The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. Regarding the basic agreement on joint use of the system and detailed examination with the Hiroshima Bank

The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
Basic agreement on system sharing and detailed examination with Hiroshima Bank
The Hokuriku Bank (President: Hiroshi Nakazawa) and The Hokkaido Bank (President: Yuji Kanema) of the Hokuhoku Financial Group are the Bank of Yokohama (President: Tatsuya Kataoka), the Higashi-Nippon Bank (President: Yoshiyuki Oishi), the 77 Bank (President: Hidefumi Kobayashi), and N.・Hiroshima Bank (President: Kazuo Kiyomune) has been using the shared system (hereafter referred to as “MEJAR” (Note 1)) with T.T.DATA (President: Hiroshi Honma) since May 2011. We would like to inform you that we have agreed to participate in Aarata and conduct a detailed study for joint use of the system by six banks.
MEJAR is a joint use system that was launched by the Bank of Yokohama in January 2010, and by the Hokuriku Bank and the Hokkaido Bank in May 2011 (first phase), with the aim of reducing IT costs. In October 2015 (the 2nd phase), the banks participating in MEJAR agreed to renew the platform, and in April 2021, they agreed to adopt an open platform (Note 2) for MEJAR. We are proceeding with system development in preparation for the operation of the open platform in the next fiscal year. In addition to the system, we are promoting cooperation in the fields of cyber security, DX, administrative work, and sustainability. This time, Hiroshima Bank, which has endorsed the above initiatives, will participate in MEJAR, and six banks including Hiroshima Bank and NTT DATA will proceed with the fourth phase of consideration, such as cloud application to MEJAR, and We also agreed to proceed with consideration of joint use of systems other than MEJAR. We will also consider the realization of cooperation in fields other than systems. Hokuriku Bank and Hokkaido Bank will build a strong management foundation through the joint use of systems by the six banks, and will promote further improvements in customer convenience.
Scope of joint use of the system
In addition to MEJAR, a bank backbone system that handles business processing functions such as deposits, exchanges, and loans, it is currently jointly used by five banks, including a system that stores and analyzes data, Internet banking, and a support system for business loan operations. We will consider joint use of the existing system by six banks.
Timing of joint use of MEJAR
Hiroshima Bank will consider joint use in fiscal 2030.
Other cooperation
We will continue to work on sharing and collaborating on systems other than MEJAR and fields other than systems.
(Note 1) Abbreviation for Most Efficient Joint Advanced Regional banking-system. (Note 2) This is the first initiative in the banking industry to adopt an open platform for shared core systems. In addition, this initiative has been certified as a support project for the “Financial Institution System Frontrunner Support Desk” established by the Financial Services Agency to support advanced initiatives related to financial
institution systems.
[(Reference 1) MEJAR participating banks]
[Image 1

(Reference 1) MEJAR Participating Banks
[(Reference 2) Changes in MEJAR and status of joint use]
[Image 2d27374-349-32a384bc521ca9611768-2.png&s3=27374-349-04aa105fa7ecf4c10373eb73cc9407c9-1428x869.png
(Reference 2) Changes in MEJAR and status of joint use

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