The second collaborative project of km Mobility Service, which develops Fresh Pet Food Coco Gourmet and One Pochi Tours! A bus tour to enjoy Christmas with your dog will be held on December 18th.

Biophilia Inc.
The second collaborative project of km Mobility Service, which develops Fresh Pet Food Coco Gourmet and One Pochi Tours! A bus tour to enjoy Christmas with your dog will be held on December 18th. Reservations for a tour to enjoy Christmas cake and Shonan Xmas illuminations on a dog-only bus will start from November 8th (Tuesday).

Biophilia Co., Ltd. (Location: : Meguro-ku, Tokyo/Representative: Kota Iwahashi) and Kokusai Automobile Group (Minato-ku, Tokyo/President: Hitoshi Ishii) km Mobility Service Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), which operates km taxis mainly in Tokyo Ota Ward / President: Kanji Kato, hereinafter referred to as “km mobility service”) will collaborate to hold a Christmas bus tour in Shonan where you can enjoy homemade cakes, photo sessions, and illuminations on a dog-only bus. This is the second joint event held by Coco Gourmet and km mobility service.
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Background of cooperation
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Due to the increase in the number of households with new pets due to the corona crisis, and the fact that pets are becoming more family members in recent years, the number of owners who want to travel with their dogs is as high as 93% (* 4). 73% of pet owners said they traveled less.
In addition to these owners’ wishes, we have decided to propose a travel plan for owners and their dogs in response to the relaxation of movement restrictions and the start of tourism support by the government, which has led to an increase in travel enthusiasm. In the previous joint bus tour, we received the highest satisfaction rating from all the participants, and we planned the second tour because there was a high desire to participate in the next tour. In this tour, we will promote pet tourism through the special event of Christmas and provide a different dining and travel experience. Overview of “Yokubari Christmas Bus Tour Enjoying Homemade Cakes with Your Dog, Photo Sessions, and Shonan Illuminations”
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[Date] December 18 (Sun)
[Location] Doggy Cafe in Shonan Kamakura Crystal Hotel / 14-1 Minamifujisawa, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
[Reservation acceptance period] November 8 (Tue)-November 30 (Wed) [Tour fee]
1 person + 1 dog 24,800 yen (tax included)
An additional charge of 18,800 yen (tax included) will be charged for each additional person.
* In the case of 2 people + 2 dogs, it will be 24,800 yen per person, the same as 1 person + 1 dog.
*Please be sure to participate with at least one person per dog. It is also possible to participate at the doggy cafe local gathering. For local participation,
1 person + 1 dog 8,800 yen (tax included), 8,800 yen (tax included) for each additional person.
[Number of participants] Up to 22 people in 10 groups for the bus tour. Local participation is up to 22 people in 10 pairs. In the case of a large number of applications, it will be a lottery.
*The event may be canceled if the minimum number of participants is not reached. [How to apply] Please apply from the reservation site
[Tour details] This is a tour where you can enjoy interacting with other participants, such as making Coco gourmet Christmas cakes, lunch parties, and gift exchanges at the Doggy Cafe attached to the Shonan Kamakura Crystal Hotel. In addition, the bus tour participants will be able to enjoy the Christmas mood on the way on a special Christmas bus and take them to Shonan illumination sightseeing.
You can also see the details of the tour on Coco Gourmet’s official Instagram. Inquiries about the tour: (Biophilia Bus Tour Co., Ltd.) *At least one companion is required for each dog.
*Those who are not Coco Gourmet members can also apply for this tour. * Only those who have been vaccinated with the corona vaccine 3 times or more or have a negative PCR test can participate.
Features of the bus
[Image 5d44537-52-dafcee19622f30ecf6ec-2.png&s3=44537-52-c9d4feac48f63d1654ba2c7338451949-1600x1080.png
The dog-only bus of “Wanpochi Tours” operated by km Mobility Service has been decorated with Christmas specifications for this tour. Enliven your Christmas trip with your dog.
The bus to be used is a dog-riding exclusive bus. Equipped with seat belts for dogs and water-repellent seats, we provide a safe, clean and comfortable travel environment.
In the previous bus tour, we received the highest satisfaction rating of 100% from the participants regarding the dog-only bus.
The inside of the bus is equipped with a ventilation system that changes the air every five minutes, so even those who are worried about being infected with the coronavirus can ride without worry. What is Wanpochi Tours?
A pet tour with dogs as the leading role provided by km mobility service. You can easily go on excursions with your dog friends and family in a special vehicle wherever your dog wants to go.
Wanpochi Tours official website About CoCo Gourmet
[Image 6d44537-52-d15d8a3f4165ac8bcb91-5.jpg&s3=44537-52-0dbb7f35d4634cf2268ffd5deda066d0-3900x2508.jpg
Coco Gourmet is a pet food subscription service that requires more than 100,000 members. ) and is supported by many dog ​​lovers. In addition, we are good at creating a fan community with members from our D2C business style, and we are increasing the number of members. Coco Gourmet is a domestic handmade fresh food supervised by veterinarians that complies with the AAFCO (Comprehensive Nutritional Food Standards). Instead of sticking to the conventional concept of dry food or wet food, we use fresh, human-grade meat and vegetables grown in Japan, and stick to low-temperature cooking that preserves the original taste and nutritional value of the ingredients. In addition, we manage all phases from manufacturing, delivery, storage, and delivery to our customers with the same standards as food, and deliver them to your home on a regular basis on a subscription basis. ■ Features of Coco Gourmet
Supervised by a professional animal nutrition specialist and compliant with AAFCO comprehensive nutritional food standards
Everything from ingredients to cooking and delivery is human grade The original aroma and taste of the ingredients are preserved A free veterinarian consultation service that allows those who are considering purchasing to consult about their dog’s diet
Official website:
*1 Fiscal 2021 sales in the staple fresh pet food industry (August 2022/surveyed by TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd.)
*2 Number of members in the staple food fresh pet food industry (February 2022 / research by TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd.) *3 Number of web accesses (number of monthly unique users of the website/Period: June 2022 to August 2022/Similar Web), products you want to choose as your first fresh food, fresh food you want to give your dog for its health, Acquisition of No. 1 in fresh food that you want to give to your dog / Number of monthly unique users of the website (Internet survey of 361 dog owners nationwide / Period: January 12 to 20, 2022 / External questionnaire service – Fastask -in-house survey)
*4 From a travel awareness survey of 568 coco gourmet subscription users (March 28 (Monday) to April 5 (Tuesday), 2022)
■ Biophilia Co., Ltd. Company Overview Location: 3-5-5 NF Building 6F, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kota Iwahashi, Representative Director and CEO Capital: 90,000,000 yen
Business description: Manufacture and sale of handmade fresh pet food “Coco Gourmet” and “Miao Gourmet”
Pet business, including the operation of pet photo album application “Petru” ■km Mobility Service Company Profile Location: 4-5-1 Omori Minami, Ota Ward, Tokyo
Representative: Kanji Kato, President and Representative Director Capital: 10,000,000 yen
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