The “book-like diary” “booco 2023 Diary” produced by a bookbinding company in Sapporo is now on sale!

Ishida Bookbinding Co., Ltd.
The “book-like diary” “booco 2023 Diary” produced by a bookbinding company in Sapporo is now on sale!
“booco 2023 Diary” SNS project “Decobokko Contest” will be held!
Ishida Bookbinding Co., Ltd. (Representative: Masami Ishida), which operates a stationery brand “booco” made by a small bookbinding company in Sapporo, Hokkaido, has released a hardcover notebook “booco 2023 Diary” (4 types). will be on sale from September 16, 2022, and the online limited edition was so well received that it was sold out in about an hour. As an SNS event using such a popular diary, we have been holding the “Decobokko Contest” since November 15th of the same year. We are planning to present a special product by lottery from those who have posted “booco 2023 Diary” decorated by themselves with “# Dekobokko” on Instagram and Twitter. (Submissions by December 15, 2022 are eligible)
[Image 1d101854-7-814cdf20770b10a691f2-0.jpg&s3=101854-7-e0b304f41313e1e2a98f7afb7075c650-2048x1365.jpg
The “booco 2023 Diary” has been renewed since last year, and is a notebook reminiscent of a novel that you can calmly read at night after a busy day with the concept of “a diary like a book”.
At Ishida Bookbinding, we sell a variety of products with the strength of integrated production from planning to manufacturing and delivery management.We also carry out OEM production, and accept original products and collaboration products. (Collaboration product with Zoote/Maruyama Zoo)
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(Decobokko Contest: Decoration image photo)
Ishida Binding “booco 2023 Diary” HP ■ Origin of the product name “booco”
In Hokkaido, where Ishida Binding Co., Ltd. is located, mitten-shaped gloves are called “bokko gloves.” I named it because I wanted to make a stationery that can feel kindness and warmth like a bokko glove. ■ 3 types with motifs of the sky and the moon
The theme of the 2023 notebook is “a notebook that gives you a sense of comfort and color through careful handiwork and playful
bookbinding.” In the olden days, people lived a comfortable life, knowing the time by looking at the sky. In today’s busy world, even when facing the notebook, we hope that you can spend a relaxing time, just like looking up at the sky and knowing the time.
There are three types of products: Aizora, Akanezora, and Sumirezora, and the design is such that light shines through the silhouette of the punched moon into the notebook.
When we sold a special limited edition product with a shooting star stamped on the back cover exclusively at Stores, it was so well received that it sold out in about an hour.
■ Deco Diary 2023
A one-of-a-kind diary for collage lovers. A material suitable for decoration is used for the cover. It is a notebook that allows you to express yourself by putting stickers, inserting postcards, writing directly, etc.
* Specifications other than the cover are the same as regular notebooks [Image 3d101854-7-fdf335f278c08891d486-1.png&s3=101854-7-d57718f1aef34ecc292f4af8598f990e-1068x722.png
■ Product features
“Sturdy cover with hardcover”
Luxury cloth cloth binding. High-quality hardcover books are durable and suitable for long-term storage. With a moon-shaped cover removed, it is a calm design that even adults can hold while retaining its cuteness.
“Enriched appendix page”
Includes 6 types of appendix pages to enrich your notebook time, such as “To Do List 100” that lists things to do, “Coping List” that records stress relief methods, and “SNS Profile” that allows you to analyze yourself.
“6 colors binding thread and 5 colors book paper”

The binding strength is high, and even if the book is opened wide, the pages will not fall off. The main paper uses five harmonious dusty colors, and you can enjoy the pleasure of turning the pages and changing the colors.
[Image 4d101854-7-54893f0e3cbbe4c99b54-2.jpg&s3=101854-7-9cda08b32ce9843c7f21015436516bbc-2048x1365.jpg
■ Product name
● booco 2023 DIARY Aizora
● booco 2023 DIARY Akanezora
● booco 2023 DIARY Sumirezora
● booco Deco Diary 2023
*Both start in January
■ Product specifications
● Size: H193×W126×18 mm
● Weight: about 316 grams
● Text: colored high-quality paper – medium thickness – wisteria / hydrangea / light water / ivory / cherry blossom
● Number of pages: 240 pages
● Cover: cloth cloth, stars: gold foil stamping, moon: cutouts ● Spin: 2 ribbons (cream/dark brown)
● Accessories: Transparent vinyl cover
■ Posted content
● Calendar
● Year Plan 2023 (From January to December 2023)
● Block type monthly (from January to December 2023)
● Block type weekly (from December 2022 to December 2023)
● Blank notebook 82 pages
● Event List
● Coping List
● Wish List 2023
● To Do List 100
● SNS Profile
■ Price
3,190 yen (tax included)
■ Sales
EC site
● Amazon
● Daimaru Fujii Central
● Stationery Mitsuhashi
● Ebetsu Tsutaya Books
● Hakodate Tsutaya Books
● Loft
Ikebukuro store, Shibuya store, Kichijoji store, Ginza store, Yokohama store, Chiba store, Sapporo store, Sendai store, Umeda store, Tenjin store

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