The performance video of Paravi’s original “8LOOM ROOM ~Kimihana After Party!” Episode 5 Exclusive distribution starts on Paravi immediately after terrestrial broadcasting!

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The performance video of Paravi’s original “8LOOM ROOM ~Kimihana After Party!” Episode 5 Exclusive distribution starts on Paravi immediately after terrestrial broadcasting!
The number of views of the MV of the 3rd single “Melody” exceeded 1 million times in 3 days, the fastest in the group’s history!


On the video distribution service “Paravi”, the Tuesday drama “Kimi no Hana ni Naru”, which is being broadcast on TBS, is being streamed after the end of the broadcast. In addition, Paravi’s original “8LOOM ROOM ~ Kimihana After Party!”, which talks about “Kimika” with 8LOOM, is exclusively distributed. In EP.5, which will be distributed immediately after today’s episode 5, the performance video for the new song “Melody” will be unveiled for the first time! We will also deliver behind-the-scenes talks by the 8LOOM members right after the recording. In addition, the performance video will be premiered on TBS’s official YouTube channel “YouTuboo” from 23:00 today.
In “Kimi no Hana ni Naru”, the main character, Asuka Nakamachi (Tsubasa Honda), a former high school teacher who was frustrated by an incident, becomes a dormitory mother of the seven-member boy group “8LOOM (Bloom)” on the edge of a cliff, and together they become “top artists.” A story that goes towards the dream of becoming. Asuka is touched by the passion of her former student, Dan Sakami (Fumiya Takahashi), and finds herself regaining the passion she had when she was a teacher. At the turning point of 30 years old, an original story depicts the growth and excitement of a woman who advances to a new stage in love, work, and friendship.
At Paravi, titled “8LOOM ROOM ~ Kimihana After Party!”, every week after the main story broadcast, all the members of 8LOOM will gather together to share memorable scenes from the drama, behind-the-scenes stories, 8LOOM’s latest news, and unreleased footage that can only be seen here. And so on.
MV topped 1 million views in just 3 days!
The performance video of 8LOOM’s 3rd single “Melody” has been released for the first time!
“Melody” that appeared in the 4th episode of the main story as a new song on which 8LOOM’s survival depended. Continuing from the previous work, the song produced by music producer UTA, who has released numerous songs across borders, won the 1st place in the real world LINE MUSIC Song Top 100 daily ranking (as of November 9th)! The MV, in which the members wear room wear in collaboration with Gelato Pique and embody the world view of the song, has surpassed 1 million views in just three days after its release. The MV, which was filmed in the dormitory that actually appears in the play, captures the hearts of fans as they can enjoy the feeling of spending daily life with the 8LOOM members.
And this time, the new “Melody” performance video will be unveiled for the first time in “8LOOM ROOM ~ Kimihana After Party!” EP.5. The biggest highlight is the outstandingly cute dance that makes you want to dance together! Since it is filmed from a fixed point, it is also a point that you can see the mischievous parts of the members playing with each other outside of their respective parts. In addition, a catchy dance that makes you want to dance together with ReiNa, a dancer and choreographer who also worked on the choreography for the 1st single “Come Again” and the 2nd single “Kimi no Hana Naru”, and Koki Yamashita, who plays Takara Onodera. The choreography is also a point of attention! The combination part of Treasure and Ryusei Hiyama (Shuto Mori) is also deeply linked to the story of episode 5. Please pay attention to the choreography that expresses the relationship between the two who overcame the trials and deepened their bond. Also, this performance video will be released on TBS’s official YouTube channel “YouTuboo” from 23:00 today, November 15th (Tuesday)! Please look forward to this as well.
“Melody” was born in this way! Behind-the-scenes talk by the members who finished filming the performance video!
In EP.5, in addition to the “Melody” performance video, we will also deliver behind-the-scenes talks by 8LOOM members who have just finished recording.
The MC this time is NOA, who plays Takumi Kurushima. First of all, we will start talking about the choreography of “Melody”. The members seem to like it, saying, “It’s so cute!” and “It’s catchy and addictive.” After Koki Yamashita, who played Takara Onodera, who participated in the choreography, shared the inside story, there was also a corner where the members would sing the chorus of “Melody” and give a lecture on the choreography themselves! A must-see for fans who want to dance with 8LOOM.
 The members also talked about the fashion points they wore during the filming of this performance video. Whose fashion is popular with the members?
Also, there is a lot of talk about how this song “Melody” is linked to the main story. What was Dan Sakami thinking when he made this love song? Actually, was there a hint already in the second episode? We will dig deeper into the relationship between “Melody” and the story, including the thoughts that Fumiya Takahashi, who plays the bullet, put into this song and the consideration of the members. If you watch “8LOOM ROOM”, you will definitely be able to enjoy the main part of the drama even more!
moreover! The making photo of the performance video will also be released! To commemorate the release of this performance video, a large number of performance video making photos will be released! This will be delivered sequentially on Paravi’s official Instagram. Be sure to check it out along with the performance video and behind-the-scenes talk of “Melody.”
Paravi Official Instagram: In addition to this, Paravi will broadcast a drama from the audition of 8LOOM members, Fumiya Takahashi, Ryuya Miyayo, Hironaga Tsuna, Rintaro Yamura, Shuto Mori, NOA, and Koki Yamashita, who actually debuted as a boy group for a limited time. A close-up and supportive content that follows the one-year period until “365 days until “Kimi no Hana Naru” Paravi version with unreleased video” is being distributed!
There is no doubt that you will be able to enjoy “Kimi no Hana Naru” even more by watching it together with the main drama. We hope you enjoy Paravi!
[Distribution information]
8LOOM ROOM ~ Kimihana After Party! EP.5
[Delivery date and time] 11/15 (Tuesday) 22:57 Distribution start [Performers]
-EP.5- Fumiya Takahashi
Ryuya Miyayo
Hironaga Tsuna
Rintaro Hachimura
Shuto Mori
      Koki Yamashita
[Distribution page]
◆8LOOM “Melody” Performance Video
 TBS official YouTube premiere at 11:00 on November 15 (Tuesday) URL:
■Broadcast program overview
Tuesday drama “Become Your Flower”
[Broadcast date and time] Every Tuesday from 10:00 to 10:57
Production work TBS
Screenplay: Erika Yoshida (“Hana Nochi Hare ~Hanao Next Season~”, “Koi Senu Futari”)
Producer Lei Jingyi
Masako Miyazaki
Directed by Toshio Tsuboi
Naoki Kato
Yohei Miyazaki
Asuka Nakamachi Tsubasa Honda
Sagami Dan Fumiya Takahashi
Daijiro Naruse Ryuya Miyayo
Yukiya Furumachi Hironaga Tsuna
Eiji Ichinose Rintaro Yamura
Ryusei Hiyama Shuto Mori
Takumi Kurushima: NOA
Takara Onodera Koki Yamashita
Nao Ikeoka Sara Shida
Mitsuo Mitsuya Tatsuhiro Kikuta (Hanako)
Lyrica                Asuka Kawazu
Minato: Masaya Kimura
Yuzu Daimu Takatsuka
Ibuki Shougo Tajima
Kyosuke Fujimaki
Nayuta                 Matsuda Jin
Yuri Nakamachi Haruka Kinami
Kenji Soegi Mamoru Miyano
Sumire Kosaka Yuki Uchida
Trinity Kasuga Naoto Takenaka
Yuki Hanamaki Mari Natsuki
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