The popular serum pack “Flower Moisture Pack ‘Rose'” is back in limited quantities from HONEY ROA. From November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) at directly managed stores and official online sites.

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The popular serum pack “Flower Moisture Pack ‘Rose'” is back in limited quantities from HONEY ROA. From November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) at directly managed stores and official online sites.

Cosmetics, fragrances and organics made comfortable and simple. HONEY ROA values ​​living with honey and consideration for the environment. HONEY ROA, a lifestyle brand that proposes LIFE WITH HONEY, will re-appear in limited quantities on November 16, 2022 (Wednesday). To do.
Since the limited release and sold out in June 2022, many people have asked for resale, and this time it will be re-released in limited quantities.
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Flower petals and honey meet, it’s a natural miracle.
Skin care that is endlessly happy, wrapped in the gentle aura of flowers. When you put the gel-based texture on your skin, it sticks to your skin and spreads a luxurious scent.
Honey Pot Flower Moisture Pack

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A non-rinse serum and pack that contains plenty of damask rose petals grown in the mountainous regions of Iran, the country of origin of damask roses.
Using honey*1 and damask rose to the fullest extent, the gel-based pack with a bouncy texture approaches rich moisture and anti-aging care*2, leading to radiant, lustrous skin.
*1 Honey (moisturizing ingredient) *2 Age-appropriate care
●Fresh rose scent
About damask rose (petals, oil, flower water)
Damask rose is known as the queen of fragrance among roses that are said to have more than 20,000 species. The scent of damask rose oil (essential oil) is said to balance female hormones. In addition, since it contains rose polyphenol, anti-aging*3 is also expected.
*3 Care according to age
-Moisturizing ingredient-
Honey / Damask rose flower water *4 (emollient ingredient) / Damask rose oil *5 -Skin Conditioning Ingredients-
Damask rose*6/royal jelly extract/panax ginseng root extract/bilberry leaf extract/lactobacillus fermentation broth/glucosyl hesperidin *4 Damask rose flower water *5 Damask rose oil *6 Damask rose how to use
After washing your face and preparing your skin with lotion, take a cherry-sized amount and apply evenly, avoiding the eye and mouth area. After about 5 minutes, wipe gently with a cotton pad or tissue, then spread it on your skin and let it absorb. Or you can wash it off. Efforts of HONEY ROA
It is HONEY ROA’s important mission to understand the true talent of honey and to convey the effective use of honey as cosmetics and food. At the store, we are working on apitherapy hand treatments using honey and training “honey meisters” who have a deep knowledge of honey. In addition, as part of our activities to protect bees, which means protecting the environment, we are actively incorporating plant materials grown in organic soil and are developing products that are certified by the European standard Ecocert Green Life.
Make the world and Japan as clean as possible. With that thought in mind, we start from what we can do.
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