The core of the fleet is established and the tactics are rich in variety-Decipher the flagship skills that appeared in “Infinite Lagrange”

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The core of the fleet is established and the tactics are rich in variety-Decipher the flagship skills that appeared in “Infinite Lagrange”

In honor of the pioneers of deep space, the fleet’s cooperative capabilities have evolved.A new technological breakthrough has begun sweeping through the systems of the Infinite Lagrange universe. Once this technology has stabilized and matured, pioneers will be able to place flagships, the heart of their fleets.
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command tower of the fleet
The flagship is the command center of the fleet.The command and coordination function of information chain technology enables the operation of a fleet consisting of multiple ships by synchronizing and controlling system information such as fire control, action, and posture detection of the entire fleet. to maintain order and operate as one.
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When flagship technology is applied, by default the flagship will be assigned according to the size of the command Pt in the pioneer fleet.After that, the pioneers will adjust the flagship when forming and change to other ships with flagship skills. Yes, but only one ship per fleet can be designated as flagship.
Various flagship effects
Theoretically, any flagship can be a utility ship, carrier-based aircraft, or other ship, but there are other types of support that can be provided in addition to the normal barrage skills, depending on the type of flagship.
Some ships can provide lasting buffs to other ships when flagged, and some offer special strategic abilities that help the fleet accomplish certain quests. Then you can give the fleet the ability to attack from a distance.In the case of Noma M470-class – heavy landing ships, you can make enemy forces under attack unable to retreat for a certain period of time.
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An excellent pioneer will be able to rationally select flagships according to the quest conditions and battle environment, and make full use of their abilities. You can also use technology Pt to enhance flagship skills.
Rich tactics and strategies
With the advent of flagships, the strategic nature of interstellar fleet battles will also increase. New ship commands and special flagship skills will allow your fleet to execute a variety of tactics such as blockade, camouflage, and defense of specific areas, strategy can be used to your advantage.
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The addition of the flagship has increased the vitality of the entire fleet, and based on the rational combination of ship types, the various functions and effects of the flagship have realized further expansion of various maneuver tactics. “Infinite Lagrange” awaits pioneers who set out to explore space. Build an interstellar fleet and use a wealth of tactics to conquer the vast sea of ​​stars.
About “Infinite Lagrange”
A NetEase Games original space strategy mobile game. You can explore unknown star systems, enjoy movie-level high-definition fleet battles, and exciting large-scale battles that span hundreds of astronomical units. Countless relics, ruins and stories await your discovery in a galaxy full of history and romance.
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