The apparel brand “BUFF CLUB” will be launched on November 11th. “Training” and “polishing” more stylish ly. ”

BLAST Co., Ltd.
The apparel brand “BUFF CLUB” will be launched on November 11th. “Training” and “polishing” more stylishly. ”
BUFF CLUB official online store OPEN (
BLAST Co., Ltd. (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo) today announced the launch of the apparel brand “BUFFCLUB” on November 11, 2022, and is comfortable to wear during body makeup, which is the first product, and in private. We will start selling T-shirts, sleeveless tank tops that can be worn at the official online store.
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Release date of the first “BUFF CLUB” product
November 11, 2021 (Friday) 12:00
“BUFF CLUB” official online store URL
“BUFF CLUB” Official Instagram
“BUFF CLUB” brand concept
Make “training” and “polishing” more fashionable.
BUFF CLUB continues to propose training wear with excellent
fashionability and functionality.
In recent years, due to the influence of SNS and the media, more and more people are doing their own body make-up, such as training gyms, Pilates and boxing gyms that are easy for beginners to go to, and along with that, training wear has become popular.
So, what kind of image do you have in your mind about training wear? Simple and sporty designs are good, but why not make them more stylish? BUFF CLUB is a brand (CLUB) established for such people.
BUFF [bʌ́f]
[Shape] good physique, robust
[verb] train, polish
First product line-up
Incorporating fitness, training and fashion trends that can be worn on a daily basis.
The fabric is made of a material that will become a habit once you wear it, making it stress-free to wear.
[Image 2d111774-1-2b07bd5fea9d2233bc96-2.png&s3=111774-1-723e1cecb69d3a4ec5e2ed08c142f866-1308x490.png

DESIGNER: Kazuki Sato
Photographer: Andy
MODEL: Youhei Takapi (Takapi Channel)

From the brand designer to everyone
More and more people are training these days.
Currently, there are many people among the readers of this article who work hard at the gym or run every week.
At BUFF CLUB, we have directly incorporated the concerns and consultations of such people, and have realized their daily “wish to have” in the form of clothing.
A design with excellent comfort and fashion that will become addictive once you wear it.
I would appreciate it if you could get your hands on it once. [Image 3d111774-1-4053c124aa888699206a-1.jpg&s3=111774-1-b7fc47c8e4705f554a71fb48ca677197-1634x2448.jpg

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