“The 52nd Food Industry Technology Achievement Award” 40 awards in 6 categories “Award ceremony held for the first time in 3 years”

Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbun Co., Ltd.
“The 52nd Food Industry Technology Achievement Award” 40 awards in 6 categories “Award ceremony held for the first time in 3 years” -Focusing on “Health”, “Enhancement of time spent at home” and “Sustainability”, making full use of original technology-

Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbunsha (Taito-ku, Tokyo; President Naoki Magami) held an award ceremony for the “52nd Food Industry Technology Achievement Award” at Ueno Seiyoken (Taito-ku, Tokyo) on November 9th. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the award ceremony was canceled twice in the past, so it will be held for the first time in three years. This year, 40 products and themes in 6 categories were awarded.
The “Food Industry Technology Achievement Award” is a historical award in the food industry that honors companies, individuals, and groups that have made significant contributions to the development of the Japanese food industry. Established in 1971 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbun, this year marks the 52nd anniversary. A selection committee in a public position selects merit awards for each category and presents them once a year.
[Image 1d49657-3-2598349be03ac78ad068-0.jpg&s3=49657-3-4d934348dfc9a97d66ace30f43e04f5b-2047x957.jpg
The breakdown of awards by category this time is 15 in the
“Products/Technology” category, 6 in the “Materials/Equipment/Systems” category, 10 in the “Marketing” category, 2 in the “Environment/CSR” category, and 2 in the “International” category. , “Regional Revitalization Division” became 5 cases.
Through advanced initiatives backed by unique technology, attention has been focused on products and activities that contribute to solving social issues such as health, the environment, and responses to labor shortages. As a proposal to enrich the time spent at home during the corona crisis, products that appeal to the convenience of eating out, as well as foods and beverages with functional value that support a healthy life, were supported.
At the “57th Supermarket Trade Show 2023” to be held at Makuhari Messe (Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture) from February 15th to 17th, 2023, sample displays and panels of award-winning products and themes will be displayed. .
List of award-winning products and themes (6 categories, 40 items) [Image 2d49657-3-5d630d4b7b431189a796-1.jpg&s3=49657-3-916a7dfd187d525166adf28b604269a8-640x822.jpg
Introduction of award-winning products and themes (6 categories, 40 items) ・Company name/product name/theme
・Introduction of award-winning products and themes
1. Product/Technology Department (15 items)
Companies, individuals, and organizations that have developed products and technologies that have contributed to the improvement of Japan’s diet and the development of the food industry using domestic technology.
1. Azuma Foods Co., Ltd. / “Domestic large Hikiwari”
By using quartered soybeans, which are about twice the size of general hikiwari soybeans, as a raw material, it is possible to enjoy the umami, flavor, and texture of whole soybeans while realizing the ease of eating of hikiwari soybeans. Product. It’s only been about two years since its release, but it meets consumer needs and has grown into a standard product on the sales floor.
2. Key Coffee Co., Ltd. / “Caffeine-free deep rich blend”
Aiming for a “zero caffeine-free” taste, the caffeine-free green beans are thoroughly managed for freshness, creating a regular coffee with a rich flavor and sweet aroma. This product has become a hit as more and more people drink coffee while working from home and are concerned about overdose of caffeine.
3. Kikkoman Foods Co., Ltd. / “Uchi no Gohan Meat Side Dish” Series A seasoning containing ingredients that makes it easy to cook a delicious meat side dish in the microwave. The main features are the original seasoning and the bag structure that can be efficiently heated with steam. Successfully achieved both saving time and improving the quality of cooking, the new series was established within a year of its release.
4. Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd. / “Kirin iMUSE”
This is the first brand in Japan that has been submitted as a food with functional claims for immune function. Sales have increased in line with the growing awareness of immunity among consumers, and it has become a pillar product of the Kirin Group, which is strengthening activities in the “immune domain” using Plasma lactobacillus. 5. Kenko Mayonnaise Co., Ltd. / “Noserudake” series
A ready-to-eat series that makes it easy to create a staple or main dish just by adding it to rice, bread, or salad. It was developed in response to the growing demand for eating at home due to the corona crisis and the shortage of workers for eating out. It is easy to use at home and can be stocked for a long time.
6. Sagamiya Food Co., Ltd. / “Meaty cancer ~INNOCENT MEAT~”
A plant-based meat developed using the traditional ganmodoki method unique to a tofu maker. Realizes a meat-like taste without seasonings such as sauces or other seasonings. It also contributes to a renewed recognition of the appeal of tofu as the original plant-based food. 7. Shinmei Co., Ltd. / “Shred type that melts with rice”
A rice-derived cheese alternative that reproduces the
melt-in-your-mouth texture and taste of cheese by using rice flour from domestically produced rice. Free of 28 allergens, it also contributes to expanding the range of foods for consumers who cannot eat cheese. We are proposing new added value to how to eat rice with the power of technology.
8. Tastable Co., Ltd. / “NIKUVEGE”
A plant-based food that reproduces the texture, umami, and flavor that cannot be experienced with conventional plant-based meat, using a unique blending technology. We have accelerated the quality and speed of product development through co-creation with partner companies, and have greatly expanded our product lineup and sales channels, including products for commercial use, meal kits for commercial use, frozen foods for commercial use, and family restaurants.
9. Nichirei Foods Co., Ltd. / “Chilled Chinese noodles”
A surprising frozen food that can be cooked in the microwave to complete a cold menu. Realized with a unique technology that utilizes the characteristic that ice is not easily affected by microwaves. Launched as the first individual serving product to meet the growing demand for personal use, it has led to the expansion of the frozen food market.
10. Nissin Foods Co., Ltd. / “Complete meal”
A brand that uses the latest food technology to achieve a perfect balance of 33 types of nutrients and deliciousness set by the “Japanese Dietary Reference Intakes”. Both “instant” and “nutritious balance” are compatible with the appearance and taste as they are. A product with a new perspective that contributes to the food and health of modern people.
11. Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd. / Adding new value to domestic flour Commercial wheat such as “Selvaggio Farina Japonese”, a 100% domestic bread flour that can pursue new tastes and individuality, has brought out the new appeal of domestic wheat. The development challenge of professional craftsmen has been ignited, and unique breads and sweets are being commercialized in various places. 12. Prima Meat Packers Co., Ltd. / “Zero Sugar” and “Zero Sugar & 30% Reduced Salt” Products
As people become more and more health-conscious, they have continued to make improvements while maintaining the concept, reviewing ingredients and manufacturing methods, and achieving the same taste and flavor as regular products with “zero sugar” and the same expiration date. Introducing Japan’s first sugar-free dry sausage “Hitokuchi Calpas” to the snack market.
13. Marsanai Co., Ltd. / Soymilk one step above
The premium soymilk series has been completely revamped with a focus on ingredients, quality control, manufacturing methods, and design, including domestically produced premium soybeans. It features a silky smooth drink and a clear taste that balances “richness” and
“refreshingness”. The contents and price continue to evolve as soymilk that is one rank higher.
14. Mishima Foods Co., Ltd. / Yukari Red Shiso Drink (R)
A diluted soft drink developed from the furikake “Yukari (R)”. In response to the rise in health consciousness, sales are strong due to the corona crisis. You can adjust the flavor to your liking by diluting it, and it can be used for desserts and Japanese
confectionery because of its unique vivid color and refreshing taste that is not too sweet.
15. Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. / “Yakult 1000”, “Y 1000”
A dairy lactic acid bacterium drink that has the functions of “relieving stress” and “improving the quality of sleep.” With sleep deprivation becoming a social issue, Yakult is attracting attention as a new type of Yakult that supports modern people’s healthy lifestyles. 2. Material/equipment/system department (6 projects)
Companies, individuals, or groups that have developed technologies, facilities, and equipment that significantly contribute to the modernization of equipment, labor saving, environmental conservation, and energy saving in the Japanese food industry using domestic technology.
1. MK Seiko Co., Ltd. / Wine dispenser “Vinoark”
A dispensing machine that can safely, easily, and hygienically subdivide wine without exposing it to air. For the first time in Japan, it is possible to fill not only bottles, but also lightweight pouch containers that are easy to ship and handle after use. We also meet the needs of customers who want to ship samples over distance and time hurdles.
2. CP Kasei Co., Ltd. / “Clear Edge (R)” series
A food container with a sharp and transparent A-PET lid like a glass case that makes the ingredients look beautiful and increases visibility on the sales floor. It has been evaluated by a famous fresh fish specialty store, and is currently receiving many inquiries from supermarkets nationwide, making it a popular series.
3. Suzumo Kiko Co., Ltd. / rice serving machine “Fuwarica”
A rice serving machine that automatically provides the set amount of rice at the touch of a button. In response to the growing demand for self-service due to the corona crisis, we have succeeded in downsizing and improving performance while maintaining the advantages of conventional models. Introduced by major supermarkets and restaurant chains, it has the No. 1 market share.
4. Tsukasa Industry Co., Ltd. / Pow opener disassembly and cleaning type A food machine manufacturer that specializes in powder has realized the automation of heavy lifting in the bag opening process amid the expected decline in the working population. The internal structure is simple, and cleaning and maintenance are easy. It also contributes to contamination countermeasures and allergy countermeasures.
5. Nishimura Machine Co., Ltd. / “Fairy Powder Mill”
A small homemade mill for rice flour. It can be introduced at a low cost, and high-quality rice flour can be milled from a small amount. Adopted at roadside stations and highway PAs, etc., locally harvested rice is homemade flour, processed into bread and sweets, and sold, contributing to the high added value of products and the sixth industrialization. there is
6. Fujiwara Techno Art Co., Ltd. / Sonic Stera powder sterilizer The world’s first powder sterilizer that depressurizes in a short time and bursts and kills bacteria. By realizing powder raw materials with low bacteria count while maintaining quality, we will contribute to the development of foods using powder raw materials, such as increasing the added value of products, reducing food loss by extending expiration dates, and strengthening overseas sales. . 3. Marketing department (10 cases)
Companies, individuals, and organizations that have contributed to the improvement of Japan’s diet and the development of the food industry by spreading domestic and imported products and technologies with excellent marketing techniques and methods.
1. Asahi Breweries, Ltd. / “Asahi Draft Beer” (commonly known as Maruef) It has been sold only on tap at restaurants and has been loved by beer fans as “Maruef”, but it will be released in cans for home use in September 2021. With “warmth” as the keyword, it appealed for its emotional value, and sales were so strong that it sold out for a period of time. The annual sales target has been revised upward to 2 million c/s, which is double the initial target.
2. Itochu Foods Co., Ltd. / “Yomi Market” where you can enjoy the taste of the production area at home
 Itochu Foods develops high-quality frozen products using Technican’s liquid freezer under the “Kyomin Ichiba” brand. We support production areas that have been hit hard by climate change and the new
coronavirus through long-term sales and loss reduction, and are expanding into department stores with customers who demand high quality and e-commerce, which is booming due to the corona crisis. 3. SB Foods Co., Ltd. / garlic backfat
The crunchy texture of garlic, the richness of soy sauce, and the punchy flavor of backfat make this seasoning in a bottle attractive and addictive. Along with the renewal, the lineup is being
strengthened as a series of “toppings for addictive noodles” that add a special feeling to home ramen.
4. Kanro Co., Ltd. / Creating new demand with “Puregumi”
“Pure Gummy”, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, will record record sales in 2021. We are one of the first to start developing innovative gummies targeting adult women, and we are contributing to the long-term revitalization of the domestic gummies market through the development of flavors and textures that suit adult tastes, package development, and various sales promotion measures. . 5. Saraya Co., Ltd. / Lakanto S granules
Since 1995, the low-calorie sweetener “Lakanto S” has been marketed from the perspective of “experiences” rather than “things” of “education about diabetes prevention” through medical institutions. Acquiring new users through the web in response to stay-at-home and health awareness due to the corona wreck.
6. Shinshu Ham Co., Ltd. / Refreshing Shinshu Karuizawa Series “Twin Pack” The refreshing Shinshu Karuizawa series was born in 1980. The “twin pack” connects two types of wieners, allowing you to enjoy two flavors in one product. There is no other product in which two types are connected in a pack, and in response to the need to eat delicious products even in small amounts, sales will increase due to the corona crisis.
7. Nisshin OilliO Group Co., Ltd. / Creation of a new category of edible oil with “flavored oil”
“Seasoned oil”, which is oil that has been flavored and scented, can be used as a seasoning for stir-frying and grilling, as well as for seasoning and finishing dishes. suggest to use. The purchase ratio of men, who usually purchase less oil, is also high.
8. Nippon Suisan Co., Ltd. / 70th anniversary of improved stacked fish sausage With the 70th anniversary of the release of fish sausages such as “Fish sausage”, various campaigns and recipe projects are being implemented. Various improvements have been made in response to changes in the times and lifestyles, and in recent years,
opportunities for use have expanded, such as nutritional supplements for outdoor activities and sports, and emergency stockpiles. 9. Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd. / Non-price promotion of “Snow Brand Hokkaido 100 Sake Cheese”
A product that created a new genre of cheese that you can crack and eat with your hands. Thanks to our proprietary mass production technology, we continue to dominate the market through clear differentiation, even though other companies follow suit with similar products. In order to expand the frontage, we focused on appealing how to eat, and achieved a record high sales in FY2009.
10. Rokko Butter Co., Ltd. / Q.B.B Baby Cheese 50th Anniversary Various Marketing
 This year marks the 50th anniversary of its release, leading the industry by working quickly to develop product variations. As a leading baby cheese company with an overwhelming market share, we continue to take aggressive measures, such as measures for pregnant women and sponsorship contracts with professional skateboarders. 4. Environment/CSR Department (2 items)
Companies, individuals, and organizations that have contributed to the improvement of Japan’s dietary habits and the development of the food industry through excellent responses to environmental issues and CSR initiatives.
1. Nippon Co., Ltd. / Production of functional materials from food by-products Efforts to create high-value-added functional food ingredients from by-products such as strained lees from food factories. The
manufactured functional food materials are commercialized by our company or other manufacturers. It contributes to the environment and the extension of people’s healthy life expectancy through a system that produces almost no waste.
2. Nippon Access Co., Ltd. / Frozen Mother Center to solve social problems in logistics
Started full-scale operation of the Frozen Mother Center in Kanto. Substitute the warehouse function by purchasing products of frozen food manufacturers in bulk from factories and shipping bases and shipping them to distribution bases in various places according to demand. As the 2024 problem in the logistics industry approaches, we will contribute to solving problems by improving work productivity. 5. International category (2 cases)
Companies, individuals, or groups that have introduced overseas technologies and products that have contributed to the improvement of Japan’s diet and the development of the food industry. And companies, individuals, and groups that have exported domestic technologies and products that have contributed to the improvement of overseas diets and the development of the food industry.
1. Kewpie Corporation/Expansion of Mayo and Doré exports
Exports of “Kewpie Mayonnaise” and “Deep-roasted Sesame Dressing,” which the company positions as global strategic products, are growing dramatically. Traditionally, it was mainly used in Japanese
restaurants, but it is also accepted as a high-class sauce at local restaurants and retail stores. Expanding in emerging markets. 2. Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. / Contributing to increased export volume of miso The number of exports of miso, which is increasing year by year, is the largest in Japan. The main export is organic miso, and we have acquired not only organic JAS but also organic certification and halal certification in each country. The product design is written in the local language, and we propose flavors and recipes that match the local food culture and tastes.
6. Regional Revitalization Division (5 projects)
Companies, individuals, or groups that have contributed to the promotion and revitalization of local industries through food and related businesses based in rural areas.
1. Ishii Foods Co., Ltd. / “Region and Season” Series
Through conversations with producers of local ingredients, they discover traditional seasonal ingredients and food culture, process and commercialize them, and deliver local ingredients to consumers. We also support efforts such as securing earnings from crops that are affected by the weather, reducing food loss, revitalizing local agriculture, and lack of successors.
2. Secoma Co., Ltd. / “Seicomart” and “Secoma” brand products  Hokkaido’s life infrastructure “Seicomart” boasts a population coverage rate of 99%. While the price of imported raw materials continues to soar, we have developed our own products using raw materials from Hokkaido under the “Secoma” brand, promoting local production for local consumption. We also supply companies outside of Hokkaido, contributing to the improvement of the value of Hokkaido’s “food” and the development of Hokkaido.
3. Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd. / Promoting domestic fruit cultivation using chuhai Rare domestic fruits, which tend to be cultivated in small quantities and tend to be expensive, are actively used as ingredients for the company’s various chuhai products, contributing to the promotion of cultivation. Takara “FARMER’s STORY” created a brand by cooperating with cultivation and branding from scratch.
4. Tokushimaru Co., Ltd. / Tokushimaru Mobile Supermarket
As the number of people with shopping difficulties, mainly the elderly, increases nationwide, we have developed a groundbreaking mechanism that allows retailers to easily utilize mobile supermarkets operated by sales partners who are sole proprietorships. This year marks the 10th anniversary of its founding in Tokushima Prefecture, and member supermarkets have spread to 47 prefectures.
5. Flare Service Co., Ltd. / Flare Unicle Solution
The company, a food service company in Hokkaido, sells its own developed system to small and medium-sized companies nationwide. By automating all the work of school lunch work, we realized operational efficiency and productivity improvement. Equipped with a menu creation system using AI. We support the improvement of productivity and the shortage of workers at the site, which are issues for food service companies.
Selection committee members (in no particular order)
▽Mr. Takashi Arakawa, Chairman of Food Industry Center
▽National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Mayumi Kameyama, Director of Food Research Division
▽Director, National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition Mr. Shoichiro Tsugane, Director of the National Institute of Health and Nutrition
▽Hirashi Fukuda, Chairman of the National Research Institute of Brewing ▽ Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Mr. Hiroyuki , General Manager of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Department
▽Mr. Tsuyoshi Makino, Managing Director, Japan Chain Stores Association ▽ Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbun, President and CEO Naoki Magami
Congratulatory address/review
Mr. Takashi Arakawa Chairman of the Judging Committee / Chairman of the Food Industry Center
We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the 40 companies that received the 52nd Food Industry Technology
Distinguished Service Award.
This time, a total of 40 excellent products and activities in 6 categories were awarded this award. This is the highest number of awards ever received. Looking back at the award-winning products, this time again, many of the award-winning products were based on new approaches based on unique technology and products that practiced excellent marketing methods. For example, it may have already been known that ice is not easily affected by microwaves, but this property was used to create a product. I think this is exactly what the technological strength of the Japanese food industry is.
On the other hand, as the impact of the new coronavirus infection lingers, products that easily realize rich meals at home and functional value from various angles in response to the growing health consciousness. A product has been selected. In the area of ​​effective use of food resources and regional revitalization, there were notable awards for products and activities related to sustainability. I think that these are good examples of how this award reflects the times. In addition, seasonings such as miso and mayonnaise were awarded again this time, and it is expected that seasonings that form the basis of Japanese food will become a driving force in exports amid the global boom in Japanese food. Until now, I think it was difficult to think of new overseas expansion due to the corona crisis, but from now on, I would like not only major manufacturers but also small and
medium-sized manufacturers to turn their attention to the global market.
Finally, I would like to once again express my gratitude for being able to play a role in the selection of this award, and I would like to conclude my congratulatory words by wishing all the winners continued good health.
“The 57th Supermarket Trade Show 2023” Exhibition Overview
Name: The 57th Supermarket Trade Show 2023 (abbreviation: SMTS2023) [Image 3d49657-3-e12a97a7013d31ec802c-2.jpg&s3=49657-3-2ed7dc064a0f4884e81e630f804bd0bc-1797x1305.jpg
Last time (February 2022) exhibition booth
Dates: February 15 (Wed), 16 (Thu) and 17 (Fri), 2023
   10:00-17:00 *Until 16:00 on the last day
Organizer: (one company) National Supermarket Association
Venue: Makuhari Messe
Admission: Invitation only
Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbun Booth: Processed Food Zone: 5-513
Exhibition official website: https://www.smts.jp/jp/index.html Details about this release:


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