The Japan MIT Association opens an official Twitter account on International STEM Day.

Japan MIT Association
The Japan MIT Association opens an official Twitter account on International STEM Day.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Japan alumni association in Japan is pleased to announce that it has opened an official Twitter account on International STEM Day on November 8, 2022 (Tuesday). Through this Twitter account and our official LinkedIn account, we plan to deliver MIT information and STEM-related information in both Japanese and English to a wider audience.

This activity is part of one of the three pillars of the MIT Association of Japan’s current goals: “More informative”.
[Three goals of MIT Japan]
1) More inclusive
Aim for a Board of Directors that is more comprehensive and balanced in terms of gender, nationality, age, and other diversity.
In order to meet the various needs of the members of the MIT Association of Japan, the content of the activities conducted by the association should be diversified, and the language of the event should be half in English and half in Japanese. Such
2) More informative
Establishing SNS (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) accounts to facilitate the provision of information to members and actively disseminating information to a wider audience.
3) More inspiring
As an MIT alumni association where you can learn the cutting edge of STEM, we will carry out activities to let more people know the wonders of STEM.
In particular, next year 2023 will be the 150th anniversary of the first female student graduating from MIT, so we are planning to hold an event where more women and girls can learn about the wonders and fun of STEM. there is
Romain Sawaka, the 19th president of the MIT Association of Japan and the first female president in its 111-year history, said: “In order to make MIT feel more familiar and to encourage anyone to consider studying at MIT regardless of gender, race, or economic situation, it is necessary to provide information more proactively, especially in Japanese. I have always thought that.I am very happy that more people can learn about MIT by using SNS.In addition, as the first female president of the MIT Japan Association, We would like to convey the appeal of STEM to women and girls, and we are planning such an event for next year.Please follow us on SNS and we would appreciate it if you could participate when it is held.”
Japan MIT Association Official Twitter Account
MIT Japan Official LinkedIn Account
■About the Japan MIT Association ( The MIT alumni association in Japan consists of undergraduate graduates enrolled at MIT, as well as master’s and doctoral degree holders, teachers, and short program participants. With over 2,000 members, it is the second largest after the United States. It has become an organization. It is an organization that aims to deepen exchanges with people who have various experiences at MIT, and to contribute widely to society while maintaining ties with MIT. It has a history of 111 years and is run by directors, auditors, councilors and members of the secretariat with a strong volunteer spirit.

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