The University of Tokyo Economic Consulting Co., Ltd. The University of Tokyo Economic Consulting (UTEcon) launches GEM App, a tool for diagnosing gender pay gaps

The University of Tokyo Economic Consulting Co., Ltd.
The University of Tokyo Economic Consulting (UTEcon) launches GEM App, a tool for diagnosing gender pay gaps
It is possible to grasp the existence and cause of gender wage gap in the company

The University of Tokyo Economic Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President: Yosuke Kawarada; hereinafter referred to as UTEcon), which provides consulting services based on academic knowledge such as economics, accounting, and business administration, We have started providing the GEM App (Gender Pay Gap Diagnosis Tool) (GEM App; hereafter referred to as the GEM App), a solution to determine whether there is a gender pay gap, understand the cause, and support the necessary actions. did.
In 2022, the Japanese government announced that it would require companies with 301 or more regular workers to disclose the wage gap between men and women in the “Women’s version of the bones policy 2022.”
GEM App provides a solution to help companies determine if there is a gender pay gap in their company, understand the causes and take necessary actions. GEM App has the following features.
1. Measuring the gender wage gap based on econometrics
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In addition to simple average comparisons, calculation results with statistical processing based on economic knowledge are displayed, so you can measure the true gender wage gap without the influence of other factors.
2. Ability to grasp mandatory disclosure items and analysis results without code [Image 2d65767-11-7324d3f8679b83e44a02-2.png&s3=65767-11-10ddec59e03a99ef4e45334a6c17723c-752x478.png
Based on the provided personnel data, the results of automatically calculating the “gender wage gap” that the government has set an obligation to disclose, and the results of evaluating the gender wage gap index independently estimated by controlling basic information. Because it is displayed, you can grasp information about the wage gap in your company at a glance.
3. Clarifying the factors behind disparities through multifaceted analysis [Image 3d65767-11-41a171a6da54fe3f419d-3.png&s3=65767-11-67ff9784cc5a04c343e973754d53458a-840x457.png
We provide wage gap analysis results in multiple models controlled by each variable (department/occupation, working hours, etc.).
4. Providing explanations for formulating countermeasures
We provide explanatory guides and operation manuals that explain how to interpret analysis results, factors that cause wage disparities, and additional analysis methods that should be performed to understand these factors.
Yosuke Kawarada, President and CEO of UTEcon, said, “Our company aims to implement social implementation of research results in economics and related fields. The ‘GEM App (a tool for diagnosing the gender wage gap)’ that we have just started offering will help people who are not familiar with statistical analysis. However, it is now possible to easily grasp the current state of the gender wage gap within the company and the factors when there is a gap.Gender equality in wages is a basic element in the realization of diversity management. And I hope that it will be useful to everyone in charge of human resources.” For details on GEM App and sales methods, please visit
About UTEcon
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UTEcon was established in close collaboration with the Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo, based on the specified research results utilization business system of designated national university corporations. Consulting services that utilize research results in a wide range of fields such as demand forecasting, pricing strategy, policy evaluation, bankruptcy and fraudulent accounting prediction based on machine learning, market design, nowcasting, laws and regulations such as antitrust laws, and quantitative and behavioral marketing. It offers.
Company name: The University of Tokyo Economic Consulting Co., Ltd. Representative: Yosuke Kawarada, President and Representative Director Established: August 2020
Address: Room 922, International Academic Research Building, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

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