“Theater/Entertainment (tickets) ” ranked first in price increase rate, price index rises to pre-corona level

Mercari, Inc.
-October trend communication that can be seen from the Mercari price and volume index-“Theater/entertainment (tickets)” ranked first in price increase rate Price index rises to pre-corona level
Mercari Research Institute introduces “October Trends from Mercari Price and Volume Index”.

About “Mercari Price Volume Index”
The Mercari Price/Volume Index uses the Mercari flea market app, which has more than 20.7 million monthly users, to measure changes in transaction prices and distribution volume on Mercari for each product category on Mercari. It is a price index and quantity index expressed in monthly units. This is the world’s first (*1) initiative to visualize consumer demand in person-to-person commerce. Disclose information to the press, who disseminate consumption trends referring to various data, as well as researchers in macroeconomics, consumer behavior, marketing, etc., who deal with price fluctuations, and contribute to economic and research activities. purpose.
In this newsletter, we will limit ourselves to the “medium category” of “Mercari”, and introduce the product categories in which the price and volume index increased or decreased compared to the same month of the previous year.
*1: Mercari and UTEcon research
October point

[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/26386/table/201_1_5798139e6d6e29839d19fd8b329cae59.jpg ]
October 2022, TOP 10 product categories with rising and falling price indexes (compared to the same month of the previous year)

[Image 1d26386-201-8050969bed5174d9bb96-3.png&s3=26386-201-95f479b4b0ea3fad1604597a9ff2784c-866x664.png
*Year-on-year price decline Top 10 lists categories with less than 100% -Pickup- The price index of “theater/entertainment (tickets)” is stable at pre-corona levels
[Image 2d26386-201-62d47df98807f96007f5-0.png&s3=26386-201-9416803af2460b621ccb258555762138-1550x602.png
“Theater/entertainment (tickets)” ranked first in the Mercari Price Index in October. The price index for October is “1”, which is the same level as the reference value set in January 2018. In the “May trend report that can be seen from the Mercari price and volume index” announced in June, it was taken up as “returning to the level before the corona”, but it exceeded the reference value in August, and once in September It shows a trend of falling below and returning to October, and it can be seen that it is stabilizing at the pre-corona level.
*: May trend report based on Mercari price and volume index
(https://about.mercari.com/press/news/articles/20220624_mercaripriceindex/) *: From June 10, 2022, listing of electronic data such as electronic tickets, electronic coupons, QR codes, electronic data such as download content and digital content is prohibited.
(https://jp-news.mercari.com/articles/2022/06/03/notice-about-listing-2/) Electronic tickets, etc. are part of the transaction among tickets, and the impact on ticket price increases is minor.
*: Mercari prohibits and cracks down on selling at prices higher than the list price (https://help.jp.mercari.com/guide/articles/888/), so the impact on real price increases is minor.
[Image 3d26386-201-9561b7b26006bc3fc882-2.jpg&s3=26386-201-537c1cdee8c9d84114ddb8e60f6f4fce-334x450.jpg
Researcher, Mercari Research Institute, Mercari, Inc.
Akane Shiwa
If you look at the “theater/entertainment (tickets)” category in “Mercari”, you can find rakugo, circus, and theater tickets that you can’t go to.
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, opportunities to experience entertainment that involves going out have decreased significantly. This trend can also be seen from the changes in the Mercari Price and Volume Index.
This is a prerequisite for keeping an eye on future changes in the price index, but since it is currently trending toward stability at the January 2018 base value, demand for entertainment such as rakugo, circus, and theater is at pre-corona levels. It is conceivable that the

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