The Media John Co., Ltd. Released on Tuesday, November 22 New book “The Melancholy of Shoplifting G Men”

The Media John Co., Ltd.
[Released on Tuesday, November 22] New book “The Melancholy of Shoplifting G Men”

The Media John Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture) will release a book “The Melancholy of Shoplifting G Men” that reveals the actual situation of shoplifting at bookstores nationwide and on the Internet from November 22, 2022 (Tuesday). To do.

Contents of this document
Shoplifting is a familiar social problem. That’s why I want you to know the truth
What do you imagine when you hear the word shoplifting G-men? An elderly woman keeping an eye out in the shadows of a supermarket, a struggle with a fleeing criminal, and the story of a sad family behind the scenes.
However, the actual situation is different.
And shoplifting isn’t happening in a rough town far away, it’s right next to you.
Social problems hidden behind shoplifting crimes, the inconvenient truth that shoplifting damages are passed on to product prices, security companies, police, shops, etc. are not keeping pace with shoplifting problems, and people’s indifference increase shoplifting damages. It is a factor that makes it possible. The crime of shoplifting not only depresses shoplifting G-men, but it also depresses us general consumers who live normally, and by extension the local community.
This book contains the earnest wish of the author to know the actual situation surrounding such shoplifting. I hope that everyone will know the “real life of shoplifting” by focusing on the episodes where the shoplifting G-men who know the scene and their feelings are centered. It is one of the books that gives us an opportunity to explore what we can do while getting to know the actual situation of shoplifting. table of contents
-Chapter 1- Basic Knowledge of Shoplifting G-Men
-Chapter 2- Shoplifting G-Men Case Files
Real image of “shoplifting family”
Old people who shoplift calmly
Exciting shoplifting by foreigners
Discomfort such as “kleptomania = disease = reduced sentence” -Chapter 3- The Melancholy of Shoplifting G-Men
If there are many arrests, the police will be afraid!?
Suspect who suddenly changes, where is that remorse? Such
-Chapter 4- The Hope of SMD
Your family is also shoplifting 30,000 yen a year!?
Shoplifting also worsens local security
What can I do to eliminate shoplifting? Such

Publication overview
■ Title: “The Melancholy of Shoplifting G-Men”
■ Release date: Tuesday, November 22, 2022
■ Sales price [list price]: 1,650 yen (body price 1,500 yen + tax 10%) ■ Issuance and sales: The Media John Co., Ltd.
■ Specifications: 46 size main volume 208 pages
■ Release area: Major bookstores in Hiroshima Prefecture, some major bookstores nationwide, Amazon, Rakuten Books, etc.

Details about this release:


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