The “life game” that mathematicians and engineers were enthusiastic about for elementary school students! ? Released state-of-the-art STEAM teaching materials.

Wonder Lab Co., Ltd.
The “life game” that mathematicians and engineers were enthusiastic about for elementary school students! ? Released state-of-the-art STEAM teaching materials.

Wonder Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kei Kawashima, hereinafter referred to as Wonder Lab) has released a completely new science teaching material, “Selton’s Mysterious Tablet”. Using a simulation called “The Game of Life” as a theme, this cutting-edge educational material for elementary school students develops their own hypotheses and develops the thinking ability to explore the unknown world. This teaching material is an application teaching material included in the distance learning service
“Wonderbox” in the STEAM education area.
A simulation game that researchers were enthusiastic about in the 70’s as a learning material for elementary school students.
Enjoy the unknown world and nurture the ability to pursue oneself “Selton’s Mysterious Tablet” is a teaching material that develops the ability to think by formulating hypotheses and pursuing unknown worlds using life games as materials. “Cells” that repeat self-replication and disappearance according to simple rules follow a completely different evolution just by changing the initial arrangement slightly. Their movements are beautiful just by looking at them, and you can feel the breadth and complexity of the evolution of life.
Enjoy what you don’t understand. I would like you to think about “why did it happen?” and “what would happen if you try this way?” We believe that knowing the feeling of being immersed unintentionally will lead to the ability to work passionately in all fields, even if there are things you don’t understand in your life ahead.
What is Wonderbox
Wonderbox, which started in April 2020, is a correspondence education service in the STEAM domain (*) that nurtures children’s thinking, creativity, and motivation at home by combining digital and analog (target age: 4 to 10). age). You can cultivate the basic skills of the STEAM educational field that will be required in the future with teaching materials such as programming, art, board games, puzzles, etc. Received numerous awards such as Kids Design Award, Good Design Award, and Parenting Award. The design and quality of the teaching materials have been highly evaluated.
(*) STEAM education is an acronym for Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, and is an educational area of ​​science + art. refers to It is a concept that has been advocated in the education policies of Europe and the United States, and has recently been emphasized in Japan’s educational reforms.
Wonderbox is offering a free workbook gift! First of all, please try whether your child can enjoy it. Please check the official website for details.
▼ Wonderbox official website
About Wonder Lab Co., Ltd.
WonderLab is a startup in the field of Education Tech (EdTech) founded in 2014. Develops and manages content to bring out the “intellectual excitement” inherent in children, and produces and supervises many problems such as international math competitions, STEAM / STEM teaching materials and thinking skills. Pioneer of teaching materials production.
“ThinkThink”, an app that develops thinking skills released in 2017, has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas, receiving the Edtech Special Award at the Japan e-Learning Awards, and being selected for the Google Play Awards 2017/2019 TOP5 overseas (*1) (*2). is getting The app contains a large number of questions that nurture the sense of thinking that forms the basis of abstract thinking, and has been distributed around the world.In a demonstration experiment with JICA and Keio University, it was confirmed that it is highly effective in both academic ability and non-cognitive ability. (*3). In addition, we have concluded a “comprehensive agreement for the promotion of education” with Mie Prefecture, and have been providing educational materials and advice throughout the prefecture since 2018 (*4).In Cambodia, we are collaborating with JICA and the government. As a project, we are promoting the introduction of thinking skills education in the country (* 5), and are working on initiatives in collaboration with government and academia both in Japan and overseas. In November 2018, he won the highest award in the Japanese preliminary round of the world’s largest education venture competition “Global EdTech Startup Awards (GESA)” (*6). In addition, we have a track record of exhibiting and giving presentations as representatives of Japan at global educational forums such as SXSW EDU.
In February 2020, we announced a new distance learning service “Wonderbox” in the STEAM education area (*7). In July of the same year, we implemented a third-party allocation of shares with Shogakukan Co., Ltd. as the underwriter.
(*1) (*2) (*3) (*4) (*5) (*6) (*7) Reference information
Wonder Lab Co., Ltd.
sink sink official website
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