Three Up Co., Ltd. Three Up’s ceramic heater “DRY HEAT” won the “RoomClip Award 2022 Best Product”!

Three Up Co., Ltd.
Three-up ceramic heater “DRY HEAT” won “RoomClip Award 2022 Best Product”! 2in1 futon drying function Human sensor ceramic heater Dry heat (CH-T21347) won the “RoomClip Award 2022” Best Product.

Developed by Three Up Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Shinsuke Tsujino), which plans, develops and sells seasonal home appliances, the “2in1 futon drying function human sensor ceramic heater dry heat” will be released in 2022. On November 24th, it was selected as the best product at the “RoomClip Award 2022” sponsored by RoomClip.
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“RoomClip” is Japan’s largest social platform specializing in the area of ​​living, where you can post and view interior photos such as furniture, home appliances, and miscellaneous goods. We develop smartphone apps and Internet websites. Currently, the number of monthly users exceeds 6 million and the number of photos exceeds 5 million. RoomClip is a service that collects the most “photos and data of rooms where people actually live” in Japan. RoomClip users are introduced in more than 100 media such as magazines and TV every year. The “Best Product” of the “RoomClip Award”, in which our products were selected, is an award that selects a representative item by
comprehensively calculating the number of posts to RoomClip, the number of EC inductions, the growth rate, etc. is.
Futon dryers are a genre that is often talked about on SNS, but this year, interest in sleep quality has increased further. This product is an item that can be used as a heater during the day and as a futon dryer at night.
・RoomClip Award 2022 special page
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■ About the award-winning product
The “2in1 human sensor ceramic heater dry heat with futon drying function”, which was selected as the “RoomClip Award 2022 Best Product”, is a 2in1 product that realizes a ceramic heater and a futon dryer in one unit.
It can be used as a full-fledged ceramic heater with a maximum of 1200W in winter, and can be used throughout the year as a futon dryer that can dry futons and clothes on a daily basis.
The heater is equipped with a motion sensor mode that automatically turns on and off when it senses the movement of people, so it also saves electricity bills.
This product can be used not only as a heater, but also to keep futons and clothes clean and comfortable every day.
■ Product details
Product name: 2in1 futon drying function Human sensor ceramic heater dry heat Model number: CH-T2137
Size: width 35 x depth 14 x height 37.6 cm
Weight: 4.6kg
Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: Heating strong/1200W, weak/700W, futon drying 500W, futon rapid heating 700W, clothes drying 700W
Off timer: 1, 2, 4 hours (only during heating operation)
Mode: Heater 2-stage switching (strong/weak), motion sensor (automatic operation), futon drying, clothes drying, futon fast warm
Human sensor detection range: 60° up and down, 60° left and right (about 2m) Safety device: thermal fuse, thermostat, automatic off switch when falling Automatic off timer: 8 hours (only during heating operation) Warranty period: 1 year
List of DRY HEAT series
[Image 3d110175-3-563a27a59ae64593f67b-4.png&s3=110175-3-af1653f405be71cf5c016580ff081091-1920x1005.png
Product name: W-blower ceramic heater dry heat with clothes drying function Model number: CD-T2274
[Image 4d110175-3-4db0a959385b5ca026d1-7.png&s3=110175-3-cb4b1aa231c552ed43c7c80d88431385-1920x1005.png
Product name: 2in1 futon dryer & ceramic heater dry heat
Model number: FC-T2248
[Image 5d110175-3-4bca3844beab51d06ada-6.png&s3=110175-3-710e2330796c05f7f995a480a18aedb5-1920x1005.png
Product name: 2in1 futon dryer & ceramic heater dry heat
Model number: FC-T2249
■Three-up’s thoughts on product development
Three-up’s product vision of “Make value design for experience” is to embody the latent value sought by society and the aspirations of the world in order to “make everyday life better.” The idea is to create new value through design that fuses with style.
We would like to continue to deliver products that make people around the world smile and feel a little happier.


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