Through a business alliance with the Collinson Group, lounges are available at two BOTEJYU Group stores in Kansai International Airport.

Tokyo Food Co., Ltd.
Through a business alliance with the Collinson Group, lounges are available at two BOTEJYU Group stores in Kansai International Airport. Service starts on December 1st (Thursday)! By using “Priority Pass”, “Lounge Key” and “Diners Club”, you can enjoy meals at great value! !
“BOTEJYU Group” (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; President: Hideto Kurita; hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), which operates the “Botejyu(R)”, will begin operations at Kansai International Airport on December 1, 2022 (Thursday). “Botejyu (R)︎ 1946” and “Japan Traveling Restaurant (R) by BOTEJYU (R)” offer “Priority Pass Membership Card”, “Credit Card with Lounge Key Function”, and “Digital Membership Card for this service”. ” or “Diners Club membership card”.
Two restaurants, “Botejyu (R)︎ 1946” and “Japan Traveling Restaurant (R) by BOTEJYU (R)”, opened on October 26, 2022 (Wednesday) in the New Domestic Area of ​​Terminal 1 of Kansai International Airport. per person by presenting a “Priority Pass membership card”, “credit card with lounge key function”, “digital membership card for this service” or “Diners Club membership card”, checking the boarding pass and counting This is a special service that offers meals at a discount of up to 3,400 yen.
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This service is applicable to both outbound and return passengers, and up to 3 people can be accompanied by the card conditions. Using our store will be treated the same as using the lounge.
We had a business tie-up with the Collinson Group before, but with the opening of Kansai International Airport, we have renewed the contract with two new stores.
When using the benefits of a “Priority Pass Membership Card”, “Lounge Key Function Credit Card” or “Diners Club Membership Card” at a store, depending on the terms of the contract with the customer’s card issuer, The burden contents of the companion are different.
In addition, the terms of use differ depending on the card you have, so if you have any questions about usage, billing, etc., please contact us with “Priority Pass Membership Card,” “Credit Card with Lounge Key Function,” or “Diners Club Membership Card.” website or contact your card issuer directly.
Full range of services provided at domestic international airports Members who have a “Lounge Key Digital Membership Card” will receive a 10% discount on the total amount spent.
* Special service / 10% discount target stores:
・Botejyu Express (R) Narita International Airport
(Terminal 3 2F food court)
・Botejyu (R) Chubu Centrair International Airport
(Terminal 1 4F Sky Town)
About Priority Pass
[Image 4d36110-45-b5677ac77add3df5e604-8.png&s3=36110-45-4e6fef4c11e2d99f4097a62c9b4be681-1000x571.png
In 1992, we started airport lounge services for tourists. We now offer more than 1,300 lounges and airport experiences in 148 countries around the world.
About lounge key
[Image 5d36110-45-18403c26b3ed3d6f9cc7-9.png&s3=36110-45-d563807cbcb49aa2defd9e48854921f3-1000x571.png
This service provides access to over 1,100 lounges for over 100,000 members in over 300 cities in 100 countries around the world. About Diners Club
[Image 6d36110-45-1257297a6018a1f03517-10.png&s3=36110-45-654a96453f00035d0813d549a71411aa-1000x571.png
Established in the United States in 1950, it is the first credit card in Japan. Access to approximately 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. About BOTEJYU Group
~Japanese cuisine that will continue into the future. ~
[Image 7d36110-45-57343febc7c6ce1d0008-4.jpg&s3=36110-45-30472f13a400d1d25aaff1f4291f0637-1318x510.jpg
Established in 1946 as an okonomiyaki specialty store, BOTEJYU (R) has 117 stores worldwide (as of November 2022). Modern-yaki and mayonnaise toppings, which originated in our company, have become established as Japan’s proud “konamono culture”. Currently, we are not limited to teppanyaki such as okonomiyaki, but we are promoting Japanese food such as udon, ramen, and rice bowls, as well as local gourmet food both domestically and internationally. We will continue to cherish the feelings and history of the region and continue our activities to convey Japanese food culture to people around the world.
Head office: 2-1-11 Kishinarihigashi, Nishinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka (BOTEJYU Group Building 2F / 3F)
Representative: Hideto Kurita, Representative Director
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