The book “Shin NFT Strategy: The Strongest Idea Encyclopedia” recommended by Amane Yamaguchi will be release d from Takarajimasha on November 18th.

Nojojin Co., Ltd.
The book “Shin NFT Strategy: The Strongest Idea Encyclopedia” recommended by Amane will be released from Takarajimasha on November 18th.
“I don’t know” about NFT is no longer enough! A former Accenture IT consultant explains in an easy-to-understand manner how to create a business with NFT.

The book “Shin NFT Strategy Strongest Idea Encyclopedia” written by Yuichiro Kai, representative of Nojojin Co., Ltd., which develops agricultural branding services, will be released by Takarajimasha on November 18, 2022.
We are currently running a gift campaign for all applicants with a “Thin NFT Strategy Sheet” that summarizes domestic NFT information for purchases made during the period!
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How will NFT transform business and society in the future?
NFT is a technology that “proves “uniqueness” by utilizing blockchain technology that is difficult to tamper with”.
Like crypto assets (virtual currencies), they are issued and traded on the blockchain.
This book is a commentary on the “future NFT strategy” guided by the author who continues to work to transform the agricultural industry into a world that is “cool, earns and creates excitement” by combining such NFT and agriculture!
It is a book full of tips and ideas for combining NFT with any business, which can be conveyed only by the author who is working on business creation in the field of agriculture, which can be said to be the furthest from the latest technology such as NFT.
At first glance, NFT demonstrates its value as much as “a field in a different field”!
The final chapter depicts the future where NFTs have become social infrastructure in the fields of “schools and workplaces,” “shopping and distribution,” “hobbies and leisure,” “housing,” and “travel.” [Image 2

Regarding the publication of this book, Mr. Amane has given us the following recommendation comments.
“The virtual space shift progresses,
From “useful” to “meaningful”
Now that the source of value is changing,
“I don’t know” about NFT is no longer enough. ”
—- Mr. Shu , public speaker and management consultant [Book information]
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“Thin NFT Strategy The Strongest Idea Book”
Author: Yuichiro Kai
List price: 1,700 yen (main unit 1,700 yen + tax)
Publisher: Takarajimasha
Release date: Friday, November 18, 2022
Format: 46 format
Number of pages: 224, ISBN-10: 4299036166, ISBN-13: 978-4299036162 ■ Contents
Chapter 1 Know NFT
CHAPTER 2 Mechanism of the NFT market
CHAPTER 3 First, let’s list NFT individually
CHAPTER 4 How to succeed with NFT
CHAPTER 5 How to maximize the value of NFT
CHAPTER 6 Future society brought about by NFT
in conclusion
■ Book introduction page

「シンNFT戦略 最強のアイディア図鑑」が11月18日に宝島社より発売

▼Recommended for these people
・ Those who want to buy NFT as one of asset formation
・ Those who want to sell NFT as a side job
・ Those who are considering new NFT business
・ Those who are considering entering the NFT business as an entrepreneur This is a book that I would like you to pick up by all means. [Limited time only! Purchase privilege “Thin NFT strategy sheet”] [Image 4

This is a book purchase campaign plan for a limited time.
If you reserve or purchase a book within the period, all applicants will receive the latest NFT information “Shin NFT strategy sheet” taught by the author!
After making a reservation and purchase, please apply from the next page by 23:59 on December 18, 2022.
■ Purchase benefits introduction page

【予約特典のご案内】 期間限定で書籍『シンNFT戦略』の購入者へプレゼントキャンペーン

■ Purchase privilege “Thin NFT strategy sheet”
・ Introduction of community for NFT beginners
・ All 3 NFT and web3 commentary videos
・Introduction of domestic generative NFT according to the investment budget as [Beginner], [Intermediate] and [Advanced]
[Author profile]
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Yuichiro Kai
After earning a master’s degree in rural development from the University of Manchester in the UK, he worked as an intern at a Cambodian NGO.
After that, engaged in the launch of a new plant factory business using LED lighting. From that experience, he strongly felt the need for “Agriculture x IT” and joined Accenture. At Accenture, I belong to the IT consultant team.
After that, I joined an agricultural venture to realize profitable agriculture overseas with “agriculture x IT”.
Responsible for launching a strawberry production business in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
After returning to Japan due to the corona crisis, he became the representative director of “Nojojin Co., Ltd.” in August 2021. With the slogan “Metagri (Meta [transcendence] + Agri [agriculture])” that transcends the common sense of agriculture,
We aim to realize a system that can produce delicious agricultural products in a sustainable manner over a long period of time. Also active as the director of the organization “Metagri Research Institute”, which launched the keyword “agriculture x blockchain”. ■ Metagri Research Institute official website
■ Book “Metagri, which transcends the common sense of agriculture”
[Company information]
[Image 6d87046-14-0a540ee0f28e13bd1718-3.png&s3=87046-14-1b475b00b0a0657bcccaf54f65540d48-147x147.png
Nojojin Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-chome, Iiyamamancho, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture Representative Director: Yuichiro Kai
Business: Agricultural marketing support, agriculture x NFT planning and development and marketer, book publishing
Official website:
Details about this release:


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