TIS INTEC Group TIS, TIS Chiyoda Systems, Mioboshi Analytics, and “Manufacturing DX Consulting Service” started to be provided

TIS, TIS Chiyoda Systems, and Mioshiki Analytics started offering “Manufacturing DX Consulting Service”
~Combining consulting/system development with data analysis/AI realizes manufacturing DX from upstream to downstream, which is not possible with conventional data consulting~

TIS Inc. (head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Yasushi Okamoto; hereinafter: TIS) and TIS Chiyoda Systems Inc. (head office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Fumiyasu Mase; hereinafter TIS Chiyoda) Systems) and Miobushi Analytics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President: Wataru Ihara; hereafter: Mioboshi) announce that they will start providing “Manufacturing DX Consulting Service”. “Manufacturing DX Consulting Service” uses data to dig deep into the root causes of the problems that manufacturing sites always face, such as “pressure to improve productivity,” “diversification of risks,” and “securing a stable workforce.” A service that takes you to
After collecting data and clarifying the causes of issues, we present a solution roadmap for achieving the following effects.
・Understanding the man-hours, surveying the scope of automation, etc., and realizing the visualization of the overall picture of all processes
・Improve production capacity from the perspective of speeding up production and minimizing uncertainty for direct operations
・Achieve labor saving by automating and improving efficiency of indirect operations
In order to solve the problems at the manufacturing site with DX, we will clarify what kind of data is necessary and how to use the data to solve it from the business problem.
By combining the consulting capabilities of TIS, the system
development capabilities of TIS Chiyoda Systems, a group company, and the data analysis/AI capabilities of Miotsushi, we are able to provide a one-stop service from upstream to downstream, which is not possible with conventional data consulting. Realize “manufacturing DX”. [Image 1d11650-1249-e1fe2c5d4e0dde8b5155-0.png&s3=11650-1249-d8a823b5adcae5d29f6008b9a4b52dc9-538x429.png
■ Background
In recent years, in response to the entry of new players such as emerging countries with low wages, we have established a competitive advantage by improving productivity, and flexible procurement and procurement that can quickly respond to changes in the external environment that are difficult to predict, such as the spread of the new coronavirus and the situation in Ukraine. There is an urgent need to build a production system. In addition, in an aging society with a declining birthrate, it will be difficult to secure the same labor force as the current situation in the future, and there is a need to build a production system with a limited labor force.
Therefore, TIS provides “Manufacturing DX Consulting Service” to solve problems by appropriately classifying customer issues and presenting concrete solutions based on system development and data analysis capabilities.
■ Details of support provided by “Manufacturing DX Consulting Service” [Image 2d11650-1249-68d6ad3b2c7b3452aabf-1.png&s3=11650-1249-63d9a093ee4a0b1a9d02dce54231ed51-927x478.png
■ Specific examples of “manufacturing DX consulting services” Example 1 Speeding up production
We will investigate the number of man-hours required for each process, and work to speed up production by improving unreasonable, wasteful, and uneven operations.
[Image 3d11650-1249-648d8069c02443086715-3.png&s3=11650-1249-c3f9d06066458fb9aa7429c2d9429893-892x555.png
Example 2 Uncertainty minimization
Correctly classify data due to uncertainty and select the correct analysis method.
(Examples of uncertainties to address: yield, machine failure rate, occurrence rate/probability of raw material delays, examination of priorities in manufacturing, etc.)
[Image 4d11650-1249-8221c2f7d5c33017066c-4.png&s3=11650-1249-ae388f5d12ec4e4e19bc0fa5dbc9ac66-945x530.png
Example 3 Investigate the acquisition source, acquisition method, and input destination of input/output data for each process to save labor, and clarify operations that can be streamlined from the perspective of data acquisition. Considering the use of data analysis, we will consider how to acquire data that has not been acquired
[Image 5d11650-1249-3eb31cafc9a81e6ceb15-5.png&s3=11650-1249-e3d854332b6a972c4bdb91c0de7da73e-902x555.png
Please refer to the following URL for details.
■ About the future
In the future, TIS plans to provide DX consulting services to the logistics, sales, and procurement fields, and to develop services together with TIS Chiyoda Systems and Miobo.
About TIS Inc. (https://www.tis.co.jp/)
As a business partner of more than 3,000 companies in a variety of industries, including finance, industry, public sector, and
distribution services, TIS, a member of the TIS INTEC Group, provides “IT to support growth strategies” by addressing all management issues of our customers. . With over 50 years of industry knowledge and IT construction capabilities, we provide IT services that co-create with society and customers in Japan and the ASEAN region, aiming to realize a prosperous society.
About TIS Chiyoda Systems Co., Ltd. (https://www.tc-systems.co.jp/) Based on our deep business understanding and outstanding project management capabilities, TIS Chiyoda Systems develops operations that are close to our customers’ operations as a “true partner of our customers.” In particular, as one of Japan’s leading IT professional groups, we provide a wide range of solutions from
manufacturing/construction sites to corporate management in the area of ​​process plant design/procurement/construction projects. About Mioana Analytics Co., Ltd. (https://mioana.com/)
Miotoku Analytics is a consulting firm specializing in data analysis that focuses on solving business problems through “data analysis” that combines various methods such as statistics, machine learning, data mining, and mathematical optimization. As a group of experts who bring value to big data, we have strengths not only in analytical work as work, but also in creating customer benefits through the business application of data science.
About the TIS INTEC Group
The TIS INTEC Group has more than 20,000 domestic and overseas group employees with the mission of “Let’s make society’s wishes come true with IT.” We provide IT services to solve various social issues centered on “financial inclusion,” “urban concentration/rural decline,” “low carbonization/decarbonization,” and “health issues.” As a mover that makes full use of digital technology, we will create new value and contribute to the happiness of people and the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society.
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◆ Inquiries regarding this service
TIS Inc. Business Innovation Unit
Business Innovation Business Promotion Department Marketing Manager E-mail: biu_marketing@tis.co.jp
Miosho Analytics Co., Ltd.
Consulting Division Consulting Team
E-mail: sales-ml@mioana.com

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