The long-awaited sequel to the Nintendo Switch game Desktop Soccer 2 is here!

The long-awaited sequel to the Nintendo Switch game [Desktop Soccer 2] is here! Equipped with the latest Japan national team uniform!

It is popular for its easy operation, and it has more content than its predecessor, such as editing functions and special moves for soccer! From today, the Nintendo Switch game [Soccer at the desk 2] will be available for distribution.
The popular [Soccer at the desk] has evolved further and appeared! Exhilarating messy soccer that everyone can enjoy!
Kick off with further evolution! The ground is on the desk! Share Joy-Con(TM) and enjoy with up to 4 people!
The long-awaited sequel to the soccer game with easy controls and plenty of challenges!
[Image 1

Equipped with the latest Japan national team uniform based on the license agreement with the Japan Football Association!
Let’s give players individuality with style settings as well as formations and positions!
Special moves can also be activated by equipping items!
Create your own original team.
Aim to win the World Tournament!
【practice game】
You can play games easily by yourself,
You can watch matches between COMs.
[Image 2

[Friend battle]
Up to 4 people can play.
You can take on 3 people by yourself, or you can compete 2 on 2. The combination of teams is free!
You can enjoy various situations.
[Image 3

[Team formation]
From player names to formations, numbers and positions, of course In style, hairstyle, eye color, and spike settings
You can customize the original player in detail!
[Image 4

Participate in a tournament full of powerhouses.
Strengthen your team, hone your control techniques,
Aim to win the world championship!
[Image 5

[Capsule FK]
Use points earned in matches
New enhancement items and formations,
You can get uniforms.
[Image 6d9163-36-92e5ac86a27fd0e5c90a-4.jpg&s3=9163-36-73daf9da0f946c659dee584c59ecd26c-1280x720.jpg
Chance to earn a lot of points with kick targets!
Aim and hit the target accurately.
[Image 7d9163-36-da9ec35e8dbe5dfd2524-5.jpg&s3=9163-36-b2fd07d756c46e13afe88c1ac7ded177-1280x720.jpg
Release date: November 17, 2022 (Thursday) Price: 980 yen (800 yen during sale period)
Genre: Sports, Party, Action
Play mode: TV mode, tabletop mode, mobile mode
Number of players: 1-4
Nintendo eShop URL: Introduction video:
You can also enjoy successive Japan national team uniforms.
The successive Japan national team uniform packs will also be delivered at the same time!
12 types will appear from successive Japan national team uniforms! [Image 8d9163-36-26da6244f45933e3d320-6.jpg&s3=9163-36-c3576e7e4984b039a5e210c696d927f0-1280x720.jpg
Price: 350 yen (300 yen during sale period)
Nintendo eShop URL: Introduction video: In addition, the smartphone app character has been updated to the latest Japan national team uniform.
Google play: Details about this release:


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