The Terrace Hotels Okinawa The Busena Terrace 2023 Countdown Party and a gorgeous dinner event to appreciate Ryukyu classical performing arts

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[Okinawa The Busena Terrace] 2023 Countdown Party and Gorgeous Dinner Event to Appreciate Ryukyu Classical Performing Arts

At The Busena Terrace (1808 Kise, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, Manager: Norihiko Hirao), located in Nago City in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, from the end of the year commemorating the 25th anniversary of its opening to the New Year’s Day 2023, And we will hold two events gorgeously.
New Year’s Eve Party Countdown to 2023
New Year’s Eve from 2022 to 2023. The Busena Terrace will hold a countdown party for guests staying at the hotel. This time, as a production unique to The Busena Terrace, which is surrounded by the beautiful sea, the venue will be likened to the mysterious deep sea, and a gorgeous one-night banquet will be held under the theme of “Under the Sea Busena Countdown party.”
Spend the end of the year lively with a special live performance by “Gentleman’s” led by soul singer Ryoji Tokito, who is active both inside and outside Okinawa, and celebrate the beginning of 2023 with a countdown with the gathering guests and a gorgeous champagne toss. In the fun lottery, we will prepare special prizes unique to The Busena Terrace, such as memorable experiences.
[Image 1

A countdown party to celebrate the beginning of the New Year in a spectacular way (image)
Name / “New Year’s Eve party Countdown to 2023 ~Under the Sea Busena Countdown Party~”
Date/Time: Saturday, December 31, 2022 22:30-24:10
Location: The Busena Terrace
content /
・”Gentleman’s” special live
・Countdown champagne service (free)
・Drink counter (paid, ticket system)
・Countdown lottery
Participation / Limited to guests staying at The Terrace Hotels on the day *Please come in a gorgeous outfit so that you can welcome the brilliant finale and start of the year.
Inquiries The Busena Terrace TEL: 0980-51-1333 (hotel representative) [Gentleman’s Vocal Ryoji Tokito (TOKKY) Profile]
In 1994, won the Grand Prix in a contest sponsored by Yamaha. After graduating from university in 1998, he worked as a backing chorus for the soul band “Soulscape” and refined his musicality. In 2000, he formed the a cappella unit “+One”, and has expanded his range of activities by appearing in numerous events, TV programs, and radio programs in the prefecture. In 2003, she released her first album “Rakuen Wasei”, which recreated Okinawan folk songs a cappella. Currently, he is the main vocalist of “SWEATY SHINE BAND”, “Southern Band Okinawa”, and “Tropical Enging”, and regularly performs at music cafe “KUMOJI” and many other stores. Disheveled in his symbolic afro, he is still singing “Soul” today.
[Image 2d10787-93-d2871baafdfcf87b9384-0.jpg&s3=10787-93-3930909c278fb086dacb6de4d2b9aca3-720x480.jpg
Special live (image)

“Ryukyu Banquet in Bankoku Shinryokan” held
Adjacent to The Busena Terrace, Bankoku Shinryokan is known for being the main venue for the 2000 Kyushu-Okinawa Summit. The popular dinner event “Ryukyu no Utage” will be held again this year. Enjoy a variety of buffet dishes made with the best of The Busena Terrace while appreciating the gorgeous and powerful stage of creative dance such as Ryukyu classical performing arts by the creative dance troupe “Yuika”. [Image 3d10787-93-d5ed25b3f7e328e4b135-2.jpg&s3=10787-93-686c4c7192bf487fdb3ae9b62d0c3b69-780x480.jpg
Stage to liven up the “Ryukyu no Utage” gorgeously
[Image 4d10787-93-9c54b8a8e6cc5bbd1319-3.jpg&s3=10787-93-7bdb1304bc7153c2a56f7039aac928f9-720x480.jpg
“Ryukyu no Utage” buffet (image)
Name: The Busena Terrace “Ryukyu Banquet in Bankoku Shinryokan” Date / December 31, 2022 (Sat)-January 1, 2023 (Sun)
Meal 18:30-20:30 / Performance 19:20-
Venue: Bankoku Shinryokan Summit Hall (Shuttle bus available from the front entrance of The Busena Terrace)
content /
・Ryukyu classical performing arts and other performances
・Special Japanese/Western buffet featuring Okinawan ingredients Price: Adults (junior high school students and older) ¥15,000 Elementary school students ¥7,500 Infants free (tax included, service charge not included)
*The above prices include food, free drinks, performance viewing, and tax. *Free drink
(Orion beer, super sparkling wine, house wine (red/white), whiskey, awamori, shochu, long cocktails, soft drinks)
*Reservation required
◆ Inquiries/Reservations
The Busena Terrace Restaurant Reservation Desk TEL: 0980-51-1333 (hotel representative)
The Busena Terrace
[Image 5d10787-93-433d3790176cc6508bfc-4.jpg&s3=10787-93-be16f1a5ace3669c87054376e7844aa2-3900x2076.jpg
The Busena Terrace
The Busena Terrace is surrounded by bright blue East China Sea, subtropical greenery and colorful flowers. In the summer of 2022, the inside of the building was renovated and reborn as a space where you can feel more comfortable and feel nature. The Busena Terrace offers a luxurious and glamorous vacation, with a restaurant and bar that offers delicious gourmet food, a relaxing resort beauty salon, a variety of marine activities, and high-quality hospitality such as 24-hour butler service.

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