The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. Renewal of the Hokuriku Bank Portal App Direct A

The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
Renewal of the Hokuriku Bank Portal App Direct A
Thanks to you, we have exceeded 300,000 users!

The Hokuriku Bank (President: Hiroshi Nakazawa) will renew the “Hokuriku Bank Portal App” (hereafter referred to as “Portal App”) and the personal internet banking service “Hokugin Direct A” (hereafter referred to as Direct A).
In this renewal, based on customer requests and expectations for new functions, we implemented a function for early cancellation of time deposits, etc., completed online (application) applications for debit and credit cards, and added a foreign currency deposit menu. We have implemented seamless linkage, a memo registration function for transaction details, and improved startup speed.
In order to further satisfy our customers, the Bank will strive to conduct research and development aimed at improving the sophistication and quality of our services.
1. Renewal contents
[Image 1d27374-350-dac03758fe309bc2fefb-1.png&s3=27374-350-62264c5110c655407b00ef5ae9fd4ef9-1026x414.png
(1) Overview of additional functions
[Image 2d27374-350-bc63594bda109c2ef594-2.png&s3=27374-350-86418402500c9aa78e9e7ded4bc76050-1440x586.png
Overview of additional features
(2) Renewal date
Monday, November 21, 2022
2. Number of users
The number of customers using the Hokuriku Bank Portal App Direct A has exceeded 300,000 (as of the end of October 2022).
Going forward, we will continue to work on enhancing functions and improving convenience so that we can respond to customer requests for easy and convenient banking from smartphones.
For details on the Hokuriku Bank Portal App Direct A, please see here (
3. Applicable SDGs goals
[Image 3d27374-350-72572e4756b966d4094d-3.png&s3=27374-350-42ddcaf972c0824d63d6d6a456cba47c-1276x1276.png
9. Build a foundation for industry and innovation

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