Tipness Co., Ltd. Eliminate the lack of exercise among the working class that has become apparent due to the establishment of remote work! Tipness’s all-in-one program “Healthy Yell” recommended by doctors 11/23 “Labor Thanksgiving Day”, results of

Tipness Co., Ltd.
Eliminate the lack of exercise among the working class that has become apparent due to the establishment of remote work! Tipness’s all-in-one program “Healthy Yell” recommended by doctors 11/23 “Labor
Thanksgiving Day”, results of participants announced
It was demonstrated that the participants’ strength, endurance, and flexibility improved, and their body composition improved.

TIPNESS Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuya Sakamaki), which operates general fitness clubs and 24-hour training gyms mainly in the Kanto, Kansai, and Tokai regions, is a health and functional fitness center that has been cultivated over many years. Based on the know-how of building a healthy body, the original doctor-recommended exercise program “Kenko Yell”, which improves physical strength and flexibility and rejuvenates the body age, will be available at all Tipness stores from April 2022. This program, which incorporates all the exercise elements necessary for anti-aging, such as “muscle training”, “aerobic exercise”, and “stretching”, is an all-in-one for body age rejuvenation recommended by Dr. Atsushi Takase, the director of the Advanced Preventive Medical Center. Program.
Half a year after the start of the program, we have collected the participation data of “Kenko Yale” twice a week for 45 minutes each (total of 16 times) for men and women aged 40 and over who are healthy and have no habit of exercising. As a result, we confirmed the effect of improving muscle strength, muscle endurance and flexibility, and reducing body weight, body fat percentage, and resting systolic blood pressure. (*According to our research)
Due to the influence of remote work that has become established after the corona disaster, a serious lack of exercise, including the working class, has become a social problem. TIPNESS, whose corporate philosophy is to “propose and provide a healthy and comfortable lifestyle culture,” is the effect of the original program “Healthy Yell” that improves body function in a well-balanced manner without straining or wasting time on Labor Thanksgiving Day. By announcing again, we will support and encourage the health promotion of all people, including those who are busy and tend to lack exercise. Verification and results
Verification period April to October 2022
Effectiveness verification method
・Twice a week, 45-minute exercise program “Kenko Yale” for a total of 16 times (8 weeks)
・ Before and after participating in the program, we will measure physical strength and ask about health conditions to verify the effect.
test subject
・ Number of participants: 19 (breakdown: 7 men, 12 women) Average age: 52.7 ・ Target characteristics: Healthy men and women aged 40 and over who do not exercise regularly and who are not receiving treatment Conclusion Confirmed the effect of reducing body fat mass without reducing muscle mass, and as a result, reducing body weight and body fat percentage
change in fitness

[Image 1d9907-232-0194192583922015a1b1-9.jpg&s3=9907-232-750fbc7c9f8896cc2d0856d6c92048c4-1466x955.jpg
[Image 2d9907-232-2264db53b8508a98461f-10.jpg&s3=9907-232-db0e0ac5b60ddea2942e00808c5ec4ba-1465x955.jpg

changes in body composition

[Image 3d9907-232-f172ae4dd8f8b8d14d57-11.jpg&s3=9907-232-bedc07c56b049e2b935f345a453192dd-1471x951.jpg
[Image 4d9907-232-59a56a06744252d2a61f-12.jpg&s3=9907-232-6282acb8452eca67d3bf7ed1f6d9dcb5-1469x955.jpg
[Image 5d9907-232-198a8a9599a34bc4d4a6-13.jpg&s3=9907-232-8056c41b764c66ebb976753c23ced34d-1465x955.jpg
[Image 6d9907-232-32ece931cc864374d914-14.jpg&s3=9907-232-c91200b7390f8ef455c07165cfc4033d-1456x952.jpg
[Image 7d9907-232-801a98b24fff652b4a7c-15.jpg&s3=9907-232-c10120197579ee2d824fac3f5280b7fb-1468x956.jpg
*For details on the verification results, please see the program page (https://tip.tipness.co.jp/program/21k9rissskt16xm7l.html)
Participant’s voice
-feel less tired
・I became less aware of my lack of physical strength
– Less awareness of lack of exercise
・I often felt that I was able to lead a lively life.
・Feeling less likely to fall has increased
– Shortness of breath is less likely to occur when climbing stairs Physician’s Comments on Demonstration Results
Atsushi Takase (Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Physician) Head of Advanced Preventive Medical Center
[Image 8d9907-232-b39ed03af7d908247fb1-8.jpg&s3=9907-232-0776b8b06333c19b8fed32806ecc7863-667x793.jpg
The feature of the “Kenko Yale” program is that it is a natural body weight training that utilizes your own body weight without using special exercise equipment.
In the demonstration results of this training conducted for 2 months (16 times in total), muscle strength, endurance and flexibility increased in physical fitness measurements, and body weight and body fat percentage decreased without decreasing muscle in body
composition. It also tended to lower resting systolic blood pressure. This time, the target audience is healthy middle-aged and elderly people who do not have a habit of exercising. There are many people with lifestyle-related diseases in that age group, and I think that being able to lose weight without losing muscle mass and stabilizing blood pressure is a very beneficial program. It can also help prevent back pain and falls in the elderly. In addition, useful results such as “I can feel a lively life” were obtained from the questionnaire survey before and after, and it was also seen that the physical effect had a ripple effect on the mental effect.
This fitness program is easy to use, so in the future, we hope that not only healthy middle-aged and elderly people but also those who are worried about lifestyle diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Overview of “Healthy Yell”
An “all-in-one” exercise program that incorporates all the necessary anti-aging exercise elements such as “muscle training”, “aerobic exercise” and “stretching”. Muscle training is based on everyday activities such as getting up, walking, and stretching your hands, and is performed at moderate intensity to help improve posture and prevent back pain. Aerobic exercise aims to rejuvenate blood vessels while enjoying light music. , Stretching gradually expands the range of motion of the joints, mainly the hip joints, to improve movement and prevent injuries. With this program alone, total care for body age rejuvenation is possible.
Click here for program details —
[Image 9d9907-232-20018ac1c7cbfa3f81f5-0.jpg&s3=9907-232-a741aa8d1a390730317dd97cb3404e99-900x380.jpg

Tipness Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Tipness Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 5-6 Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0081, 3F, NTV Yonbancho Building No. 1
Founded: October 1986
Representative: Kazuya Sakamaki, President and Representative Director Business description: Management of fitness clubs
Number of stores: 167 directly managed stores, 1 franchise store, 15 contracted facilities (including designated management)
◆ Tipness Homepage: https://www.tipness.co.jp/
We will continue to respond to rising health needs and actively provide various programs to contribute to the extension of the healthy life expectancy of the people.

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