ThreeBond Trading Co., Ltd. Announcement of “Contad-Ventures” where you can taste Italian high-quality sparkling wine Franciacorta “Contadi Castaldi”

ThreeBond Trading Co., Ltd.
Announcement of holding “Contad-Ventures” to taste Italian
high-quality sparkling wine Franciacorta “Contadi Castaldi”
10 Italian restaurants and restaurants in Shibuya Ward will
participate November 21 (Monday) to December 2 (Friday), 2022
ThreeBond Trading Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Seiichi Kawabatashita) is pleased to announce that it will offer Italian high-quality sparkling wine, Franciacorta “Contadi Castaldi,” at an Italian restaurant in Shibuya-ku. The event “Contad-Ventures”, which can be enjoyed at 10 restaurants, will be held from November 21 (Monday) to December 2 (Friday), 2022.
During the period, you can enjoy “Contadi Castaldi” wine by the glass at restaurants in a wide range of genres such as ristorantes, trattoria, pizzerias, seafood, mutton dishes, creative Italian, izakaya, and skewer restaurants in Shibuya. If you order , we also have a project where you can challenge the digital lottery, “You can win a” bubble “prize!”
Please take this opportunity to enjoy a food adventure that allows you to enjoy the pairing of “Conta di Castaldi” Franciacorta with each store’s specialty dishes.
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Contad-Ventures Key Visual
Event summary
■Name: Contad-Ventures
Date and time: November 21 (Monday) to December 2 (Friday), 2022 *According to the business days and hours of each participating store ■Venue: 10 Italian restaurants and restaurants in Shibuya Ward ■ Participating stores:
・ Alma / ALMA (Ebisu)
・ Charcoal-grilled Isseki (Yoyogi/Kitasando)
・ Otona no Izakaya Nakatogawa (Yoyogi Uehara)
・ Tiscali / Tiscali (Ebisu)
・ Knock Ebisu store / KNOCK EBISU (Ebisu)
・ Mansalva / MANSALVA (Ebisu)
・ Melograno / Melograno (Hiroo)
■ URL:
■ Organizer: ThreeBond Trading Co., Ltd.
■ Cooperation: Global Co., Ltd. (zzysh champagne preserver)
* We will thoroughly implement appropriate measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections. Depending on the situation of the spread of infection, there is a possibility that the event will be canceled or the content will be changed immediately.
* Event details, period, etc. are subject to change without notice. About Contadi Castaldi
Contadi Castaldi was established in 1991 by the owner of “Bella Vista”, which is said to be the strongest maker of Franciacorta, with the desire to enjoy Franciacorta more casually.
Currently, it is served in three-star restaurants and five-star hotels in Italy and abroad, and is certified as the official spumante of a luxury fashion brand. .
Among the famous Franciacorta producers, it is known as the most stylish and modern wine.
(* Italy’s most authoritative Italian wine guidebook, Gambero Rosso’s “Vini d’Italia” highest award.)
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Contadi Castaldi
What is Franciacorta
A high-quality spumante that can only be named for sparkling wines made in the Franciacorta region of Lombardy, Italy.
Franciacorta is made with the same secondary fermentation in the bottle as champagne, but its brewing regulations are stricter than champagne, and it is now famous as a production area of ​​high-quality sparkling wine that is proud of the world.
[Cooperation] zzysh champagne preserver
“The impression of the first cup to the end”
The “zzysh(R) champagne preserver” developed in Switzerland protects the delicate bubbles and flavor by injecting and pressurizing an inert gas (a mixture of argon gas and carbon dioxide gas) into the bottle. increase
■ STEP1 Attach the special stopper to the champagne bottle
■STEP2 Set the champagne preserver body. Just press for 3-5 seconds to save. ■STEP3 After that, just open and enjoy when you want to drink again.
(* Conta-Dventures uses zzysh (R) at all participating stores.) [Image 3d47328-10-d89c579a52c068cde224-2.jpg&s3=47328-10-7f98272cbe3b13ee65b07a68d6ea56f6-2160x2160.jpg
zzysh dish

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