This is the winter measure for dogs and cats! The hot carpet for pets that has been sold out for two consecutive years has been greatly renewed!

Mag Cruise Co., Ltd.
[This is the winter measure for dogs and cats! ] The hot carpet for pets that has been sold out for two consecutive years has been greatly renewed!
The hot carpet for pets, which is sold out every year, has been updated based on customer requests! A design that dogs and cats can’t let go of!?

On November 22, 2022, Mag Cruise Co., Ltd. released the 2023 model hot carpet for pets.
Rakuten ( The blockbuster product that sold out last year and the year before last has been greatly updated this year!
17-step timer setting, 6-step temperature setting from 30°C to 55°C, metal coating to prevent biting, etc. have improved safety over conventional products.
【New item】
Mag Cruise Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Ippei Watanabe TEL050-3692-1225), which develops and sells many unique idea products, will launch a hot carpet for pets on November 22, 2022, with the safety of pets as the top priority. has been released.
[This year’s temperature is expected to be lower than average] According to the Cold Season Forecast, temperatures from December 2022 to February 2023 (general) are expected to be lower than normal across the country, and snow on the Sea of ​​Japan side is expected to increase. (Reference: We may need to take measures against the cold at home more than usual, and it can be said that our pets, who are important partners for us, also need measures against the cold.
However, according to a report released by the National Product Safety Center (, many product accidents involving pets and other animals have been reported. Based on the above background, Mag Cruise Co., Ltd. has been improving and developing pet hot carpets for two years since 2020 so that important partners can comfortably overcome winter.
[Further power up! Thoroughly pursued
Based on the real voices of users who actually use it, we have made further improvements and renewed this year! It’s even safer and easier to use!
1. Change the specifications of the cord to a metal coating
[Image 1

The coil is coated with metal so that even mischievous dogs can use it for a long time.
Double coating is applied to prevent disconnection and breakage even if bitten. 2. Enhanced timer function! More detailed settings are now possible [Image 2

Conventionally, there were four types of timers: 24 hours, 12 hours, 8 hours, and 4 hours.
1 to 12 hours, 16, 20, 24, 36 hours, continuous use and 17 stages of time settings are now possible!
3. The temperature setting has also increased the low temperature mode to make it safer
[Image 3

Conventionally, there were three stages of 50, 45, and 40 degrees, but based on the voice of customers who want a lower temperature, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 degrees The specifications have been changed to a total of 6 patterns.
We have made other improvements like this.
・Two types of cover fabric: durable fabric and fleece fabric [Image 4

It is safe for children who have a habit of chewing and scratching with a more durable fabric.
・Increase the coil area further to the edge
[Image 5

Only the center is warm, which is common in pet carpets. In order to dispel such dissatisfaction, we have extended the coil made in Japan to the maximum.
・Available in 2 sizes, also suitable for medium-sized dogs
[Image 6

Last year it was only one size of 45cmX45cm,
This year, a new size of 80cmX50cm is also available.
It is also suitable for medium-sized dogs.
・The length of the cord on the remote control part is long so that it can be operated even if it is left in the gauge.
[Image 7

“I want to be able to operate the remote control even if I leave it in the gauge.”
In response to such voices, the cord, which was 120cm last year, has been extended to 180cm this year.
・The coil is made in Japan of the relief
[Image 8

Like last year, the coils are made in Japan, and we paid attention to detail so that they can be used with peace of mind.
[Image 9

[Specifications] Product name Mag Cruise pet hot carpet
Size 45*45cm /80cm*50cm
Weight about 450g
Color Gray, Brown (1 each enclosed)
Contents Hot carpet body, microfleece cover *1, canvas cover *1, break prevention cable, power cord, remote control
Precautions Before using, be sure to read the attached instruction manual carefully before use.
Never use it for anything other than the specified intended use. Sales price Small (45cm x 45cm) 6,480 yen / Medium (80cm x 50cm) 7,980 yen sales page
Rakuten Middle size: amazon
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