The popular backpack brand “Able Carry” with its “zero gravity bag” will hold a pop-up at b8ta Tokyo – Yurakucho from December 1st (Thursday) to December 8th (Thursday)

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The popular backpack brand “Able Carry” will hold a pop-up at b8ta Tokyo – Yurakucho from December 1st (Thursday) to December 8th (Thursday).
All products are sold at 10% OFF during the period, including new popular models
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Hong Kong’s popular backpack brand “ABLE CARRY” (head office: 10th floor, Changlong Industrial Building A, No. 10 Changyi Street, Changsha Bay, Kowloon / CEO: Julian Chow) is a customer. The new backpacks of the two improved products “Daily plus” and “Daybreaker 2” will be released from December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to December 8, 2022. During the period (Thursday), we will exhibit and pre-order at b8ta Tokyo – Yurakucho.
To commemorate this, during the pop-up period, we will sell the target products including the existing 4 types of designs at 10% off. In addition, b8ta Tokyo – Shinjuku Marui will permanently exhibit and pre-order this new product from Friday, December 9th.
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“Daily plus”, which is an improved version of the current most popular “Daily” model, and “Daybreaker 2”, which is an improved version of the lightweight and outdoor-friendly “Daybreaker”. Both have improved the design based on reviews from customers who have purchased so far, and added functions to make it even easier to use.
In order to reduce the weight of the body when carried on the back by about 50%, the shoulder straps are crossed in an A shape at the bottom of the back, and the A-Frame was originally developed for Able Carry. We have made improvements to make it more comfortable and functional, while retaining the features of Able Carry, such as the lightness of the frame) and the water-repellent finish.
Daily Plus [price undecided]
[Image 3

Daily Plus Olive Green

Compared to the Daily, the Daily Plus has increased the 1L capacity by expanding the width and height of the backpack by 1 cm and increasing the width of the upper part of the backpack. In addition, two pockets have been added to the PC holder, making it easier to store iPads and documents. A bottle holder is also added on the side of the back to store larger bottles. The A-frame, which is also a signature of Able Carry, is used, so it maintains outstanding balance and lightness regardless of its capacity. It has a larger capacity, so you can carry a lot of things when you go to work or when you go out.
*Daily Plus is scheduled to be released next spring. During the pop-up period, it is only available for exhibition.
Color: Black, Olive Green
Daybreaker2 [19,800 yen (tax included)]
[Image 4

Day breaker 2 black
Compared to its predecessor, the Daybreaker 2 is softer, stronger, and more comfortable to carry. The wide opening makes it easy to put things in and take them out, and you can quickly find what you’re storing. There is one outside and one inside bottle holder, perfect for holding a folding umbrella on rainy days. By adding two pockets behind the computer holder, it has become easier to carry small items. By attaching the back cushion vertically, we have changed the model to a backpack with good ventilation. In addition, the back cushion can be removed and folded to make it easy to use when traveling.
* Daybreaker 2 can be purchased through pre-order sales.
Color: Black
[Overview of b8ta Tokyo – Yurakucho pop-up]
Venue: b8ta Tokyo – Yurakucho
(1F, Yurakucho Electric Building, 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006) Date: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to December 8, 2022 (Thursday) Shipping:
day breaker 2
Daily backpack
Max backpack
Able Cooler
stash pouch
joey pouch
A high-res version of this press release can be downloaded here: We have received a comment from the manager of b8ta. Watch the video here:
[About Able Carry]
Able Carry is Hong Kong’s first backpack brand that emphasizes fit on the back, storability, and sturdy construction with the concept of “the best daily bag that makes your day richer”. Developed
independently by Able Carry, the “A-Frame” has a structure in which one shoulder strap is crossed in an A shape at the bottom of the back so that the weight of the body can be greatly reduced when carried. has been adopted, and it has become a hot topic on SNS as a “zero gravity bag”, led by video creators.
[About b8ta]
b8ta opened an experiential store in Palo Alto near San Francisco in 2015. Leading new solutions for about 6 years as a pioneer of Retail as a Service. Our mission is to “Retail Designed for Discovery.” We make listing in physical stores as easy as advertising online, giving consumers a place to discover, experience and buy innovative products from around the world.
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