Thinkings Co., Ltd. Thinkings, which operates the HR service marketplace “sonar store”, and 17 HR service companies have started the “Let’s change recruitment. Project”!

Thinkings Inc.
Thinkings, which operates the HR service marketplace “sonar store”, and 17 HR service companies have started the “Let’s change hiring. Project”!

Thinkings Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Yoshida), which provides recruitment management system “sonar ATS” and HR service marketplace “sonar store” ) will start the “Let’s Change Recruitment. Project” in collaboration with HR service companies. Under the slogan, “Let’s face the students now, seriously.”, the project started with the posting of an advertisement for the JR Yamanote Line, which raises the issue of conventional recruitment. We are planning to publish the best practice story of recruitment and hold a conference.
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project overview
This project aims to grow companies and revitalize the Japanese economy, with recruitment as the starting point. We will raise issues with the conventional recruitment of “companies select students” and transmit examples of how such recruitment has been transformed using tools and technology.
We will promote a change to a new hiring style that “faces students” and increase “true matching” where companies and students deepen their mutual understanding.
Special page URL: ・ List of supported HR services *As of November 17, 2022
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Interview Maker (Stadium Co., Ltd.) / exaBase DX Assessment & Learning (ExaWizards Co., Ltd.) / Aptitude Test eF-1G (E-Falcon Co., Ltd.) / CUBIC for WEB (CUBIC Co., Ltd.) / KOREC (BWELL Co., Ltd.) / Compass (Ing Co., Ltd.) / SHaiN (Talent and Assessment Co., Ltd.) / Job Tora (Real Live Co., Ltd.) / Diamond Co., Ltd. Aptitude Test Series (Diamond Co., Ltd.) / TECH OFFER (Tech Ocean Co., Ltd.) / Track Test (Co., Ltd.) Ghibly)/HireVue/HireVue AI Assessment (Talenta
Inc.)/Parame Recruit (Parame Inc.)/harutaka (ZENKIGEN Inc.)/Mikiwame (Reading Mark Inc.)/Course History Database (Training Data Center Inc.)/Worksamples ( HRport Co., Ltd.)
* Service name in Japanese syllabary order
・Joint statement
Face your students. Seriously now.
Students think that job hunting is “painful” because
I wonder if it can’t be helped.
Make students feel resigned to the future and society
Should recruitment be changed?
Times have changed.
What students want now is not a condition,
A company you can take seriously.
Then companies should face students.
# Let’s change hiring
If companies and students can connect with hope,
The future of Japan should be a little brighter.
・Action step
November 17, 2022:
“Let’s Change Hiring. Project” started, posting advertisements on the JR Yamanote Line that raised problems with conventional recruitment Until late January 2023:
Recruitment best practice stories will be released sequentially, and information will be disseminated via SNS and various media (#Let’s change recruitment)
February 2023 (planned): Conference held
Advertisement on the JR Yamanote Line that reflects the voices of students (example)
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*The copy of each advertisement was created with reference to the opinions of students in the “Awareness Survey on Responses to Employment Selection by Companies During Job Hunting” conducted for 22 graduates.
Background and Goals of Project Implementation
The concept of human capital management is spreading, and the importance of people is increasing among the management resources of people, things, and money. However, some students, who will lead the future, have negative voices about corporate recruiting activities, such as “I want them to be treated equally” and “I want each and every one of them to be interested.” This is probably due to the lack of mutual understanding between companies and students, and the fact that they have not been able to build an equal relationship.
Over the past 10 years, student job hunting methods and the companies they apply for have diversified. However, companies were lagging behind in adapting to these changes, and by continuing the
conventional hiring process of “selected by companies,” a gap in values ​​has arisen between students and them. It is thought that this gap is one of the reasons why there are negative voices against companies’ recruitment activities.
On the other hand, one of the causes is the students’ lack of understanding of companies, and there are many cases where they are selected by companies that do not match their own abilities and values. That is not to say that there is a one-sided cause.
In order to build an equal relationship and realize a “true match” between the company and the student, it is important to approach each other and deepen mutual understanding. To that end, more communication is the key, such as the company taking the lead and facing the students firmly, and not only telling the positive side of the company, but also openly conveying the actual situation.
In that case, students themselves will be able to essentially judge whether their own abilities and sense of values ​​are a good fit with the type of human resources sought by companies, and companies will also be able to incorporate students’ opinions in a way that has never existed before. will be As a result, we believe that the lack of mutual understanding will be resolved and we will be able to build an equal relationship.
Recruitment management system “sonar ATS” and HR service marketplace “sonar store”
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[Recruitment management system “sonar ATS”]
The sonar ATS is a recruitment management system that supports all recruitment issues based on the vision of “improving the resolution of recruitment and realizing true matching.”
In 2022, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the service, and the companies that have introduced it are eBook Initiative Japan Co., Ltd., CyberAgent Co., Ltd., Dip Co., Ltd., Chatwork Co., Ltd., Toyota Motor Corporation, Yamaha Motor Biz Partner Co., Ltd. As of September 2022, the cumulative total of companies such as USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS and Leverage Co., Ltd. has exceeded 1,200.
sonar ATS service site URL: [HR service marketplace “sonar store”]
The sonar store is a marketplace on the recruitment management system sonar ATS. You can easily introduce HR services that solve various recruitment issues faced by companies using sonar ATS. We provide full support, from consultation on service introduction to utilization support combined with sonar ATS.
sonar store introduction page URL: Thinkings Recruitment Information
 Thinkings Co., Ltd. is an HRTech company centered on the recruitment management system sonar ATS, based on the mission of “creating a method that everyone can use so that everyone can do their own work.” We are looking for people to create the infrastructure of the recruitment industry with the power of technology.
Recruitment page URL: About Thinkings Inc.
Company name: Thinkings Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takashi Yoshida, President and Representative Director Established: January 2020
Location: 4-8-16 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo KDX Shin Nihonbashi Ekimae Building 5F
Business description: HRTech business centered on recruitment management system for new graduates and mid-career hires,
And a marketplace business that comprehensively supports the purchase and introduction of HR services

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