The new era of Metaverse x education “SOZOW” has raised about 430 million yen.

SOZO Co., Ltd.
The new era of Metaverse x education “SOZOW” has raised about 430 million yen. ~ To expand the learning ecosystem that will lead the future. We are looking for new friends

SOZOW Co., Ltd. (located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masashi Kosukegawa) has announced that, following the seed round, HIRAC FUND and STRIVE will be the lead investors in the series A round, with 10 companies and 1 individual investor raising a total of approximately 430 million yen. We have raised funds for
The purpose of SOZOW is to “create a free world without borders: humankind as a global citizen,” and the vision is to “unleash curiosity and potential, and create a learning ecosystem that SOZOWs the future.” We are looking for new colleagues to further expand our business areas and create social impact in the field of education. [Image 1d48584-77-4aa7e582f51b6ed3627d-0.png&s3=48584-77-e9a0764b3d60026698ffdcaac0a15e87-1824x1152.png

Introduction of 10 investors co-creating “SOZOW”
[Image 2d48584-77-5a72def72336e5918772-1.png&s3=48584-77-2bcea482e184d29d3690c51be5550bac-1824x1152.png
An investor exchange meeting was held in the SOZOW metaverse space. At “SOZOW”, both children and adults engage in creative expression and exploration activities based on the energy of each person’s “likes” and “enthusiasms”. The 10 unique investors we welcomed as SOZOW’s strong partners this time.
・Logo that imagines the world of “SOZOW”
・ “What are you most ‘obsessed with’ right now”
We will introduce the original expression of , along with our thoughts on investment.
Director Hiroyuki Jinno
[Image 3d48584-77-c7014f331735c640d415-23.png&s3=48584-77-87b5ba2ab3a313b86385c565188668fc-1378x1032.png
“Through SOZOW, I saw children learning while having fun and growing at an overwhelming speed. .
In addition, I strongly feel that the attitude and culture of sincerely facing children, including representative Kosukegawa, is the source of SOZOW’s unique value. Together with our encouraging investors, we will fully support SOZOW’s challenges. ”
Representative partner Tatsuo Tsutsumi
[Image 4d48584-77-fcc13e823e1f50e4d66d-38.png&s3=48584-77-dddb4c9c8f7e82c8511192b7c497454f-608x662.png
“I would like to thank Mr. Kosukegawa and the SOZOW team for participating in this round following the seed round. Needless to say, children are the most important things for Japan and the world. I believe that SOZOW’s service, which unleashes children’s curiosity and future possibilities, and provides exciting opportunities for children, is exactly what the times require.
The SOZOW team, led by Mr. Kosukegawa, who has high aspirations and strong beliefs, has been moving forward, step by step, toward the realization of its vision. And it’s about to take off in a big way. I am proud to support such a team. Everyone, please support us in realizing the world that SOZOW will create from now on! ! ”
Investment Manager Haruka Takamori
[Image 5d48584-77-f839b5afe7617893fb7c-24.png&s3=48584-77-4c7145ac44b1043ea77d62a8438f5db0-1280x1098.png
“While the diversity of human resources is advocated year after year, there are many students who are struggling because the educational system cannot keep up with social changes. , I feel that we can create a service that satisfies customer needs from the user’s point of view.I am looking forward to further business development in the future.”
■ DBJ Capital Co., Ltd.
Investment Manager Daiki Ito
[Image 6d48584-77-a380ae57c911302c6f7e-25.png&s3=48584-77-3e1ff0ca59301f2b82b9a631712ac3cd-348x257.png
“In recent years, we understand that Japan is shifting from a uniform educational policy to an educational policy that emphasizes
individuality. I look forward to providing truly valuable educational services to the children who will lead the future of our country.” ■ Z Venture Capital
Associate Mr. Lu Sung Lee
[Image 7d48584-77-f3ce9a2642beddc2c5d8-34.png&s3=48584-77-68172090509f2293504ad1a3e6fc4479-343x261.png
“In Japan, more than 240,000 children do not attend school—I take this seriously. I have high hopes for SOZOW, an online education system, to connect children to the future and expand their possibilities.” Z Venture Capital will fully support SOZOW’s challenge!”
■ Kamakura Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kozo Eguchi, General Manager of Investment Division
[Image 8d48584-77-4d45bb5723aa703cb859-33.png&s3=48584-77-b66ee7e75985ca0bd77bd12af523790c-1242x1146.png
“The outpouring of curiosity in infancy diminishes as we grow older and feel like we know more and more. The more we know, the more we want to know. This is true curiosity. But if we don’t learn how to nurture curiosity in childhood, curiosity won’t arouse in us as adults.
That is why I have great expectations for SOZOW to create a bright society filled with curiosity. Nurture children’s curiosity! ” ■ TV Asahi Holdings Co., Ltd.
Director Toru Takeda
[Image 9d48584-77-dcdd7fc429ab33948d92-35.png&s3=48584-77-83a901d8605def42e4cc955c5cfa23f1-722x500.png
“TV Asahi broadcasts many programs that can be enjoyed by the whole family, centered on ‘learning’ and ‘entertainment.’ I would appreciate it if you could draw the figure of
■ Saison Ventures Co., Ltd.
Director Fumihide Urata
[Image 10d48584-77-627805370044757a6a68-28.png&s3=48584-77-5e198cc6e24276d6fe1bdbc5e25b2ba9-1060x786.png
“I was impressed by Mr. Kosukegawa, who is passionate about tackling the problems of an education system that has remained unchanged for 150 years, so I decided to support him this time.
We are confident that SOZOW’s services will maximize the potential of children and unleash their curiosity! ”
■ Globe Advisors Ventures LLP
Partner Yuki Akiyama
[Image 11d48584-77-ecfc2b9a7e3da0012546-29.png&s3=48584-77-8713c2d77e8ea12ffea7457b180e7664-295x247.png
“I was shocked to see the children who participated in SOZOW changing lively and expanding their activities based on their curiosity, and felt great potential!
Education that hasn’t changed in 150 years, increase in children who don’t go to school. The education industry is full of problems, but I will do my best to support SOZOW’s efforts to create a new educational ecosystem. ”
■ Satsudora Holdings Co., Ltd.
Hiroki Tomiyama, President and CEO
[Image 12d48584-77-a551c2be65e1f72306de-30.png&s3=48584-77-dcbd15c1451ece2edb07a216194bebf5-389x301.png
“Hokkaido is a vast area, and educational disparities between regions are becoming a major problem. And this is nothing but a social issue for Japan in the near future. As a member of the SOZO family, we should be able to address these issues quickly and organically. I am excited that it will be a very meaningful and worthwhile challenge!” ■MZ Web3 Fund
Fund Manager Hiroki Kanayama
[Image 13d48584-77-ecbd4a3a237aa025ac46-31.png&s3=48584-77-95f7402f55bf819a6796b681a1ae56d1-329x294.png
“Let’s have fun and do our best to create the standard of education in the web3 era and produce children who will play the leading role in the new era!”

“SOZOW” drawn by children and management members
At SOZOW, unique children from elementary school to junior high school students and adult members with diverse experiences gather online from all over the country and overseas.
There is no relationship between “teacher” and “student”, and we are all creating a new world together where a lot of curiosity and inquiring minds are released. this time,
“What kind of world is ‘SOZOW’ for you?”
Based on this question, we asked them to freely express the image of the “SOZOW logo” using various digital tools such as design and Minecraft. It is a logo work filled with the ideals of each child. [Image 14d48584-77-befc0ec50b9c9a071841-20.png&s3=48584-77-146f4c2bcbea91d63d650d6dad7eccef-1824x1152.png

-Children and management members who expressed the SOZOW logo- (From top left)
Vanilla/Inochuu/Zenmai/Leo-kun//Takuya/Primoe/Hana-chan/Osuzu/Gyokuro/Hokuto/Tada no Kuma/Choro/Len/Ishiban/Chika/Ayaya/Hiro
Chan/Ma-chan/YACHI/Narumi/Laa/Harry (NH)/HALLEY/Retochon/Arinko Ariko/Sota/Porkcurry/
About this funding
With this funding, we will expand our business by hiring and marketing investment in the online learning business “SOZOW PARK” and the free school business “SOZOW SCHOOL” scheduled to officially open in April 2023.
Furthermore, as a new business, as an initiative that allows interaction not only online but also in real life, by interacting with local people and local issues, “Travel Campus (provisional name)” (planned for 2023) that will make “all over Japan a place for learning” , preparations for “area campuses,” and strengthening investment and alliances with an eye on international education that transcends borders and races.
Now that society is undergoing major changes, we are looking for friends who will unleash their “likes” and “strengths” and create a learning ecosystem for the new era. Currently, members with diverse working styles such as side jobs, freelancers, and interns are active. ▼Company HP (to recruitment page)
■ From Masaru Kosukegawa, Representative Director of SOZOW Co., Ltd. We are an impact startup that challenges education in the Web3 era to unleash children’s curiosity and potential.
It has already been delivered to many elementary and junior high school students, and there are many cases where people take a step out of curiosity by using digital technology. I am amazed at the possibilities, such as the birth of elementary school entrepreneurs, the creation and exhibition of NFT art, and children crowdfunding to solve environmental problems.
Although the potential of each individual is originally great, isn’t that potential crushed by the common sense and mechanisms created in the past? I can’t help but think. Looking at history, the uniform education system has continued for 150 years, and in the changing times, not only the decline of the Japanese economy but also various social issues have arisen. For example, despite the declining birthrate, the number of school refusals and long-term absences reached a record high of 410,000 (*1), and the mental well-being of children is among the worst in the world (*2).
We want to use technology to quickly deliver peace of mind and hopeful learning to children!
However, we are not strong enough on our own. I am confident that co-creation with 10 investors and new colleagues we will meet will bring us closer to realizing our vision.
(*1) Reiwa 3rd year Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology “Survey on problems in student guidance such as problem behavior and school refusal”
(*2) From the 2020 UNICEF Report “Report Card 16: What Shapes Child Happiness in Developed Countries?”
About change of company name to “SOZOW Co., Ltd.”
On November 1, 2022, the company name was changed from “GoVisions Inc.” to “SOZOW Inc.”. Along with that, the online learning business will change the service name to “SOZOW PARK”.
In addition, Mr. Hiroyuki Jinno (Money Forward Venture Partners Co., Ltd. HIRAC FUND Director) and Mr. Tatsuo Tsutsumi (Representative Director of STRIVE Co., Ltd.) will be appointed as outside directors in December 2022 to strengthen the management system.
■Company profile
Company name: SOZOW Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Masashi Kosukegawa
Location: 105 Selva Meguro, 3-10-60 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021 Established: June 2019
Company HP:
Business description: Metaverse x education business that unleashes children’s curiosity and potential
– Online lessons “SOZOW PARK” (
– Free school “SOZOW SCHOOL” ( ■ Award history
・June 2020: Aoyama Startup Acceleration Center Audience Award (Grand Prize) ・February 2021: ICC Summit FUKUOKA 2021 Startup Catapult 3rd Place ・August 2021: Received the 15th Kids Design Award (design category that opens up children’s creativity and future)
・ August 2021: Weekly Toyo Keizai 2021 latest edition “Amazing Venture 100” selected
・September 2021: ICC Summit KYOTO 2021 Social Good Catapult Winner ・September 2022: ICC Summit KYOTO 2022 Catapult Grand Prix Winner -Person in charge and inquiries about this matter-
SOZOW Co., Ltd. Onoda
*The company names and product/product/service names (including logo marks, etc.) listed are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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