The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. Regarding joint support with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. for promoting decarbonization efforts of Fukubi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
Collaboration support with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. for promotion of decarbonization efforts of Fukubi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Hokuhoku Financial Group’s Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. (President: Hiroshi Nakazawa) and The Hokkaido Bank, Ltd. (President: Yuji Kanema) will become Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (Chairman and President: Shingo Konomoto) and business partners from January 2021. We have been considering a “CO2 emissions visualization service” for the
decarbonization of Japan. Hokuriku Bank and Nomura Research Institute are pleased to announce that through this service, Fukubi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (President: Seiichiro Yagi) will provide
collaborative support for promoting decarbonization initiatives. increase.
The adoption of the “Paris Agreement” in December 2015 accelerated the international movement toward decarbonization, and in October 2020, the Japanese government announced the “2050 Carbon Neutral
Declaration”, which accelerated the movement toward decarbonization. The trend toward achieving carbon neutrality in corporate activities has become irreversible.
It is not limited to large companies, but is required to be addressed throughout the supply chain, and is becoming the most important issue for local communities and companies.
Against this background, we shared the recognition of issues with Fukuvi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and decided to support the “CO2 emissions visualization service,” which supports the calculation of CO2 supply chain emissions for decarbonization. .
Fukuvi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. made the SDGs declaration in November 2020, and in May 2021, set a 2030 target of “reducing CO2 emissions (Scope 1, 2) by 30% (compared to FY2019).” In addition, in promoting sustainability management, it is most important to align environmental contributions with growth strategies. Fukuvalue” has started. Through this support, we will further support efforts to decarbonize the entire supply chain of Fukuvi Chemical Industry. In addition, through this initiative, the three companies will further deepen their respective sustainability fields, aiming to improve the sustainability of not only their own company but also the resin industry and the Hokuriku region.
2. Applicable SDGs goals
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13. Take concrete action against climate change
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17. Partnerships to achieve goals

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