonderful offer during its one-year recruitment activities. The 3rd CheerCareerAwards2022 was held on November 22nd (Tuesday) to recognize companies that have made efforts.
What is CheerCareerAwards2022?
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In the domestic new graduate recruitment market, Cheer Co., Ltd. aims to solve social issues such as an increase in the early turnover rate of young people due to mismatches between students and companies, and a shortage of human resources in rural areas and small and
medium-sized enterprises. Enriching people’s lives by expanding work options. I want as many people as possible to be excited about working. Based on this vision, we have developed the business of “CheerCareer”, a recruitment media specializing in ventures and growing companies.
In this award, together with the companies listed on CheerCareer, we will once again share our vision of working to promote business in order to solve social issues in Japan. We hope that this will be a valuable opportunity for us to make presentations and provide know-how. In addition, we hope that it will be a good opportunity to spread awareness of attractive companies that are not yet known to the world for students who are looking for a job.
Announcement of winners of each award
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◆1.Best Intern Award
Award given to companies that have employed long-term interns in the last year and have devised them.

Konome Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
Konome is in her second year of business. A total of 44 interns (25 graduates from 23) were hired, and 16 from Cheer Career (9 interns from 23 graduates). In terms of fostering interns, employees give feedback for about 15 minutes after work every day, thoroughly implement the PDCA cycle, hold regular interviews, and listen to their opinions and concerns. and significantly reduced. Not only the hiring results, but also the education of the intern students was highly evaluated, and won the Best Intern Award.

Bullet Group Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
As part of the education of the prospective intern, the prospective employee is in charge of the operation of the cheerleader career. Every week, we thoroughly analyze with the HR team, keeping in mind the content that will strike the target job-hunting students, such as creating timelines, posting recruitment articles, and sending scouts. The basic skills of a working adult and the ability to move people’s hearts, which I have honed through the operation of Cheer Career, are directly connected to my work when approaching customers after joining the company. Received an award for excellence in recognition of the uniqueness of the intern’s education.
TAPP Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
The intern pass rate is 3%. If you pass the selection with high magnification, you can get the right to participate in the business plan planning 2days internship, and the content of the internship is the point. The management of TAPP, which continues to improve its performance, and employees from mega-ventures joined as mentors, and implemented a serious FB for internship. As a result of this initiative, some of the prospective employees have made over 100 million sales. The 2days intern’s activities and originality, which allows you to feel growth in a short period of time, were highly evaluated and won the Excellence Award.
2.Best Local Recruiting Award
This award is given to companies that contribute to local recruitment regardless of area.

Bullet Group Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
Bullet Group, headquartered in Shinjuku. In 2019, we started a collaborative project with Etajima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, which is said to have the lowest population in the Chugoku region, and in 2021, we will open two branches called COCODEMO Etajima Lab, and conduct regional revitalization by holding special classes at Etajima Elementary School. are focused on. In addition, we are also focusing on I-turn recruitment and new graduate recruitment, strengthening recruitment of engineers who can work anywhere and are needed. Received the Best Local Recruiting Award for being highly evaluated for leading to the I-turn migration of 5 people.

Eyelet Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
In 2022, 36 people have been unofficially appointed. Among them, we succeeded in hiring 4 people from Cheer Career. In addition to the number of recruits, we succeeded in recruiting from six regions in Japan such as Hokkaido, Tohoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu, as well as from overseas. All selections are conducted online, making it possible to hire people regardless of their area. Efforts to improve relationships through regular interviews with prospective employees, social gatherings for prospective employees, and assignments for prospective employees were also highly evaluated in order to eliminate the anxiety that employees have never met face-to-face. and received the Excellence Award.
andUS Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
Andas is headquartered in Toyama Prefecture and all employees work in Toyama Prefecture. 2 out of 3 prospective candidates will be hired from cheer careers in 2022. Starting in 2020, new graduates will be recruited, and 80% of the unofficial applicants will come from outside Toyama Prefecture, both from and at university, and the rest will not return to Toyama. changed his mind and stayed in his hometown. Under the slogan of “local life x city career”, all employees have a composition that “students who want to be active in business” rather than “students who want to live in rural areas” chose the place for their self-fulfillment “just happened to be Toyama Prefecture”. Received the Excellence Award in recognition of the fact that it embodies
3.Best Rookie Award
Award given to new graduates in 2022 who have joined this year and have achieved excellent results

·Reason for award:
Rookie, who joined the company via a new graduate cheerleader in 2010. He was one of the first to participate as an intern during the same period, and in the second or third month after joining the company, he established the number one track record in acquiring merchandise within the business division of the group company. Even after moving to a different store, regular customers from the previous store came all the way to see Rookie. At the quarterly report meeting held in July 2022, he was highly evaluated for being awarded the in-house MVP, and won the Best Rookie Award.

Win Cube Holdings Co., Ltd. ( ·Reason for award:
Rookie, who was a writer as a prospective intern when he won the Timeline Award of the Cheer Career Award last year. Despite being in his first year as a new graduate, he was in charge of producing new products and succeeded in achieving an online sales of 350 million yen against the target sales of 100 million yen. He is devoted to self-improvement and received an award for excellence in recognition of his positive attitude towards work.
Art Blue Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
Art Blue’s sales positions are characterized by the ability to build their own careers by “1. Acting” and “2. Giving hands to the business or job they want to challenge.” Rookie, who joined the company in 2022 via Cheer Career, has personally embodied the way art blue’s sales position should be, and is currently active as a manager in a new business. His performance was highly praised and he received an award for excellence.
◆ 4.Best Recruiting Award
An award given to companies that have employed in the most recent year and have devised ways to do so.

·Reason for award:
Regularly hold meetings with our customer success team and focus mainly on the following four points. “1. Posting four times a week on the timeline, which is an exposure measure for the purpose of getting people to know the company culture and systems” “2. Production of a TOP banner linked to the recruitment branding” “3. Thorough analysis and scouting involving other departments As a result of active recruitment activities using cheer careers, such as improvement of distribution operation and “4. Adopted and achieved more than 140% of approvals compared to last year. This initiative and the track record of hiring at 120,000 yen per hiring unit were highly evaluated, and won the Best Recruiting Award.

From now on (
·Reason for award:
Korasha has successfully recruited a total of 20 people from cheer careers. In FY2022, compared to FY2021, we will face the problem of “difficulty in differentiating from competitors due to a decrease in the number of accesses and applications and the adoption of sales staff special prices”. As a countermeasure, “1. Continuing to post 2 articles or more on the timeline every day, which is a measure to expose the cheerleader during the period from February to June”, “2. Full use of the search top display function by updating the
manuscript”, “3. TikTok Received the Excellence Award for achievements and activities such as strengthening SNS updates such as and Instagram and strengthening the influx to recruitment.
Eyelet Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
All selection steps are conducted online so that students from Japan and abroad can easily participate in the selection process. Every year, we form connections with IT vocational schools and universities in each region (Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Kyushu), hold individual online company information sessions at each school, and employ highly educated people. success. Recruited 36 people without using
recruitment, achieving an acceptance rate of 91.8%. Received an award for excellence in recognition of the hiring results and proactive activities.
◆ 5.Best Culture Award
This award is given to companies that implement very attractive education and recruitment mechanisms and systems.

Miraiyu Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
“Prioritize future students!!” The company’s MVV is unmistakably embodied in its employees, so it is precisely because “every employee is an HR” that he always shows students the “employee’s natural posture” and “concerns and the company’s bad points”. Efforts to eliminate the gap after joining the company. It is so thorough that there have been cases where employees have given NGs to students recommended by the president or human resources department. As a result, there are currently 0 people leaving the company. Recognized for company-wide adoption and implementation of the vision, he received the Best Culture Award.

andUS Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
We started recruiting new graduates when we were 3 members, and have succeeded in hiring 2-3 new graduates every year for 4 consecutive years at a local company with less than 15 employees and a non-IT company. . All employees learn “self-control training” and “creation of vision/future mapping every six months”, senior employees learn “psychology” and use it in internal communication. Employees participate in CXO study sessions to strengthen business capabilities and realize the penetration of the vision. Received an award for excellence in recognition of the penetration of the vision into all employees.
3A Consulting Co., Ltd. (
·Reason for award:
We thoroughly implemented a selection flow that allows many employees to work with us, and all new graduates fell in love with the atmosphere and accepted the offer. From graduating in 2021 to the present, we continue to have a 100% acceptance rate. “1. A total of 18 employees participated in the selection meeting and communicated.” Received the Excellence Award for unique initiatives such as the implementation of company overview explanations for employees and 4. Incorporating the Kingdom ranks and introducing a system that allows employees to work hard happily.
◆ 6.Best of CheerCareer (grand prize)
·Reason for award:
Achieved two crowns at Best Rookie Award and Best Recruiting Award. We have thoroughly improved the recruitment system, and as a result, new graduate members who have joined the company have achieved remarkable results. Awarded Best of CheerCareer.

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Click here for a list of all award-winning companies
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(Talk session by award-winning companies)
Sponsor comment: Hikaru Hiratsuka, CEO of Cheer Co., Ltd.
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The first CheerCareerAwards was held two years ago in the midst of the corona crisis, and last year it was held online in consideration of the social situation, but I am very happy that this year was able to be held in real life. think.
This year, for the 3rd time, the category awards have been renewed from the past, and it will be an opportunity for students as well as many companies to learn about the successes of many companies and their wonderful efforts full of hospitality in a new form. I feel that it may have happened.
What Cheer wants to provide is “an exciting world to work in”, whether you go to a venture or a major company. However, rather than making a choice based solely on brand or name value, I would like to shine the spotlight on attractive companies that are not yet known and expand people’s options for working. For that reason, I would like to create a market together with registered users and companies that use Cheer, rather than creating the world with Cheer alone.
In the future, we would like to work together with companies that are developing wonderful recruitment activities, aiming to produce human resources who can contribute to the challenges of the Japanese economy, and to revitalize Japan.
Thank you for your continued support.
What is CheerCareer
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CheerCareer is based on the theme of regional revitalization and education “Excited to work. Add more moisture to your life. to increase Aiming to expand work options
It is a job site focusing on ventures and growing companies used by 100,000 people a year.
There are over 40,000 first-year users,
No. 1 employment site chosen by ventures and growing companies Cost performance satisfaction job site No. 1
Selected as the No. 1 employment site chosen by growth-oriented human resources. We will do our best to create more exciting opportunities to work. Click here for CheerCareer inquiries
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