This luxurious menu is free! ? “Maguro Sakaba Magurojin”, which will newly open in Aroch, Wakayama City on Saturday, November 19th, will carry out a special free campaign for one week only.

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This luxurious menu is free! ? “Maguro Sakaba Magurojin”, which will newly open in Aroch, Wakayama City on Saturday, November 19th, will carry out a special free campaign for one week only.
“Midori gin soda” desktop server installed on all tables! Then there is the much-talked-about “Tuna Sakaba Magurojin”. For a limited time only from the opening day of 11/19 (Sat) to 11/25 (Fri), a special campaign will be even more advantageous!

Fresh and delicious tuna can be a little expensive, right?
… a special campaign that completely overturns your assumptions. “Midori gin soda” I’m pretty happy with all-you-can-drink for only 0 yen. but! On top of that, you can also try the Kaiho Kobore Nokke Sushi, which is limited to one plate per group and costs about 2,000 yen. We will serve you for 0 yen.
A week of miracles where you can enjoy tuna dishes at great prices! ! Anyway, all the staff are waiting for you to visit us during the advantageous campaign period.
[Image 1d65081-274-8b8ecebfd50cd6481941-0.jpg&s3=65081-274-6e698d52c7deb74160a7c92362aebb1c-1081x1080.jpg
11/19 (Sat) At “Tuna Sakaba Magurojin”, which will be newly opened in Shinnai, Wakayama City (Arochi),
In commemoration of the opening, for a limited period of one week from the first day of opening,
One plate of “Kaiho Kobore Nokke Sushi” worth about 2,000 yen per group, I will be happy to serve you.
It is not a discount service such as 〇% OFF.
Genuine, 0 yen!
You can enjoy one plate worth about 2,000 yen for 0 yen! !
Here is what we offer for 0 yen!
Suitable for the name of “Kaiho Kobore Nokke Sushi”,
Seafood, which is called the treasure of the sea, is piled up on the plate until it overflows.
[Image 2d65081-274-fa15ad5b6e327b4e4ae2-2.jpg&s3=65081-274-d8327d032fc4b47104cbe139b441028b-987x738.jpg
*The photo is an example. Depending on the day, we change it to the most delicious seafood at any time.
Even if you come alone,
We are offering this plate for 0 Yen!
Being able to have such a gorgeous dish all to yourself is the ultimate luxury. It might be a good idea to take this opportunity to make your debut with “Hitori-nomi.”
When the campaign period ends,
This menu cannot be ordered!
The campaign period is only from 11/19 (Sat) to 11/25 (Fri). Special menu and special service for one week only.
Of course, excellent compatibility with tuna menu,
All-you-can-drink “Midori Gin Soda” on the tabletop server installed on all tables,
It is 0 yen without change during the campaign period!
[Image 3d65081-274-f1a72e2d7cd44bb7784c-3.jpg&s3=65081-274-a4064578d1c4ae464dca948fd07c59d7-1080x1080.jpg
The long period of self-restraint has come to an end,
The night town of Shinnai, Wakayama City, where people have finally returned. “Welcome back!” with heartfelt welcome.
Although it is only a short period of one week,
Taking this opportunity, our “Tuna Sakaba Magurojin”
Aiming to be a new place for everyone, a place where you can enjoy yourself, and a place where you want to go.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you with all the infection measures. store information
Store name: Magurojin Wakayama Arochi store
[Image 4d65081-274-3c4e48001761714ac1b4-4.png&s3=65081-274-dcead3e1d63942bf38354726250ba816-308x308.png
Address: 1-2 Kitanoshinchidacho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture Business hours: Weekdays) 11:00-15:00 17:00-25:00
*We also have a lunch menu full of tuna on weekdays only.
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 11:00-25:00
Phone number: 073-488-3331
*You can also contact us via DM on Instagram!

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