The ever-increasing number of vacant houses, the ownership rate is over 10%. Over 40% are in local cities, and about 10% in Tokyo’s 23 wards! A must-see for vacant house owners! “How to use empty houses and points to note” taught by a master of house

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The ever-increasing number of vacant houses, the ownership rate is over 10%. Over 40% are in local cities, and about 10% in Tokyo’s 23 wards! A must-see for vacant house owners! “How to use empty houses and points to note” taught by a master of house sales

According to the “Housing and Land Statistical Survey” (announced on April 26, 2019) conducted by the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications once every five years, the number of vacant houses accounts for 13.6% (8.46 million units) of the total number of houses nationwide. It turns out that Therefore, the National Real Estate Sales Reliable Transaction Association, which operates the site “House Sales Master” where you can find reliable real estate sales professionals, conducted a survey on “vacant houses” targeting 4,000 men and women nationwide aged 40 to 70. rice field.
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Survey outline
Survey period: October 27-28, 2022
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey target: Men and women aged 40 to 70 nationwide
Number of valid respondents: 4,000
Research agency: Freeeasy
* When using the survey results of this release, please specify “Research by a master of house sales”.
Survey results
When asked, “Do you have a vacant house owned by yourself or your spouse?”, “Yes” (11.4%) and “No” (88.6%).
When 457 people who answered “yes” were asked “where is the vacant house they own”, “local city” (41.1%) was the most common, followed by “other” (13.1%), “five major cities” ordinance-designated cities (*1)” (12.9%), “23 wards of Tokyo” (9.4%), “five major cities (*2)” (9.0%), “mountainous areas” (8.5%), “capital Major cities in the area” (5.9%) followed.
*1 Sapporo City, Sendai City, Saitama City, Chiba City, Kawasaki City, Sagamihara City, Niigata City, Shizuoka City, Hamamatsu City, Sakai City, Okayama City, Hiroshima City, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka City, Kumamoto City
*2 Yokohama City, Nagoya City, Kyoto City, Osaka City, Kobe City [Image 2d88951-14-8c6794dcf27624a20642-1.png&s3=88951-14-c3bb0bd8e8df137ef4bbcccc0ab4f3f04-772x451.png
Then I asked “why do you keep the house vacant?” “Dismantling costs money” (25.4%) was the most common response, but “I want to sell but there are no buyers” (23.2%), “I want to use it, but I don’t know what to do” (23.0%), and “I don’t know what to do” (23.0%). “I have no plans to live there” (22.5%) also stood out.
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Therefore, when asked, “If you were to consult a real estate professional about the vacant house, what would you most like to discuss?” 17.1%) by nearly 20 points.
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A master of house sales advises “how to use empty houses and points to note”! The number of vacant houses in Japan continues to increase year by year. This is due to factors such as the declining population and the oversupply of new housing. If vacant houses are left unattended, not only will the risk of collapse or collapse due to aging of the building increase, but it will also have various adverse effects such as triggering illegal dumping of garbage and lowering disaster prevention and crime prevention functions. So this time, what kind of use is there if you own an empty house? In addition, we will tell you the precautions of owning a vacant house.
Broadly speaking, there are three ways to utilize vacant houses: 1. Rent out, 2. Clear the land and turn it into a parking lot, and 3. Sell.
 1. When renting out, there is a possibility that urban areas can be rented, but in regional cities, it would be better to renovate and renovate for the target audience in areas with vacant houses. (example)
・Vacant houses in local cities: If there are many rooms, share houses, student dormitories, company dormitories, etc. There is also an example of a vacant house in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture that has been repurposed as a dormitory for Kyushu University students and used as a dormitory for trainees and workers from overseas.
・Vacant house in the suburbs: Due to the spread of telework due to the influence of Corona, the demand for rental properties for people living in two or multiple locations is increasing.
3. If you want to sell, but you can’t organize your feelings such as “I have memories left” or “I can’t clean up or dispose of my luggage”, there is also a way to entrust the management of the vacant house to a local real estate company. . Although it depends on the content and frequency of management, the monthly fee is about 5,000 yen for condominiums and about 8,000 to 10,000 yen for detached houses. A good company would be a video report of cleaning, planting, changing the air, running water, checking mail, checking after a disaster, etc. You can also avoid troubles with neighbors by having vacant houses managed.
Leaving an empty house unattended will not only cause damage to the building and pose a risk to the surrounding area, but also cause great damage in the event of a disaster. Also, the value of the property will depreciate over time.
If you are worried about what to do with your vacant house, or if you inherited your parent’s house but cannot live in it, first consult with a real estate company or person in charge who specializes in utilizing, disposing, and managing vacant houses. please look. I hope you can advise me on a good solution.
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Mr. Daishi Yamada was the expert who advised us on the vacant house this time. Representative of Buddy Co., Ltd. in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. He holds the qualifications of real estate broker, administrative scrivener, voluntary sales agent, and voluntary sales handling supervisor. In addition to real estate sales of general housing, we are also focusing on consultation services regarding the disposal of vacant houses and voluntary sales to rescue from auctions due to mortgages.

About “Master of Home Sales”
Home Selling Master is a site that introduces the expertise and personality of the person in charge. On the profile page of the person in charge, qualifications, career, business chat tools, SNS, self-introduction videos, etc. are posted, so you can find out if your person in charge is knowledgeable about selling real estate I can do it.
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Profile of Kazuyuki Inami
Chairman of the National Real Estate Sales Trust Transaction Association. Representative Director of Nankatsu Co., Ltd.
He holds many construction and real estate-related qualifications, including first-class architect, real estate broker, financial planner (AFP), first-class construction management engineer, and passing the real estate consulting technician exam.
His publications include “How to build a house that professional architects never do” (Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing Company),
“Maintenance of housing that raises property value taught by professionals” (Weekly Housing Newspaper), “Maintenance of housing that raises property value taught by professionals” selected by the Japan Library Association Inspection for the Future” (Kindle Publishing).
In 2020, as a first-class architect YouTuber, he opened the “Housing Specialty Channel YouTube Real Estate”, where people who want to buy a house, build a custom-built house, sell real estate, or like real estate and housing can enjoy building and housing. He shares his real estate know-how.
Official website:
YouTube: [Image 7d88951-14-5751b9b94fe9bab3bd79-6.png&s3=88951-14-37eefd7ff115197ba770d2ce9b1e7046-783x519.png

Company Profile
Company name: Nansho Co., Ltd.
Location: Shin-Osaka Nakazato Building, 5-11-9 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Representative: Kazuyuki Inami, Representative Director
Established: 2011
Business description: Real estate business support, etc.
Phone number: 0800-600-0707 (toll free)
Association overview
Trade name: National Real Estate Sales Trust Transaction Association Location: Shin-Osaka Nakazato Building, 5-11-9 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Representative: Chairman Kazuyuki Innami
Constituent members: Nansho Co., Ltd., Home Concier Co., Ltd. Details about this release:


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