“Thomas Land Christmas 2022” starts on Saturday, November 12th! Support your child’s challenge!

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“Thomas Land Christmas 2022” starts on Saturday, November 12th! Support your child’s challenge!
Let’s be full of smiles at Thomas Land!

At Fujikyu Highland (Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture), Japan’s only “Thomas the Tank Engine” outdoor theme park “Thomas Land” will be held from November 12th (Sat) to December 25th (Sun), 2022. The Christmas event “Thomas Land Christmas 2022” will be held. This year’s theme is “A bright Christmas.” Through the experience at Thomas Land, we hope that not only children but also the whole family will be able to smile.

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■Let’s try various things in Thomas Land! “Christmas Challenge Rally” held! We will hold a “Christmas Challenge Rally” where children who challenge 4 or more out of 6 items such as “Let’s decorate Thomas Land” and “Let’s say Merry Christmas” will receive an original acrylic key chain. . How about enjoying yourself between attractions and meals?
・ Date: Every day during the period
・Sales location: Station shop
・Fee: Free
・ Contents: Rally Book
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[Image 4

■Thomas Land PLAY ON! ~Christmas version~!
The popular dance show event “Thomas Land PLAY ON!” has been renewed with a special Christmas version. If you challenge yourself to dance while moving your body to the music of Christmas, there is no doubt that both parents and children will enjoy it.
・ Date: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the period
・Holding time: 14:00 ~ (planned)
・Location: In front of Thomas Monument
・Fee: Free
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■ SDGs event “Let’s make eco bags with vegetable stamps” held!  With the desire to provide an opportunity for children to learn about the importance of vegetables, we will hold a workshop to create eco-bags by using scraps of vegetables such as okra and bell peppers, as well as vegetables with a near expiry date, as stamps.
・ Dates: December 17th (Sat), 18th (Sun), 24th (Sat), 25th (Sun), 2022 Total 4 days
■Christmas menu for a limited time!
At Thomas Restaurant, a limited-time menu inspired by winter and Christmas has appeared. We will sell “Harold’s Christmas Toast”, which is a perfect match between French toast and ice cream, including “Colorful snow plate with chicken on the bone” with a cute snowman. In addition, Mrs. Hatt’s snack shop and Mrs. Kindley’s kitchen will offer menus that will warm your body and soul, such as hot chocolate and soup that are perfect for the cold winter.
* Scheduled to start selling from Saturday, November 12
[Thomas Restaurant]
[Image 6

Bone-in chicken colorful snow plate 1,600 yen
[Image 7

Harold’s Toast Plate 900 yen
[Sir Topham Hatt’s Snack Shop]
Holiday chocolate mousse 450 yen
Melty whipped milk cocoa 450 yen
Fatty corn soup 600 yen
[Kindry lady’s kitchen]
Corn soup 500 yen
Potage Potage 500 yen
Onion soup 500 yen
Christmas strawberry pancake 800 yen
Hot chocolate drink 600 yen
[Image 8

■ We also have warm products that are perfect for winter ♪
At the station shop, Thomas Land’s original products that are perfect for the cold winter are on sale. We sell a lot of apparel products that are fun to wear, such as the “Thomas Land Original Snow Print Neck Warmer,” which has an eye-catching Thomas and snowflake pattern, and the “Thomas Parent and Child Hoodie,” which has a pattern that connects when worn by parents and children. I’m here.
[Image 9

Thomas snow pattern neck warmer 2,090 yen
[Image 10

Thomas Parent and Child Hoodie 3,300 yen
■”Recruitment of Christmas memories!” Instagram campaign held! We are looking for wonderful memories of Thomas Land, such as things that were fun, happy, and challenging at Thomas Land. We will give you a gorgeous prize by lottery from those who follow the official Thomas Land Instagram and post with the designated hashtag “# Thomas Land Christmas”.
・ Recruitment period: December 10th (Sat)-18th (Sun), 2022
・ Winning announcement: Sunday, December 25, 2022
・ Participation method: 1. Follow “Thomas Land Official Instagram” 2. Post with “#Thomasland Christmas”
◆“Party room plan with Christmas limited illustration cake” is now available at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa!
At the “Thomas Party Room” of the Highland Resort Hotel & Spa adjacent to Fuji-Q Highland, we will sell a plan with a Christmas-only illustration cake. Why don’t you take this opportunity to spend a special time with your family?
・Period: November 12th (Sat) to December 25th (Sun) day or night ・ Contents: Party room plan with Christmas limited illustration cake (uniform size 5)
・Price: Up to 6 people
    15,720 yen + buffet price at Fujiyama Terrace
    ※Maximum capacity is 8 people, and you need to pay 1,500 yen for each additional person
・ Application: Highland Resort Hotel & Spa Reservation Center TEL 0555-22-1000    ※Reservation required up to 3 days in advance
[Image 11

*All images are images
*All displayed prices include tax
[Fuji-Q Highland business overview]
■ Business hours
It depends on the season. Please see the official website for details. https://www.fujiq.jp/
■ Fee
Admission fee Free
Free pass: Dynamic pricing has been introduced since April.
・Adult: 6,000 yen to 6,800 yen
・Junior high school students 5,500 yen to 6,300 yen
・Elementary school students: 4,400 to 5,000 yen
・Infants and seniors: 2,100 to 2,400 yen
*Prices vary depending on the day. Please check the official website for details.
■ Transportation
By car / About 80 minutes from Shinjuku on the Chuo Expressway, next to Kawaguchiko IC
About 90 minutes from Tokyo via Tomei Expressway Gotemba IC and Higashi-Fujigoko Road
Bus/ About 100 minutes by highway bus from Shinjuku, get off at Fuji-Q Highland About 110 minutes by highway bus from Tokyo Station, get off at Fuji-Q Highland *In addition to the Tokyo metropolitan area, direct buses are in operation from more than 30 locations such as Nagoya and Kansai. Train/Transfer to the Fujikyuko Line at Otsuki Station on the JR Chuo Main Line and get off at Fujikyu Highland Station. About 50 minutes from Otsuki Station
At Fuji-Q Highland, we continue to consider the health and safety of visitors and employees to be the top priority, and the government’s “Guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections at amusement parks and theme parks” and “Yamanashi Green Zone
certification. ”, we will take thorough measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and strive for safety measures so that customers can visit us with peace of mind. For infectious disease prevention measures and the latest business information, please check the Fuji-Q Highland official website.

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