Thermos Co., Ltd. Model / actress Mayuko Kawakita appeared in an apron at the “Touch! THERMOS KITCHEN STORE” presentation

Thermos Co., Ltd.
Model/actress Mayuko Kawakita appeared in an apron at the presentation of “Touch! THERMOS KITCHEN STORE”
Commemorating over 150 items that are active in the cooking scene! Thermos first! ! Showrooming store displaying about 100 popular kitchen items

Thermos Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuji Kataoka) proposes a lifestyle that is both comfortable and
environmentally friendly for people and society as a global company of thermos bottles. Thermos’ first showrooming store “Touch! THERMOS KITCHEN STORE” will be opened at Tokyu Plaza Ginza (5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 3rd floor special space ) will be open for a limited time from November 17th (Thursday) to 20th (Sunday).
Prior to the opening, a press conference was held on November 16th (Wednesday), the day before the opening.
(Touch! THERMOS KITCHEN STORE special site: [Image 1

-A press conference-
Mayuko Kawakita who enjoys cooking every day appears
At the recital, Mayuko Kawakita, a model/actress who got married in January 2021 and enjoys cooking every day, will appear. Regarding her awareness of cooking, she said, “Mommy is a good cook and our family serves dishes that are just as good as the ones in the restaurant, so I try to cook delicious food myself!” Mr. Kawakita also says that he regularly uses the “Thermos Vacuum Insulated Soup Jar” and brings hot soup to the work site. “I can do my best just by eating something warm before work, and I can relax after being tired. I use it a lot!” In addition, in connection with “Good Couple’s Day (November 22nd)” approaching next week, about the cooking episode with her husband, “The two of us cut the ingredients, peeled the vegetables, and divided I’m cooking! My husband washes the dishes while I’m cooking!” She revealed with a slightly embarrassed expression.
■ Show off your cooking in a bright red apron!
Next, Mr. Kawakita, who appeared in a bright red apron, experienced making tomato pasta. Using the “Thermos Durable Series Frying Pan”, which features high durability and non-stickiness, while frying the pasta ingredients, “It has a solid depth, so you can fry with confidence” about the convenience of the deep design. I commented. After that, he poured the soup into the “Thermos Vacuum Insulated Soup Jar”, which features high heat retention, and commented, “This is absolutely delicious! It’s healthy and I think I can eat it on a busy morning.”
■You will be surprised at the “Touch! THERMOS KITCHEN STORE”, which displays about 100 cooking items!
[Image 2

About the Touch! I want to make it! “It was a space where I could get excited about cooking again!”

◆ Store information
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■ Inquiries about products
Thermos Customer Service Office
TEL (Navi Dial): 0570-066966

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