The special feature is “I will become stronger in writing questions for junior high school entrance exams! Imp ortant news in 2022” / News monthly magazine for elementary and junior high school students “Junior Era December iss ue” released on November

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The special feature is “I will become stronger in the written problem of the junior high school entrance examination! Important news in 2022” / News monthly magazine for elementary and junior high school students “Junior Era December issue” released on November 15 (Tuesday) Snow Man Live Report & Newly Taken Photos Posted! / HiHi Jets series featuring Yuto Takahashi

The monthly news magazine “Junior Era December issue” that elementary and junior high school students can read with their parents was released on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. The special feature of the December issue is “I will become stronger in the writing problem of the junior high school entrance examination! Important news in 2022”. “2022 news keyword 88” is also included in the special appendix. In the news commentary, “Russia forcibly annexes four states of Ukraine”, “Football World Cup, attention here!”, “West Kyushu Shinkansen opens” etc. are explained in an easy-to-understand manner. As a special project, a live report and newly taken photos of Johnny’s popular group Snow Man are also posted. Yuto Takahashi appears in the HiHi Jets series. This book is useful for junior high school entrance exams and is full of learning and fun.

The special feature of this issue is “Strong in writing problems! Important news in 2022”. There were various news in Japan and the world in 2022 as well. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the lowering of the adult age, elections for members of the House of Councilors, abnormal weather… Introducing the main news of the year. In addition, challenge the written questions supervised by Akio Hayakawa, a lecturer at Bunkyo University who is familiar with the problems of junior high school entrance exams! “Explain why Russia invaded Ukraine in 80 to 100 characters using the word ‘NATO.'” A total of 16 questions, including expected questions such as “Please explain briefly” and questions that were actually issued in the junior high school entrance examination. It also introduces tips to become strong in descriptive problems. It also comes with a separate appendix that explains 88 news keywords divided into genres such as politics, economy, science, international, society, infectious diseases, and culture/sports. On the news news problem page, we posted a fill-in-the-blank problem of this year’s domestic current news as a prediction problem for the 2023 junior high school exam. It can be used to test your actual ability and to review the year.
The news commentary article is “Russia forced to annex four states of Ukraine”. On September 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin
unilaterally announced that he would annex four Ukrainian provinces. Why did Japan go ahead with the annexation, which would inevitably be condemned by the international community? What is Putin’s aim? Journalist Kiyoshi Isshiki analyzes the problems caused by the annexation of the four states and the path to a ceasefire. In addition, it provides easy-to-understand explanations for elementary and junior high school students about news such as “Look here! Soccer World Cup”, “Opening of the Nishikyushu Shinkansen with undeveloped sections left”, and “Why was Queen Elizabeth loved?”.
Special project is Snow Man live report! Introducing a hot live report of a total of 29 songs for 2 hours held at Yokohama Arena on October 5th, along with newly taken photos! You can enjoy Snow Man who shows various charms such as singing, dancing and MC. Yuto Takahashi appears in HiHi Jets’ series “Leave it to me after school!”, which answers questions from readers. For readers who are planning to go on a third date with a boy they like next time, I will teach them what
Takahashi-kun thinks of “the gestures that make him nervous.” [In addition, there are plenty! ]
Kiyoshi Isshiki’s “Isshiki Sokuhatsu” North Korea Launches Ballistic Missiles Princess Fundara’s News
Fly! Super Kids Go Leo Fujita
Challenge the “Quiz King”!! Knock 1000 on the quiz
Manga Dr. Korigori’s Wild Pitch Station
Children’s Earth Navi Boy from Mexico
The Peeping Detective Goes!! JFA Yume Field
Reader’s page Juniste 2-panel manga de a・so・bo/Kenryu
classroom/Konayami consultation room
Seasonal food restaurant Satsumaimo
junior gill test
Serialization/Everyone is a liar
October News Reading with Dr. Korigori
Pakkun’s ready-to-use funny English
Junior Era December issue
Special price: 520 yen (main unit 473 yen + tax 10%)
Release date: Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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