The best reward in the big sale. Amazon Black Friday x new clothes dryer “Kawakuna” bargain campaign will be held!

Sparky Create Co., Ltd.
[The best reward in the big sale. ] Amazon Black Friday x new clothes dryer “Kawakuna” bargain campaign will be held!
An energy-saving and economical housework item! Compared to general rotary clothes dryers and bathroom dryers, the “Kawakuna” is by far the best value for the season when it is difficult to dry the laundry because the electricity bill is greatly reduced!

Sparky Create Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Adachi-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Hikaru Narita, hereinafter Sparky Create) will launch a new clothes dryer “Kawakuna” from November 25th (Friday) to 30th (Wednesday) during Amazon Black Friday. We will carry out a campaign that everyone can purchase at a great price.
[Kawaquna] Purchase page
Rakuten Ichiba:
Yahoo! Shopping: [Image 4

[About Kawaquna]
In the life of washing many times a day, on rainy days, the laundry may not dry and you may run out of clothes.
It doesn’t matter how many times you wash it. But it’s a problem if it doesn’t dry…
With this in mind, we wanted to solve the difficulty of drying laundry for mothers all over Japan.
[Solve the troubles of drying the room at once! ]
By covering the clothes hanging on the stand with the cover, you can dry the clothes efficiently.
In addition, by increasing the temperature inside the cover to 55 to 70 degrees, it prevents it from drying out and has the effect of removing mites and disinfecting. Since it dries inside the cover, pollen and dust, which are worrisome when drying outside, are less likely to stick.
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Here are some excerpts from the voices of customers who have actually used the product.
・ 30s Company employee
When you go to bed, it’s already dry!
I bought this when I moved to a house that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. Since purchasing Kawakuna, I have been drying all my laundry with this product. If you wash at night and sleep with a timer for 3 hours, the laundry will dry properly the next day.
You don’t have to worry about the weather outside, it’s very comfortable! ・ Housewife in her 40s
The convenience of being able to control the drying of laundry If you have this, you can do it in half a day regardless of the weather. I can dry my clothes so I can check the weather
Worried about getting wet in the rain while going out, checking whether it is dry, etc.
I don’t have to think about extra things.
I can wash when I want to
It is very convenient to be able to dry when you want to dry. ・ 20s part-time job
I was surprised that it was so thin and so dry!
Installation is very easy, and powering on is simple. This dry, quiet and space-saving product
I think that it is the best among similar products. It is reliable in the upcoming rainy season.
・ 50s Nursing care facility manager
Introduced to the facility!
Since this facility is a facility for the elderly,
Let me use your company’s products when drying towels, hand towels, etc. It is very useful.
It doesn’t take up much space and dries easily and quickly, so the work efficiency in the facility has greatly improved.
and so on
There are also customers who introduce it from home use to companies! It is a very convenient product.
[Easy to assemble! Space-saving design allows you to dry a large amount] Lightweight design with casters for easy movement, assembly and dismantling. When not in use, it can be dismantled and stored in a closet.
Although it is a compact design that can be installed if it is as wide as half a tatami mat, it is possible to increase the amount of laundry that can be dried at one time.
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[Image 6

[Product specifications]
Driving size: Height 148cm x Width 70cm x Depth 45cm
Load capacity: up to 10kg
Temperature inside the cover: 55-70℃
Drying time: 0-3 hours
Safety standards: PSE mark inspection passed
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[Kawaquna] Purchase page
[Purchase page]
Rakuten Ichiba:
Yahoo! Shopping: ■Company Profile
Trade name: Sparky Create Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hikaru Narita, Representative Director
Location: 〒120-0035
Bankoku Status Building 2F, 28-7 Senjunakaicho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo Established: October 27, 2015
Business: Sale of outdoor products, development of own products, import and sale of overseas products.

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