thestory Co., Ltd. Nurse scout-type recruitment matching app “N / thestory” Full-scale start of career for mation meetup “Nurse’s nightly career talk” for nurses that supports both work, learning and skills

thestory Co., Ltd.
Nurse scout-type recruitment matching app “N / thestory” Full-scale start of career formation meetup “Nurse’s nightly career discussion” for nurses that supports both work, learning and skills
Focusing on the popular Twitter space, which has already been viewed more than 1,000 times, expand communication to LINE and podcasts
The nurse recruitment matching app “N/thestory” (hereinafter “N/thestory”) operated by thestory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative: Kyoko Kawa / Ryotaro Yamamoto) is a job matching app. We are pleased to announce that we have launched a career formation meetup for nurses, “Nurse’s Night Career Talk” (hereinafter “Night Career”), which supports both learning and skills. We plan to start distribution of LINE and podcasts, mainly by utilizing the Twitter space that has already received a lot of viewing, and operate it with the aim of expanding and improving the quality of the community.
In the future, “Night Career” will grow together with nurses as a “nurse-first community” that can support the careers that nurses want to achieve and support both work, including job changes, and learning and skills. We will aim to be a community that can do it.
[Image You can watch archives of Twitter Spaces.
In addition, we will also transmit information such as night career related events.
Twitter space
We will welcome a nurse guest and carry out live distribution every week. ・ Delivery date and time: Every Tuesday from 21:30 to about 30 to 60 minutes ・ How to participate: Twitter space ・Scheduled to be delivered soon
 11/29 Guest: Sen-san (chronic disease nursing specialist nurse)
 12/6 Guest: tkym
You can archive and watch past broadcasts at any time.
・ Apple Podcast ・ Spotify Official LINE –
You can communicate with “N/thestory” management and exchange information about careers.
Comments on launching “Yoru no Kyari” owner Akiko Ueda (@a_ueda) I myself had no knowledge of the medical industry, so I would like to know how nurses think about their careers and their real stories! With that in mind, I started “night career” almost on a whim. I can’t hide my surprise and joy that this content has grown to be useful not only to me but to many people.
People often call them “nurses” by their job titles, but of course, each person has only one story in the world, and many thoughts have been packed into the path they have taken so far. I’m here. Even though she gets lost at times, there are many hints about how the viewers will live “from now on” in the background of making various decisions for the nursing care they think of themselves.
The real pleasure of “Yoru no Kyari” is that you can feel the depth and heat of each story.
Until now, I was only able to listen to the Twitter space in real time, but I’m happy to archive and deliver it to more people. I am looking forward to meeting you.
About “N/thestory”
About 4 months after its release, the number of app installations by registered nurses exceeded 1,000. We aim to realize skill matching job change that supports “want to do and want to learn” by direct recruiting using scout mail, which is the first job change service specializing in nurses. Currently, we are developing mainly in the field of home-visit medical care/nursing in the Kanto area, and we plan to expand the area and medical institutions by the end of the year, starting with this expansion into Fukuoka.
*Matching case: Home-visit nursing station Clover Smile’s case news release is here
*Click here for the news release announcing the expansion into the Fukuoka area, where the company was founded.
* Click here for the news release announcing the release of the “SNS-like” pick-up function
[Service website]
[App download URL]
Android: Matching with motivated nurses! We are accepting applications for medical institutions that want to post job information
This is an inquiry page for medical institutions that are interested in hiring nurses using “N/thestory”. If you are a corporation or a medical institution that wants to directly approach nurses by sending a scout email, or want to meet a person who matches your company, please contact us from the website below.
[Website for medical institutions] Company Profile
Company name: thestory Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Kyoko Kawa / Ryotaro Yamamoto
Location: 731-1 Nijofukae, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture 819-1601 Business description: Internet business planning, development and management, recruitment business (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare license number 40-Yu-301262)
Service website:

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