Thirdverse Co., Ltd. Large update Ver 2.0.0 “EVENT HORIZON” of VR multiplayer transcendence sword action “ALTAIR BREAKER” is now available! Implemented the high difficulty area “Deep Area” and the new boss “UNKNOWN”.

Thirdverse Co., Ltd.
VR multiplayer transcendence sword fighting action “ALTAIR BREAKER” Large update Ver 2.0.0 “EVENT HORIZON” is now available! Implemented the high difficulty area “Deep Area” and the new boss “UNKNOWN”.
Thirdverse Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hironao Kunimitsu) announced that the VR multiplayer transcendence sword action game “ALTAIR BREAKER” will be released on November 17, 2022 with a large update Ver 2.0.0 “EVENT Horizon” has been distributed. In this update, we implemented high-difficulty content such as the new area “Deep Realm” and the new boss “UNKNOWN”. In addition, the paid DLC “ROYAL SET”, which is a set of new weapons and new avatars, was also distributed at the same time. For details on the update, please check the patch notes on the official website.
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New map “Deep Realms”
[Image 2d24885-81-06187640603c45c42e44-6.png&s3=24885-81-ea8d7999e98f50f02cfeee3cade3fc26-1600x900.png
After defeating the final boss “LAWS-ZERO (Final Evolution Form)” up to Ver 1.2.0, the high-difficulty area “Deep Area”, which can be challenged, changes the structure of the map each time it is explored. A new drone-type enemy character that circles in the air will also appear.
New boss “UNKNOWN”
[Image 3d24885-81-c7fac0c3c6f502ba4e09-7.jpg&s3=24885-81-3dd136f57aaea6c11ef1ed1fd875b5a3-1920x1080.jpg
An unidentified large-scale LAWS “UNKNOWN” that lurks in the depths of the “Deep Realm”. It is a large boss with strength exceeding LAWS-ZERO, such as super powerful attacks that use the VR space three-dimensionally.
“ROYAL SET” (paid DLC)
“Night Armor”
[Image 4d24885-81-09fe2d1eb9693fc90758-1.png&s3=24885-81-9dd2f642ce13bd50ddd7a8c20efcc971-1280x720.png
“Bayonet” (specialized for shockwave)
[Image 5d24885-81-ca757093a41d2fbcb514-3.png&s3=24885-81-a18b5d4fb67bd56841441d52190fbc7d-2560x1440.png
“Kagzuchi Blade” (Balance Specialization)
[Image 6d24885-81-8e895cf346b63846dc83-2.png&s3=24885-81-0192a6bfeb8cd6f614f2d8e0a5fca0d7-2560x1440.png
“Labrys” (specialized in attack power)
[Image 7d24885-81-2d260ff25051faae7ccf-4.png&s3=24885-81-c97de4769055e87cd3efb4c23532234f-2560x1440.png
◆Overview of the work
Supported platforms: Meta Quest2, PCVR
Genre: VR Multiplayer Sword Fighting Action
Price: 2,490 yen (tax included)
Release date: August 19, 2022
Supported languages: Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean
Number of players: 1-4 players (online only)
Official website:
Meta Quest Store: Oculus Rift Store: Steam: * Meta Quest 2 version and Oculus Rift version support cross-buy. ◆ Overview of Thirdverse Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-2-1 KANDA SQUARE 11F WeWork, Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative Director and CEO: Hirohisa Kunimitsu
Established: April 30, 2013
Corporate site:
(C) Thirdverse, Co., Ltd.

Details about this release:


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