The modern fantasy comic “Bokura no Kiseki”, which revolves around the previous life, has appeared in the online lottery “Oshichare” to commemorate the release of the latest 27 volumes!

Chara Art Co., Ltd.
The modern fantasy comic “Bokura no Kiseki”, which revolves around the previous life, has appeared in the online lottery “Oshichare” to commemorate the release of the latest 27 volumes!
A completely limited goods lineup, including framed reproductions of the original color illustrations and acrylic goods, will be on sale from Friday, November 25th!

Chara Art Co., Ltd. (President: Hirofumi Inoue) has released the work “Bokura no Kiseki” (author: Natsuo Kumeda) serialized in Ichijinsha’s “Monthly Comic ZERO-SUM” on the online lottery service “Oshichare”. The online lottery, where you can get limited goods, will be on sale from 12:00 on Friday, November 25, 2022. It is a lineup that uses many original color illustrations, such as framed reproductions and acrylic goods.
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Bokura no Kiseki Lottery
The line-up includes a framed high-definition reproduction original picture “Character Fine Graph”, an acrylic diorama, an art acrylic stand, a square can magnet, and other items that you can fully enjoy the original color illustrations of “Bokura no Kiseki” drawn by Kao Kumeda. ” Only limited items! We also have a special bonus that you can always get when you purchase 10 consecutive copies, and a premium lottery purchase bonus that you can win a duplicate original picture signed by Kao Kumeda. Please do not miss it!
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Product line-up
・ Prize A: High-definition duplicate original picture character fine graph (2 types in total)
We will deliver a high-definition reproduction of the beautiful color illustration of “Bokuranokiseki” in a luxurious frame. (Illustration size: A4)
・ Prize B: Acrylic diorama (2 types)
An acrylic diorama of characters from the present and previous lives, centered on Minami and Zeze, Veronica and Eugene.
・ Prize C: Art acrylic stand (10 types in total)
A colorful acrylic stand that can be displayed with “Bokuranokiseki” color illustrations side by side.
・ Prize D: Square can magnet (20 types in total)
You can enjoy sticking it on♪ A square-type can magnet with characters from the present and previous lives drawn on it.
・W Chance Award: High-definition duplicate original picture with autograph Super gorgeous! A chance to win up to 10 people a copy of the autographed copy by Kao Kumeta!
・ 10 consecutive purchase privilege: Mini can badge (5 types in total) A mini can badge with a cute deformed illustration. For every 10 consecutive purchases, you will receive a random gift from a total of 5 types.
-“Bokuranokiseki” lottery overview-
Sales period: November 25, 2022 (Friday) 12:00 to December 26 (Monday) 12:00 Sales price: 770 yen (tax included) once *Shipping fee will be charged separately.
Delivery date: Scheduled for late February to early March 2023 Payment method: credit card, carrier payment, PayPay
-What is “Bokuranokiseki”-
A fantasy manga about classmates who remember memories of their previous lives. After announcing a one-shot in 2007 in “Comic ZERO-SUM special edition WARD”, serialization started in 2008. From 2015, he transferred to “Comic ZERO-SUM” (both Ichijinsha) and is still serializing well. The latest 27 volumes of comics will be released on November 25, 2022. [Introduction of works]
Harusumi Minami has memories of being Veronica, the princess of a country called Zerestria in her previous life. Due to the “magic” that I remembered by chance, I learned that my memories of my previous life were not delusions, but facts. Together with a classmate who also regained memories of her previous life, she tries to unravel the truth of the past…
-What is “Oshichare”-
This is an online service that allows you to purchase fan-favorite goods, such as manga, anime, and characters, using a lottery system. We will deliver a lineup unique to Chara Art, which has planned, manufactured, and sold high-quality art works and goods that represent Japan’s proud pop culture, such as manga and anime.
“Oshichare” site
“Oshichare” Official Twitter Account: Details about this release:

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