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The savior of making a competitive face before returning to life without a mask Equipped with 5-color LED “ANLAN LED Hikari Este Facial Mask” New release from November 4, 2022 (Friday)! Limited 50% OFF until November 20th!

ANLAN Japan Co., Ltd.
The savior of making a competitive face before returning to life without a mask Equipped with 5-color LED “ANLAN LED Hikari Este Facial Mask” New release from November 4, 2022 (Friday)! Limited 50% OFF until November 20th!
A super discount campaign of 50% OFF is also being carried out! Limited to 100 units! Hurry up to purchase!

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ANLAN Japan Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive beauty tech company that develops, manufactures, and sells all kinds of “beauty and health” items, aiming to provide “safe and effective” health and beauty products to customers around the world. We are active not only in Japan but also globally.
This time, a new product [ANLAN LED Hikari Beauty Facial Mask] will be released on the ANLAN official mail order site
( from November 4th to fulfill “the best beauty in my history”. increase. In addition, it will be sold sequentially at Qoo10-ANLAN Qoo10 official store, Rakuten-ANLAN Rakuten market store, and Amazon-ANLAN official store.
URL for product handling
Amazon-ANLAN Official:
Qoo10-ANLANQoo10 Official Store:
Rakuten-ANLAN Rakuten market store:
ANLAN official mail order site:
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Thoughts behind the development of the ANLAN LED Light Esthetic Facial Mask Every woman wants to keep beautiful skin forever, right?
However, as we age, we face many skin problems.
In addition to wearing a mask, various skin problems are likely to occur due to UV rays, dryness, incorrect skin care, irregular lifestyles, visceral disorders, hormonal imbalance, and seasonal changes. Because the stress on the skin from daily life is increasing, it is important to carry out careful and stress-free skin care. ANLAN puts the customer first, strives to research ahead of the technological innovation trend and creates new value, and provides products and services that satisfy customers. Therefore, we listened to various websites and customer feedback, and based on the
conventional product, upgraded the materials and appearance, etc., and came up with the idea of ​​developing an innovative LED light beauty facial mask model.
Project–Innovative model “ANLAN LED light beauty facial mask” has started. [Image 4

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About each kind of color
Red light (622nm±5)
Essential for anti-aging care.
Blue light (470nm±5)
It leads to more transparent and moist skin.
Green light (530nm±5)
Supports care for skin stress and leads to smooth skin.
Yellow light (577nm±5)
Supports skin turnover.
Violet light (380nm±5)
Keep your skin in balance.
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Features of [ANLAN LED light beauty facial mask]
■ The number of LEDs in the photo beauty treatment salon has been increased to 59, and the energy of the light is 150% higher than that of conventional products. The light beauty treatment will lead you to plump and glowing skin from the inside of your skin.
Full face heating function: 38-42°C three-step adjustable, perfect for the skin, warms comfortably and opens pores, soothes the skin, softens the stratum corneum, and maximizes the effect of skin care. It has a timer function, so you don’t have to worry if you fall asleep on the way! You can easily enjoy home beauty treatments at home. (Comes with a light-shielding eye mask to prevent eyes from being dazzled by light.)
■ Five-color LED photo beauty treatment: Wake up your skin with the purest five lights. Red light 622nm±5, Yellow light 577nm±5, Green light 530nm±5, Blue light 470nm±5, Violet light 380nm±5. Beauty LED light Concentrate on your skin and solve your skin problems with this one unit! Wake up your skin with the light of 5 beauty LED lights and make it beautiful.
■IPX7 waterproof specification: Adopting flexible silicone material, the mask can be washed with water, and it is also characterized by being able to keep it clean at all times. It is recommended to use after skin care before going to bed! The next day, start a comfortable day with clean, glossy skin.
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[ANLAN LED light beauty facial mask] Product specifications
■ Brand: ANLAN
■ Product name: ANLAN LED light beauty facial mask
■ Model number: 01-AGZMZ
■ Sales price: 12,800 yen including tax
■ Material: PU
■ Light wavelength: red light 622nm±5
Yellow light 577nm±5
Green light 530nm±5
Blue light 470nm±5
Violet light 380nm±5
■ System unit weight: Approximately 95 g
■ Temperature range: about 38°C to 42°C
■ Waterproof level: IPX7 waterproof
■ AC adapter input voltage: 100-240V (50/60Hz)
■ AC adapter output voltage: 5V/2A
■ Mask body input voltage: 5V/2A
■ Power consumption: 10W
■ Automatic OFF time: about 15 minutes
■ Size: about 290*220*5mm
■ Cable length: about 140cm

Overview of ANLAN
ANLAN Official:
ANLAN Official Twitter:
ANLAN Official Instagram: ANLAN Japan Co., Ltd.
539-2 Higashiasagawacho, Hachioji, Tokyo 193-0834
TEL: 04-2698-3931 (Telephone hours: Weekdays 9:00-17:00)

Details about this release:

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