The EC site “BALL. DEPARTMENT” where you can read, buy, and experience the Tama area and the information magazine “BALL.”

Keyaki Publishing Co., Ltd.
The EC site “BALL. DEPARTMENT” where you can read, buy, and experience the Tama area and the information magazine “BALL.”
The Tama area of ​​Tokyo, which has become a hot topic for how to walk the earth. The EC site “BALL. The information magazine “BALL.” will also be released on the same day at bookstores nationwide.

Keyaki Publishing Co., Ltd. (Tachikawa City, Tokyo, Representative Director: Naoko Kozaki) is a publisher that specializes in
disseminating information in the Tama area of ​​Tokyo. Celebrating the 41st year since its founding, we opened the “Tama department store” “BALL. DEPARTMENT” ( that combines paper media and EC sites. We offer highly rare shopping where you can purchase one-of-a-kind products made by craftsmen using local resources and services that allow you to experience the site’s original limited experience.
[You can buy thoughts and experiences] What is BALL. DEPARTMENT? [Image 1

story-experience-based purchase where you can learn about the thoughts that go into creating a product, actually experience it, and buy value, unlike regular EC malls. site. We will develop products on the two axes of products (things) that use local resources and are full of passion and experiences (things) that allow you to actually meet people who are active in the area.

[Image 2

A one-of-a-kind product made by craftsmen using local resources There are products that cannot be purchased on regular EC sites, such as the mud-dyed silk fabric “Kurohachijo” from Akiruno City, which is the only one in Japan, and the traditional craft “Murayama Oshima Tsumugi” from Musashimurayama City that has been around since the Edo period. There are also precious items such as shawls that take two years to weave by craftsmen.

There are also original participation projects that you can actually “experience”
A limited number of unique “products” that you cannot experience anywhere else, such as going on a town walk with a local professional basketball team player, playing tatami room games with a geisha, or becoming a mom for a day with a snack. Experience contents will be updated from time to time, such as events that will be held only once. [Image 3

Musashimurayama City Tafusa Textile Murayama Oshima Tsumugi

[Image 4

Tour the town with the players of Tachikawa City’s professional basketball team “Tachikawa Dice”
For product listing requests and other inquiries, please contact the person in charge by email. info★ (Please change ★ to @) A free publication campaign is underway until March 2023.

Information magazine “BALL.” VOL.5 “Fermentation work” linked to the site [Image 5

Let’s work energetically in Tama “BALL.” VOL.5
Products that can be purchased at BALL.DEPARTMENT are also introduced in information magazines. The first feature is “Fermentation Work”. Starting with fermented foods such as miso and cheese, we focus on businesses and people related to “brewing work” such as sake breweries, indigo dyeing workshops, wineries, and fermented curry, and take up content that proposes your own way of working.
[Feature content]
Toshimaya Sake Brewery (Sake/Higashimurayama)
Indigo dyeing studio Lapis ball (Indigo dyeing / Akishima)
Lemoyne Tokyo (Natural Wine/Mitaka)
Fermented curry u・ma・shi (Fermented curry/Chofu)
Hachioji Sake Brewing Project (Sake/Hachioji)
Kunitachi Compost Department (Compost/Kunitachi) and others
A conversation between fermentation designer Hiraku Ogura and BONUS TRUCK Hiroyuki Ono
[Image 6d58013-11-0248d3ea1d2bfe51661a-6.png&s3=58013-11-0d939a5724dc1e55c2020e09fa498fc3-1762x1252.png
Hiraku Ogura x Hiroyuki Ono Fermentation culture in Tama
Related event
BALL. VOL.5 Release Commemoration “Fermentation Event”
Date: Saturday, November 26, 2022, 14:00-20:00
Venue: BALL. HUB Tachikawa
14:00-20:00 Exhibition of products sold at BALL. DEPARTMENT
14:00 Sake making by Toshimaya Sake Brewery Hachioji Sake Brewing Project 15:00 Indigo dyeing studio Ruri ball A talk show by Mr. Koshiro Katayama, an indigo dyeing craftsman
16:00 Music box audition at Emusubi, a music box specialty store in Tachikawa City
17:00 New natural wine tasting by Lemoyne Tokyo
(Times are subject to change)
Capacity: Assumed to be 20 people each (Free entry/exit/Depending on the situation, the number of people may be limited)
Price: Admission free
If you wish, you can purchase various tickets (sake ticket, wine ticket) *Various tickets can be paid in cash on the day
[Image 7d58013-11-1088f6ca178d6f657d5b-14.jpg&s3=58013-11-1566dad75887983eddf375497e2b16d2-2000x1333.jpg
Let’s work energetically in Tama!
“BALL.” VOL.5 Released on November 15th
B5 size/80 pages body price: 990 yen (tax included)
Publisher: Naoko Kozaki
Publisher: Keyaki Publishing Co., Ltd.
Company name: Keyaki Publishing Co., Ltd.
Location: Kotlink 3F, 3-9-2 Shibasaki-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Representative Representative Director Naoko Kozaki
Established July 10, 1981 TEL 042-525-9909 FAX 042-524-7736
Capital 53.3 million yen
Inquiries: info★ (Please change ★ to @)

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