The world’s first feminist theater wearing gothic lolita Tremendous Circus ‘Messiah Carmilla’ & ‘FEMIKING’ will be staged Tickets on sale at Confeti

Long Run Running Co., Ltd.
The world’s first feminist theater wearing gothic lolita Tremendous Circus ‘Messiah Carmilla’ & ‘FEMIKING’ will be staged Tickets on sale at Confeti

Sponsored by TremendousCircus (representative: Madoka Tanaka), “Messiah Carmilla” & “FEMIKING” will be held from Friday, December 16, 2022 to Monday, December 26, 2022 at ZAMZA Asagaya (2-chome Asagaya Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo). 12-21 Laputa Building B1F).
Tickets are on sale at Confetti (operated by Long Run Planning Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daigo Kurematsu).
Tickets on sale at Confetti
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Feminism, gender equality, not gender equality, but the most important item in the script, and the worst feminist revolution speech drama to send!
Tremendous Circus is a feminist theater company. We are working to eliminate discrimination against women and eliminate unfair treatment and disadvantages due to gender discrimination. The year 2022 is called the FEMINISM YEAR, and a theater company that has declared itself a feminist theater company is performing a series of
feminist-themed works. This time, the vampire Messiah Carmilla, which was canceled in the summer, and FEMIKING, which was performed in 2021, will be updated to 2022 ver and performed as a work at the cutting edge of feminism.
This time, voice actor Shota Hayama, who starred in 2019’s “The Rose of Heliogabalus”, will be the special guest, and Miki Yoshimoto, who was the writer and director of the previous work, will be the actor and dramaturge. increase.
As the world’s first Gothic Lolita theater company from Japan, you will experience an intense theatrical experience while wearing gorgeous Gothic and Lolita costumes accompanied by roaring dark music! The entire cast will be dressed in gorgeous Gothic and Lolita outfits, accompanied by dark music composed by music director Dee Lee, delivering an intense theatrical experience!
Greetings (from leader Chino)
Hello, I’m Chino.
After “Girls Never Die,” we will renew “Messiah Carmilla,” which was canceled in December, and “FEMIKING,” which we staged last year, for a long run.
In “Girls Never Die,” I mainly created harassment in the theater world through feminism. Anyone who has ever been involved in theater as a person or a consumer should have been able to nod at least part of it. The two works that will be performed from now on are works that propose feminism itself to everyone regardless of gender. Also, I will make a work that makes you realize that feminism is not a big political science or anthropology, but a life itself.
“Messiah Carmilla” centers around the vampire Carmilla, transcending time, the battle and solidarity between women in an age when there was no Twitter or SNS, and who should be killed so that we can live with a smile tomorrow. Clearly describe what it is.
“FEMIKING” is set in ancient Egypt, where a woman named Cleopatra lives in a male-centered world, and what it was like for a woman to be in politics in the midst of political diplomacy with Rome. It presents a true history of hardship and a twisted history that has been made transparent and untold by men to this day by women who are as smart, talented and hard working as she is around it.
Both may sound like difficult themes, but it is a taiga romance that sings and dances. We each feel different feminism in the group. However, in order to defeat the enemy of common masculinity, we will continue to unite as we are, as we are.
For that reason, various actors gathered from various genres. Each performers do their own gender studies and establish their own feminism before the performance.
We promise our customers that we will not make the perpetrators transparent to women who suffer in real life in stories.
I want to make a work that thoroughly communicates two-way
communication between the actors and the audience about the
perpetration. The resentment of women who have been deprived of words and made nonexistent for 2000 years and the difficulty of living today are the same problem side by side.
We will make it a revenge agent for all women living in this world, and we will do our best to support them.
Let’s make it the most burning winter in the world! We look forward to seeing you at the theater.
What is Tremendous Circus
TremendousCircus is a theatrical company that presents works written and directed by En Tanaka. Formed in 2016.
Called the world’s first “Gothic theatre” from Japan, the formal attire is Gothic & Lolita, which is aesthetically pleasing and gorgeous.
Inviting Mr. Dee Lee, who is active worldwide in dark music as a composer, to actively incorporate social issues such as feminism and child abuse, based on decadent dark fairy tales and strange fantasy, along with the dark music of the full-length original, explosive dark music. Creating entertainment theater that sublimes people’s emotional pain and can replace self-mutilation such as wrist cutting.
In addition, he aims to realize a gender-free society by making frequent use of female roles and male costumes in the production and respecting the representation of the parties involved.
Performance overview
TremendousCircus “Messiah Carmilla” & “FEMIKING”
Performance period: December 16, 2022 (Friday)-December 26, 2022 (Monday) Venue: Zamza Asagaya (Laputa Building B1F, 2-12-21 Asagaya Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo)
“Messiah Camilla”
Theatrical company members: Chino/en/Akabane/Ayumi Seto/Kitoko Tsubaki/Aie Tanaka/Fuka Toyama/Mizuhime Sato/Yoka Takegawa
Guest: Miki Yoshimoto (Girls’ Free City) / Ayumi Sakai (Subaru Theater Company) / Kazu Yamamoto (brosB&Co.) / Yuwa Uchikoga (PuR Inc.) 『FEMIKING』
* Shota Hayama’s appearance is limited. Double cast with en. Theater members: Chino/en/Akabane/Ayumi Seto/Aie Tanaka/Fuka Toyama/Mizuhime Sato/Yoka Takegawa
Guest: Miki Yoshimoto (Girls’ Free City)/Aika Hashimoto/Yuri Kojima/Rentaro Hanazuka (adult elementary school student)/Hisashi Watanabe (Sanran)/Ayumi Kukita/Ryo
Special Guest: Shota Hayama (Accel One)
■ Staff
Direction: Madoka Tanaka Screenplay: Madara Tanaka Dramaturg: Miki Yoshimoto (Shoujo Jiyuu Toshi) Music: Dee Lee Lighting: Masayo Nanjo Sound: Ren Matsumoto (KaTia LLC) Assistant Director: Fuuka Toyama Costumes and makeup: Chi No Choreography/Aie Tanaka
BOSS / Produced by Chino / En Tanaka Art Direction / Chino Design / Akabane Production / Tremendous Circus Production Cooperation / Sugorokudo BlackArtsTechs LLC KaTia Girls’ Free City Gekidan Subaru brosB&Co. Brigade Tremendous Circus
■ Performance schedule
“Messiah Camilla” December 16th (Friday) to 18th (Sunday), 2022 start time
December 16th (Friday) 13:30 (women only) / 19:00
December 17 (Sat) 13:30/19:00 [Live stream]
December 18 (Sun) 13:30/19:00
“Femiking” December 20 (Tue)-26 (Mon), 2022
December 20 (Tuesday) 19:00 [Women-only time]
December 21 (Wednesday) 13:30/19:00
Thursday, December 22, 19:00
December 23 (Fri) 14:00
December 24th (Sat) 13:30/19:00 [Appearance by Shota Hayama, live broadcast] December 25 (Sun) 13:30 [Women-only episode/live broadcast] / 19:00 [Hayama Shota appearance/live broadcast]
December 26 (Mon) 15:00
*Reception opens 60 minutes before the start of the performance, and the audience seats open 30 minutes before.
* Admission will be in the order of the reference number written on the ticket. Customers who pay on the day will be admitted after that. * Shota Hayama will only appear on December 24th (Sat) at 19:00 and December 25th (Sun) at 19:00. Both are scheduled to be live streamed. )
*Only female customers can make reservations for the women-only session. * “Messiah Carmilla” December 17th (Sat) 19:00, “Femiking” December 24th (Sat) 19:00, December 25th (Sun) 19:00 Paid live distribution + 2 times We are planning a weekly archive.
■ Ticket price
General: 4,500 yen Women-only session: 4,000 yen Tremendos ticket: 9,000 yen Shota Hayama performance ticket: 9,000 yen
Shota Hayama Appearance Times/Ticket with benefits: 12,000 yen Elementary/middle/high school student discount: 1,000 yen, optional price for men: 15,000 yen
(all seats free, tax included)
[About Tremendos Ticket (formerly known as Satan Ticket)]
It will be a special ticket to support theatrical company and the actor who is recommended by customers.
In the corona wreck, theatrical companies and actors are greatly deprived of the place of activity and are in a great predicament. Although the price is higher than usual, by purchasing this ticket, you will be able to add the profits that will be returned to the actor with the ticket quota by purchasing it as a theater company or a supporting cast. (Random if no treatment is specified)
Details of the contents of the set will be announced soon. (This is not handled by Mr. Hayama)
* When purchasing, please write the name of the supporting cast in the remarks column. If there is no entry, it will be given randomly from the performer who is the handling window, or from the theater company member if it is treated as a theater company.
* We plan to sell only the benefits on the goods site. Please use it for customers who want to support actors separately, such as customers who are planning to watch a play by distribution.
[Statement on optional price for men Chino]
*This ticket does not include benefits.
From this time, we will set an arbitrary price for men. Japan’s overall Gender Gap Index score for 2021 is 0.656, placing it 120th out of 156 countries.
As a feminist theater company, we will implement it from the society of the theater company to correct the economic disparity between men and women.
Please buy it for men.
[Hanaso privilege novelty gift]
We will present a novelty to those who come dressed in Gothic Lolita on the day of the event!
However, if you go to the theater with a thick hairstyle or headdress, it will interfere with the performance of the people in the back seat, so please be considerate.

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