The importance of the environment and peace, and the challenge spirit to the next generation! Talk event held for the first time in 3 years at 3 locations in Tokyo

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The importance of the environment and peace, and the challenge spirit to the next generation! Talk event held for the first time in 3 years at 3 locations in Tokyo
“THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” project starting with the Antarctic Transcontinental International Expedition

THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT Executive Committee (Goldwin Co.,
Ltd./Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takao Watanabe, DAC Holdings Co., Ltd./Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO : Kazunori Ishikawa) started the project on Saturday, July 27, 2019 with the aim of passing on the importance of the environment and peace and the importance of the challenge spirit to the next generation. In 2022, the project will be mainly centered around two events. A talk event will be held for the first time in three years at THE NORTH FACE store, SHIMOKITA COLLEGE, and Shimokita-Ekimae-Cinema “K2”. SHIMOKITA COLLEGE welcomes environmental activist Shina Tsuyuki to think about climate change and environmental issues together with students who will lead the next generation. At the same time, at SHIMOKITA COLLEGE and Shimokita-Ekimae-Cinema “K2”, the documentary film “Trans-Antarctica Expedition”, which follows the world’s first crossing of Antarctica by dog ​​sledding in 1989, which was the origin of this project. )” will also be screened. (Trailer URL
Keizo Funatsu, an adventurer, will appear on TOKYO FM “Sustaina Days” on December 8th (Thursday), and talk about the efforts of this project and images that include stuffed animals, sitting, bears, and snow. [Description] I will answer the interview about this year’s
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[What is the “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” project]
On July 27, 1989, in Antarctica, the only continent without borders on earth, with the message “THINK SOUTH” appealing for the environment and peace in mind, the first dog sled adventure across Antarctica began. The members of the International Trans-Antarctic Continent Team consist of six countries from around the world. After reaching the South Pole on December 11th, they covered approximately 6,040km on March 3rd, 1990, and all of them reached the finish line safely. At the time, many media outlets took up his achievements, and at the same time, they also reported on environmental issues, which began to attract attention at the time. Now, 33 years later, the Larsen B Ice Shelf, which they dog-sleded on, has disappeared due to the effects of global warming. This project was established to convey the current situation to as many people as possible and pass on to the next generation the importance of environmental issues and peace to protect them.
[1] Talk event
1. Theme “Challenge Spirit” Dominique Chen x Yuji Murakami
Dominique Chen is researching the relationship between technology and humans in a wide range of fields, including the Internet, artificial life, and media art. Our interviewee is Mr. Yuji Murakami, a polar architect who has explored life in various polar regions in order to find beautiful ways to live in the harsh environments known as polar regions, such as Antarctica and the Himalayas. We asked Dominic, who transcends his field of specialization to “translate”
difficult-to-understand phenomena in the world, and Murakami, who explores the possibilities of human beings on unseen horizons, about the source of their “challenging spirit.”
Date: December 8, 2022 (Thursday) 18:30-
Location: THE NORTH FACE Sphere 5F, 6-10-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 [Image 2

Dr. Minik Cheng (Interdisciplinary Information Studies)
Born in 1981. After working as a researcher at NTT Inter Communication Center [ICC] and co-founder of Dividual Co., Ltd., currently presides over the Fermented Media Research Seminar at Waseda University’s School of Culture and Media Design. Researching the relationship between technology, humans, and the existence of nature. He is the author of many books, including Words that Create the Future: To Connect Misunderstanding (Shinchosha) and Modern Japanese Literature as Commons (East Press).
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Yusuke Murakami Polar Architect
Born in 1978. A polar architect who has explored life in the polar regions. NPO corporation FIELD assistant representative. In 2008, he joined the 50th Japan Antarctic Research Expedition as a wintering expedition member and engaged in geophysical observations. In 2013-2017, The Mars Society conducted a simulated Mars habitation experiment “The Mars 160m Mission”, and served as the vice-captain, and in 2018, “MDRS Crew191 TEAM ASIA” as the captain. Activities based on the theme of “Inter-Survival”, which unravels the relationship between human life and architecture, include workshops, education, and writing activities.
2. Theme “Environment” Shiina Tsuyuki x Rina Yamashita, Kashiwa Nagamine, Anju Nishioka (SHIMOKITA COLLEGE)
What is the current state of the earth’s “environment”? As an environmental activist, Ms. Shina Tsuyuki gives lectures on the current state of the earth at various places, from elementary schools to universities across the country. Mr. Tsuyuki, who studied at a high school in Indonesia and must have keenly felt the beauty of nature and the fragility of the two sides of the same coin, talked about the reasons why we want to convey climate change and environmental issues to the younger generation, and how we can solve them. Together with the students of SHIMOKITA COLLEGE, we will think about whether we can solve the problem.
Date: December 11, 2022 (Sunday) 18:20- * A dialogue will be held after the movie screening.
Location: SHIMOKITA COLLEGE 5-20-16 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 123-0056

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Shina Tsuyuki Environmental activist
Born in Yokohama in 2001, raised in Chinatown. He attended a public school in Japan until the age of 15, spent three years of high school at Green School Bali in Indonesia, which is said to be the world’s most eco-friendly school, and graduated in June 2019. Participated in COP24 (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in Poland in 2018 and COP25 in Spain in 2019. Developed a lipstick for my sister who had sensitive skin and launched Shiina Cosmetics. Currently enrolled in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University, but to give lectures on climate change, he takes a leave of absence and travels around the country to elementary, junior high, and high schools. HP:
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Rina Yamashita, Kashiwai Nagamine, Anju Nishioka SHIMOKITA COLLEGE Opened in December 2020. SHIMOKITA COLLEGE is a new residential educational facility where residents with diverse backgrounds can share their experiences and learn from each other. At this event, there are second-year university students who are engaged in activities to set up a Climate Clock that indicates the time limit for climate change, second-year university students who attend the Faculty of Human Sciences and study educational technology, and second-year high school students who are interested in geomorphology. , 3 students with various fields of interest will be on stage.
3. Theme “Peace” Keiichiro Matsumura x Naoki Ishikawa
Cultural anthropology may not be a field of study directly aimed at realizing peace. However, I believe that the first step toward peace is for individuals, not between nations, to get to know each other, respect and understand the cultural customs of different countries. Photographer Naoki Ishikawa, who has an interest in areas such as anthropology and folklore, travels around the world from the Himalayas to urban areas to take photographs, and a cultural anthropologist who conducts fieldwork in Ethiopia and the Middle East Gulf countries. What does Keiichiro Matsumura think about “peace”?
Date: Friday, December 16, 2022, around 21:00 *A movie will be screened after the 30-minute talk event (fees apply).
Location: Shimokita – Ekimae – Cinema “K2” 〒155-0031 2-21-22 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (tefu) lounge 2F
*The time will be confirmed and tickets will be on sale at 10:00 on Tuesday, December 13th. Please check the K2 website
( for details.
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Keiichiro Matsumura Cultural Anthropologist / Associate Professor, Faculty of Letters, Okayama University
Born in Kumamoto in 1975. Associate Professor, Faculty of Letters, Okayama University. Specializes in cultural anthropology. Research on ownership and distribution, overseas migrant workers, and the relationship between the market and the state. His publications include Anthropology of Ushirometa (Mishima Publishing, 72nd Mainichi Publishing Culture Award Special Award), Anarchism in Living (Mishima Publishing), Anthropology of Hamidashi (NHK Publishing), Future University (Shunju Publishing). ), co-authored and co-edited “Thinking Methods of Cultural Anthropology” (Sekai Shisosha) and “Anthropology of Work” (Kurotorisha).
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Naoki Ishikawa Photographer
Present your work while traveling. His photo collections include “NEW DIMENSION” (Akaaka), “POLAR” (Little More), and “CORONA”. Author of many books, including The Last Adventurer (Shueisha). In 2021, he will be in charge of shooting the movie “Shari” in Shiretoko and Shari. In recent years, the publication of photo picture books has continued. HP:
[2] Keizo Funatsu appearing on TOKYO FM “Sustaina Days”
Broadcast date and time: December 8, 2022 (Thursday) 11:30-13:00 * Mr. Funatsu will appear live from around 12:30
Broadcasting station: TOKYO FM (80.0MHz) Broadcasting area: Kanto *You can listen to radiko time free after the broadcast until 4:59 AM on Friday, December 16, 2022.
* After the broadcast, you can also watch the broadcast on the official website
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Keizo Funatsu Adventurer
Born in Osaka in 1956. Studied an outdoor education program in Minnesota, USA, and practiced outdoor education for young people and the general public. After dog sledding in Greenland in 1988, joined the International Trans-Antarctic Expedition. After that, he was active as a middle- and long-distance dog sled racer in Alaska, USA, and won the Rookie of the Year award in three major long-distance dog sled races, and also conducted a dog sled camp in Alaska in winter. 1990 Asahi Sports Award, TV Asahi Big Sports Special Award. Since 2015, he has been participating in winery, garden and forest projects at NIKI Hills Village in Niki-cho, Hokkaido.
[“THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” project overview]
Organizer: THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT Executive Committee (Goldwin Co., Ltd., DAC Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Supported by: Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Institute of Polar Research, Japan Polar Research Promotion Foundation, FM Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Official site: *The background of this project and future activity schedule will be updated from time to time.
Details about this release:


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