The brand’s first body care coffret is now available for a limited time. New release of hand cream perfect for gifts

Ariel Trading Co., Ltd.
The brand’s first body care coffret is now available for a limited time. New release of hand cream perfect for gifts
Sales start from November 16 (Wednesday)

From the MODERN BOTANICAL TM skin care brand FEMMUE, which realizes INNER & OUTER BEAUTY with the beauty essence of flowers, the 3rd coffret body care and new product hand cream are now available. [Image 1

beautifying body set
A special set of body oil and body cream that can be cared for with a blissful texture and scent.
Enjoy a happy self-care time during the dry season for healthy and beautiful skin
Beautifying body set 7,920 yen (tax included)
[set content]
Beautifying body oil 90mL, beautifying body cream 90g, limited box *Limited quantity
The theme of the 2022 FEMMUE HOLIDAY COLLECTION is “BOUQUET OF FLOWERS”. Give a family like a bouquet. To someone important to you, to yourself.
BOUQUET OF FLOWERS will be finished with the first body coffret of Famu. A set of body oil that leads to soft, glossy skin and body cream that gives well-balanced moisture. Incorporate the essence of beautiful flowers into your body for healthy and beautiful skin. It is a collection where you can enjoy the scent of flowers with self-care. [Image 2

Beautifying Body Set Product Shot
Body oil with both lightness and richness that leads to soft, glossy skin [Image 3

beautifying body oil
A body oil that moisturizes and softens the skin while giving it firmness and luster. A carefully selected blend of botanical oils that blends well with the skin, achieving both lightness that blends into the skin and smoothness that makes it easy to massage. After blending it in, it will give you a healthy and shiny skin. The surface is smooth and comfortable to wear immediately.
○ KEY INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil*1, Olive Oil*2, Prickly Pear Oil*3, Camellia Oil*4
○ Effect: moisturizing, aging care *5
○ Scent: Damask rose*6, Arabian jasmine*7, Bergamot*8, Eucalyptus*9, Aomoji*10, Lemon*11
Provides well-balanced moisture to dry skin. Soft textured body cream [Image 4

beautifying body cream
A body cream that blends smoothly into the skin, traps moisture, prevents rough skin, and prepares it nicely. Focusing on plant oils that are familiar to the skin, it contains plant butter that prevents moisture from evaporating and protects against dryness. Moisturizes dry skin and quickly replenishes both moisture and oil.
○ KEY INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil*1, Sweet Almond Oil*12, Glycerin, Panthenol ○ Effects: Moisturizing and care for sensitive skin
○ Scent: Damask rose*6, Arabian jasmine*7, Bergamot*8, Eucalyptus*9, Aomoji*10, Lemon*11
*1 Sunflower seed oil *2 Olive fruit oil *3 Opuntia ficus indica seed oil *4 Camellia seed oil *5 Age-appropriate care *6 Damask rose flower oil *7 Matsurica flower oil *8 Bergamot fruit oil *9 Eucalyptus leaf Oil *10 Aomoji fruit oil *11 Lemon *12 Almond oil
[Image 5

Flower Hand Cream Visual
“Flower Hand Cream”, which wraps moisture while enjoying the scent of flowers, will be released on November 16th.
A hand cream that locks in moisture and gives your hands a touch of elegance, like a serum.
Flower hand cream 35g 2,860 yen (tax included)
A hand cream with a rich texture that blends into the skin and locks in moisture. We have gathered plant butters that have a high affinity with the skin, plant oils that lock in moisture, and plant extracts that care for your hands like a serum. The stickiness is minimized so that you can touch documents and smartphones immediately after blending. A happy fragrance with eucalyptus*9 and citrus*10 added to a floral centered on damask rose*8.
○ KEY INGREDIENTS: Cacao butter*1, monkey butter*2, sweet almond oil*3, isomerized sugar, β-glucan, centifolia rose*4, Madonna lily*5, lotus*6, jasmine*7
○ Effect: Moisturizes and improves texture
○ Scent: Damask rose*8, eucalyptus*9, citrus*10
[Image 6

POINT 1. Wrapping so that it blends into the skin
Carefully selected two types of plant butters, focusing on both the shielding power that prevents moisture from evaporating and guarding against dryness, and the texture that blends well with the skin. A perfect blend of cocoa butter*1 that melts on your skin and Sara Soju’s sal butter*2 that provides a comfortable stretch. It has a light feeling of use that does not make you feel sticky or heavy. POINT 2. Keep your hands moist and soft
Contains sweet almond oil*3 that blends easily into the skin, isomerized sugar that retains moisture in the skin, and β-glucan that retains moisture. Not only does it provide ample moisture, but it also keeps it for a long time.
POINT3. Smooth and clear*11 fingers by adjusting the texture of the skin In order to lead to more beautiful fingers, we carefully selected and blended plant extracts. Flower essences such as centifolia rose*4 to improve skin texture, Madonna lily*5 to bring moisture and firmness, lotus*6 to lead to translucent*11 fine texture, and jasmine*7 to prevent moisture from evaporating. is confined.
*1 Cacao Butter *2 Salamander Seed Oil *3 Almond Oil *4 Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract *5 Madonna Lily Flower Extract *6 Lotus Flower Extract *7 Jasminum Flower Extract *8 Damask Rose Flower Oil *9 Eucalyptus Leaf Oil *10 Lemon Pericarp oil, bergamot fruit oil *11 Gives moisture and brings transparency *
The essence of beauty that flowers have. It’s not only good skin care effects, but also the appearance, the soft touch, and the scent that fills the heart. Women can become more beautiful if they have many moments of feeling “happiness” that flowers give them. FEMMUE is a word that combines FEMME, which means “woman”, and MUE, which means “change”. A woman changes beautifully from the moment she begins to love herself. We want to be a brand that captures the moment of change and always supports. That is the thought of -Famyu-.
[Handling stores] As of November 2022
FEMMUE Official Online Store
All Cosme Kitchen stores, all Make↗Kitchen stores, all Biople stores, and each web store
[FEMMUE Official HP/SNS]
Online store:
Instagram: @femmue_japan
Twitter: @FEMMUE_Japan
【Company Profile】
Company name: Ariel Trading Co., Ltd.
Head office: 3-35-8-3F Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Representative Director: Keisuke Hirano
Capital: 25 million yen

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