The University of Tokyo IPC Decided to invest in AI Communis Pte. Ltd.

University of Tokyo IPC
Decided to invest in AI Communis Pte. Ltd.
The University of Tokyo IPC has decided to invest 0.5 MIL USD from the AOI No. 1 Fund in Singapore-based AI Communis Pte.

The University of Tokyo Collaborative Platform Development Co., Ltd. has decided to invest in AI Communis Pte. Ltd., which develops video subtitling and editing software Auris. This investment will be a joint investment with Digital Garage, THE SEED, and an angel investor. [Image (*2) Source: Joint research by NeoReach Social Intelligence API and Influencer Marketing Hub (May 2021)
AI Communis Co-Founder & CEO Nobuhiko Suzuki Comment
Mr. Furukawa gave us various consultations and advice from the timing of the prototype release of Auris. As an entrepreneur, I am truly happy to be able to work with investors who can grow Auris together, including the introduction of Assistant Professor Takamichi. University of Tokyo IPC Partner Keisuke Furukawa Comment
Video translation and subtitling are tasks that require more effort and time than you might imagine. In the future, as the creator economy expands and corporate activities expand, the globalization of content will become an almost essential trend, and translation will become an indispensable task. AI Communis has advanced and easy-to-use translation software, and is also challenging the still undeveloped market of Southeast Asia. We will continue to support Auris to make it a competitive service in the world!
AOI No. 1 Fund Aiming to Contribute to the Development of Japan’s Open Innovation Activities
AOI No. 1 Fund was established in 2020 with the aim of promoting open innovation activities around the University of Tokyo with the concept of “fostering and investing in ventures through collaboration between companies and academia.” This fund aims to create successful examples of open innovation in new fields through the establishment of new companies in collaboration with leading companies in each industry, carve-out ventures, and investments in ventures that make effective use of their assets.
The University of Tokyo IPC will continue to develop the innovation ecosystem around the University of Tokyo and accelerate global innovation through it. We will create, nurture, and invest in ventures that utilize research results.
About AI Communis Pte.
Overview AI Communis Pte. Ltd.
Established April 2020
Location: 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #06-24, Singapore 139951
Representative Co-Founder & CEO Nobuhiko Suzuki
About University of Tokyo Co-Creation Platform Development Co., Ltd. (Todai IPC) Overview Investment company aiming to develop an innovation ecosystem around the University of Tokyo
Established January 2016
Shareholder: The University of Tokyo (100%)
Location: 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo University of Tokyo South Research Building Entrepreneur Lab 261
Representative: Katsuhiko Oizumi, President and Representative Director URL:
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