Theatrical version “Gordon Detective Agency” main cast audition entry starts

Machebara Co., Ltd.
Theatrical version “Gordon Detective Agency” main cast audition entry starts
We will hold a collaboration project between the online distribution service “Machebara” that allows you to communicate with celebrities and the movie production project “Cinema in Sommelier”.
The main cast for the 2023 movie “Gordon’s Detective Agency” will be selected through this audition.
[Application deadline]
Qualifying Block A…Tuesday, December 20, 12:00 noon
Qualifying Block B…12:00 noon on Thursday, January 12
[Image 1

[What is the Gordon Detective Agency]
A short omnibus drama featuring a client who visits the office of the great detective Gordon.
Instead of Gordon, who is always absent, the consultants are Gordon’s best disciple, Ellie (Kina Yazaki),
He confides in mysterious troubles and incidents to detective apprentice Leila (Sumipon).
Official YouTube Channel:
Official Twitter:
■ Regular performers
[Image 2

Kina Yazaki
Kina Yazaki (role of Ellie)
Movie “Never Disappearing Rainbow” Director: Ichiro Shimada (2022) Movie “Haikei, Nagatacho” Director: Hirokazu Tsuchida (2022) Movie “God’s Invention. Devil’s Invention.” Director: Noboru Iwasaki (2019) Starring
CM “Tokyo Gas Safety Today, Gaslight 24”
CM “Kanpo Seimei Depends on That Happiness”
Fuji TV “Widena Show”
MBS/TBS Dramaism “Yamikin Ushijima-kun Gaiden Yamikin Saihara-san” (2022) MV “Grow Up” (Eir Aoi)
MV “Lantern in the Dark Night” (Red Park)
Netflix “Alice in the Boundary” Directed by Shinsuke Sato as Momoka (2021) other
[Image 3

Sumipon (role of Layla)
Popteen# Zenryokusai 2019
FashionLeaders guest appearance
Popteen 2019 June issue
Ameba TV love weekend homestay season9
Tokyo Television “Dogenzaka Connection”
NHK “JK train”
ABC TV “#Bukatsu ONE! Broadcast Department”
Appeared on Ameba TV “Imapo TV”
Music production Sumipon & Emapochi “Cherry” 2020.4.3 release other
[Latest story released on November 30]
YouTube drama “Gordon Detective Agency” Episode 7 “Barefoot Girlfriend”
[Video 2:] In this audition, the main cast of the movie version “Gordon Detective Agency” to be released in 2023 will be selected.
Final final ranking 1st to 2nd place
Director/Producer Award Up to 2 people
*Determined by the director/producer from among the 1st to 5th overall final overall rankings
*There may be cases where there are no double winners or winners. The above 2 to 4 people will be cast as the main cast.
【Application Requirements】
・Age/Gender: Female between 16 and 35 years old
・Those who agree with the selection process and can participate in the prescribed schedule and examination section.
・Those who can prioritize shooting and lesson schedules for this project after winning each award
*Official entry after document screening
[Schedule after award]
・Scheduled to shoot after mid-May 2023 (Schedule will be adjusted after decision)
・Interview before filming, free acting and reading lessons (scheduled for March to April)
[Application Deadline]
Qualifying Block A…Tuesday, December 20, 12:00 noon
Qualifying Block B…12:00 noon on Thursday, January 12
[Selection details]
■ Primary screening
Documents will be selected based on the application documents. Successful applicants will be contacted by email at any time. *Please note that only successful applicants will be notified of results and details.
■Secondary selection
The judging will be based on four items: official distribution (*1), free distribution (*2), public performance examination (*3), and SNS (*4) of the online distribution service “Machebara”.
Comprehensive rankings will be created based on the points earned for each category, and the finalists will be determined in the preliminary rounds, and the winners in the finals.
(*1) The official distribution is a distribution that will be performed at a predetermined date and time according to the progress of the script that will be handed out in advance.
(*2) Free delivery is a delivery that you can do at your favorite time and content (up to 2 hours a day).
(*3) Performance screening will be held on January 23rd (Monday) and February 7th (Tuesday) at a studio in Tokyo.
The first round of judging will also target those who lost the preliminary round, and several people will be reinstated to the final based on the voting points in the relay.
(*4) For the SNS examination, you will be asked to post photos and videos on Twitter with a predetermined theme.
The number of likes and RTs will be ranked, and judging points will be added according to the ranking.
[Examination schedule]
■ Qualifying
Block A: December 21 (Wednesday) to December 27 (Tuesday)
Block B: January 13 (Friday) to January 19 (Thursday)
*Half of each block advances to the finals.
*20% of the points earned in the qualifying round will be transferred to the final round.
~Benefits for the top 2 players in each qualifying block~
January 31 (Sun) Shibuya Cross FM Cinema in Sommelier special program “CINE Radio”
■ Final
First half…January 23 (Monday) to January 30 (Monday)
Second half: February 3 (Friday) to February 15 (Wednesday)
[Flow of entry]
When automatically performing from account issuance to entry (for those who are active for free)
■ STEP1: Issue an account from the “Machebara” app or the PC site ・ iOS:
・ Android: ・Computer site:
■ STEP2: Register as a liver (distributor) from “Liver registration” in the menu * Please register a photo that shows your face as an icon.
■ STEP3: Enter the event from “Events being recruited” in the menu *Please apply for the event “Theatrical Version “Gordon Detective Agency” Main Cast Casting Audition”.
After document screening, you will be officially entered into the event. When applying by filling in the necessary information (for production staff and talents)
Please apply from the application form
Please write “Gordon Detective Agency” as the name of the audition you wish to participate in.
After passing the document screening, we will issue a distribution account for “Machebara” and notify you of the account information by email.
A manual is available in the app for instructions on how to distribute and functions.
If you do not know how to enter, please contact us from the inquiry form in the service and we will support you.
About Machebara
[Image 4

We are doing various distribution such as tie-up projects with media such as TV, magazines, movies, fan participation type auditions / miss contests, online photo sessions.
By watching the distribution, you can collect free points “smiles” and use them to support and communicate with the river.
[Price] Basic free
*There are some paid gifts and paid delivery.
・ iOS:
・ Android: [Delivery method]
[Official website/SNS]
・ Twitter:
Details about this release:


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